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Germany, My Motherland...

When someone asks me where I want to go on vacation, or where I would consider living, my reply is always the same- Germany.

Although I was born in the States, my parents are both from Germany, and I have visited probably a dozen times. All my relatives are there, and there are a bunch of 'em! I spent my junior year of college at the Universitaet Bonn. I visit as often as humanly possible, at least once a year if I can. I proposed to my wife Jennifer in Germany, too!

As you might imagine, German and European trains hold a special fascination for me, and are a major reason for my frequent visits. I also enjoy the scenery, especially Austria, and can't get enough of that fantastic German beer and food! Then there's the Nurburgring, a 23 kilometer racetrack that anyone can race around, and the Autobahn, which needs no introduction!

Let me offer the following places for you to visit to learn more about my beloved homeland...

Sites about European Trains

A list of webcams which show (on purpose or not) trains in Europe
The Deutsche Bahn Museum in Nurenburg
The Deutsche Bahn website
The European Train Enthusiasts Website

Other sites about Germany

The Bonn Website- Everything about the beautiful former capital of Germany

Other sites about Europe

Ried, Austria, the most beautiful town I have ever been in...