Sound Gallery

This is my sound gallery. Click on the underlined wav to downloaded it. If you are looking for a wav that isn't listed here, e-mail me and I'll try to find it for you. Thanks!!

Rachel and Ross's famous fight. One of the funniest fights of all time!!

funkym.wav Ross playing his "music".

The cast singing the Odd Couple theme.
Chandler and Phoebe singing Endless Love after Chandler breaks up with Janice.

Monica- Married a lesbian, left a man at the alter, fell in the love with a gay ice-dancer, threw a girls wooden leg in a fire, live in a box!

Joey- If the Homosapiens were in fact HOMO- Sapiens, is that why they're extinct?
Chandler- Oh no two women love me. They're both gorgeous and sexy. My wallet's too small for my 50's and my diamond shoes are too tight.

Janice- Well I gotta buy a vowel becuase oh my god!
Chandler- Whose the bitterest man in the living room, the bitterest man in the living room....... Hi Neighbor.
Joey- Some girl ate Monica!
Monica- Shut up...the camera addes 10 pounds.
Chandler- Oh so how many cameras are actually on you?
Chandler- Ok Janice, Janice, you gotta give me Janice. That wasn't about being picky.
Everyone- Yeah we'll give you Janice
Phoebe- I miss Janice though. (In Janice) Hello Chandler Bing.
Rachel- (In Janice) Oh My God!
Joey- (In Janice) Oh Chandler, Now yeah, thats it, there faster.
Rachel- Guys, Guess What, Guess What, Guess What, Guess What??
Chandler- Ok the 5th dentice caved and now they're all recommending Trident?

Phoebe's Gallery
Phoebe- Now Grandma's a person who everyone likes, she bought you a train and a bright shinny bike. But lately she hasn't been coming to dinner, and the last time you saw her she looked a lot thinner. Now you mom and your dad said she moved to Peru but the truth is she died and some day you will to...
Phoebe- This a song about a love triangle between three people that I made up......
Phoebe- They're tiny and chubby and so sweet to touch. But soon they'll grow up and resent you so much. Now they're yelling at you and you don't know why. You cry and you cry and you cry.

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