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Mel's Sentinel Fan Fiction


Disclaimer: The Sentinel and its characters are not mine; they’re the property of Paramount Television and Pet Fly Productions.  I just couldn't resist borrowing them for a while.


My Dues  for the Sentinelangst list

Paper Cut (17 Nov 1999)

Paper cuts really do hurt!

That Nasty Y2K Bug (8 Jan 2000)

Jim's board, Blair's busy.

No Place Like Home (1 March 2000)

A Short snippet - The guys just want to go home..

A Snake's Journey (5 May 2000 )

What trouble can one little black snake cause?

Good Times (14 July 2000)

Blair is the witness of a horrifying car accident.

Promises (10 Sept 2000)

Blair is the witness of a horrifying car accident.

Small Miracles (16 Nov 2000.)

Blair's trapped and he's not alone.

Silence (19 Jan 2001)

Never tell your partner to shut up, the alternative can be worse.

Sleepless (19 March 2001)

Blair can't sleep.

Copy Cat (21 May 2001)

Blair relives his worst nightmare.

Snippet (22 July 2001)

A snippet - Blair in Court.

Waiting (16 Sept 2001)

Blair waits for news on Naomi.

Goodbyes (30 Dec 2001)

Blair says goodbye to an old friend.

Altered States (19 Feb 2002)

Did "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg" Really happen??

Life Choices (27 April 2002)

Naomi make a choice.

Christmas in July (23 June 2002)


Remembering (31 Aug 2002)

Sequel to Good Times.

Self Defence Lesson (Oct 2002)

Jim teaches Blair some Self defense moved or dose he...

Christmas Owies (1 Jan 2003)

Blair, Christmas Tree, Christmas ornament, string and thumb tacks, what could happen...

TS Cartoon (2 March 2003) 

Dues for March  - Just a bit of Fun I had with a few photos's 

  June Themefic for Lyn 

Last Few Minutes  (29 June 2003) 

What did happen to Blair in those last few minutes with Alex...?

Alternative ending to Smart Alec (8th September 2003)

Blair!! Rollerblades!!  Do you hear the Emergency room calling!


All Fan fiction was originally posted to the Sentinelangst list.