OK everyone I have the spoilers that you have all been waiting for!! (These are the only spoiler that I am going to give this season because I want this season to be a surprise. Last season I knew everything that was happening and it wasnt fun)

Early in the season, we find out that Ross and Rachel really did get married. Later in the episode, they just laugh it off and go for an annulment. Ross can't bear to go through another divorce so he doesn't actually go through with the annulment but fails to tell Rachel that. Chandler and Monica contemplate getting married, but both secretly realize they are not ready for this step. Finally, they express their feelings to each other and decide to move in together. Monica gives Chandler a key, but he breaks it in the door. Later Ross tells everyone that he is not in love with Rachel, but at the end of the episode, he is holding her as she is crying over the whole Monica/Chandler move-in thing. It looks like there is hope for them this season!! Meanwhile, Phoebe drives the cab home with Joey, and Joey picks up a hitchhiker who turns out to be a hottie. Not thinking that the guy could be crazy, Phoebe gives him her name and number before they drive off.

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