My Visit to Friends

On December 19, 1998 I went to a taping of Friends. I got there at around 6 for the 8:45 taping. When I got to the line I was so happy- we were like 15th in line. My happiness was shortly shot down when I received my number-- it was 115!! (The smart people came at like noon and got there number, then they left and came back at 8:00!!) I found out later that there is a taping at 4. When people leave the 4 o'clock taping then they let the 8:45 people in. But think about it, who would want to leave a taping?? So basically I waited in line from 6 to 11:00pm. (A lot of people left so that gave me a better chance of me getting in. Also they felt bad for us and brought us pizza and drinks)Then at 11 they gave us a choice.They were filming the Tag (the very last scene), they said we could go in to the taping, or have VIP (or guaranteed seat) next time. I thought since I waited in line so long I'm not going to go home without seeing anything. We I got in the studio finally I was so happy. It turned out that they weren't taping the last scene so I got to see more than I thought.

When you first go in you have to walk through a metal detector. Then you walk up a flight of stairs and the first thing you see is Chandler and Joey's apartment (its on the far left) then in the middle is like a hallway (where you can see the numbers on the door in the show) Then its Monica and Rachel's apartment. Then next to that was Central Perk (the window) but is was pushed back because they weren't using it. Next to that was Ross's new apartment. All the sets were on wheels so they could be pushed around. I think there about 345 in the audience. They re-shoot each scene like 100 times!! Well, not really but just think, it takes them from about 4:45 to 1am to shoot a 30 minute show!! So yeah they re-shoot A LOT. Since I was only there for the last hour of them taping I don't know if the actors go back stage when they're not taping. When I was there they were filming the last 3 scenes. The first scene was with Phoebe Rachel and Joey. Courteney and Matthew were sitting on the two chairs in Joey and Chandler's apartment. They looked REALLY tired. David was nowhere to be seen. The next scene took place with the 3 of them again in the hallway. Courteney and Matthew moved so now they could see what was being filmed. The next scene was with Chandler and Phoebe in his apartment (Monica was there too but she was hiding) Jennifer and Matt were standing at the door so they could see what was being taped. After that was a scene with Ross at the other side of the sound stage. I don't think the other cast people were watching (I think they were changing and getting ready to go home). They all came to see the last take. Then they did the closing (Someone calls there name and they come out changed and bow and the audience applauds). Since it was the last taping before their break, they gave everyone in the audience Friends pins. (Also during the show they have a person who entertains the audience. He gave away Friends cups, hats, pencils, and stickers. They also had a raffel for a Friends watch.

On February 19 I'm going to a taping of Friends. This time luckily, I'm going VIP so no waiting in line. I'll update this page after I go. If you have any questions of comments please e-amil me below.

On Friday, February 19 I went to another taping of Friends.(VIP) I had a great time. I arrived at 4:30pm I only had to wait in line for 15 minutes!! (Unlike last time when it was 5 and 1/2 hours. had to go through a metal detector and then they took us to our seats. They were 4 row. We had to wait a little over an hour for the taping to start. They were playing music and someone was coming around with a book for Karaoke. Then they played the Friends song and they cast came out. Everyone looked really good. Before they actually started taping the cast was walking around and waving to the audience. Lisa Kudrow waved to my sisters (I turned around for one second!) and David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry waved to me. The they started taping (It was the episode TOW Ross Can't Flirt. They were giving out keychains, hats, mugs, pencils, smelly cat tattoos, and Frisbees. I was really close to Matt LeBlanc and was about to ask him for his autograph but he was making out with his girlfriend/fiance. (I was on like a balcony and he was right next to it). There were a lot of kids on the set roaming around. One I know was Marta Kauffman's daughter. In between takes she was in Monica and Rachel's apartment and Jennifer and Courteney were playing with her hair. Later they brought the audience pizza and water. I got the VIP tickets through my moms friend. She know one of the writers (he's also an executive producers) He's the greatest man ever. He came over and I got to meet him. She asked if we could go back stage and he said he would try. The taping was over at around 10:15 then he came back and told us yes!! I was so excited. The rest of the audience had gone and the cast and the directors were still talking on the set. I walked right by Matthew Perry.(I was like 5 feet away from him) Matt and Matthew through out the whole taping were tickling Lisa and they were chaseing her it was really funny. Also David Schwimmer is so funny! (and cute in real life) I mean don't get me wrong I really cant stand Ross, but David is really funny. He was dancing (like he did in last weeks episode) It was cute. Anyway Matt and Jennifer were no where to be seen. Courteney was talking with a bunch of people and I walked right bye her. First we went to Central Perk. It was so much smaller. I sat on the couch (its really itchy) Then we went to the ally. Then we went back to Joey's and Chandlers apartment. Its really cool to actually be in there. Their refrigerator doesn't really work but there is lots of food in it. I sat in the comfortable chairs in there apartment. I also went into there bathroom. I didn't realize it but my sisters were laying on Chandlers bed. Joey's room is nothing. I mean when you walk into it there's nothing. When they want to show his room they add in on. Then we went to Monica and Rachel's (it right next to it on the right) Their refrigerator really works. I sat oh her couch. I was also looking in the cabinets and stuff. Rachel's Room there's nothing and the same with Monica's, they add it on. I forgot to look at there bathroom. Also you know the window were they can see the ugly naked guy, well to the left of that is a short hall or walkway. They have a table filled with pictures of Ben. One is with Ben and Courtney is really cute. If you notice there is a door at the end of that we if you go through it its a hall then there is a kitchen for the cast and crew. Then he shows us the room where they get there hair done and the wardrobe room and where their dressing rooms are. Then she showed us there cars. All of them were gone except Courteney and Lisa, they were still upstairs in the dressing rooms. I didn't get to see them. It was the best day of my life.

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