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(I just wanted to point one thing out to you. The writters of Friends weren't careful when the made their flashback episodes. Almost every flashback episode contradicted with another epiosde)

Last updated May 5th, 1999

EPISODES: TOW Monica's new Roommate, TOW Monkey Gets Away, TOW George Stephanopolous, and TOW The Sonogram at the End

BLOOPER: The number on Monica and Rachel's door is the number 5 on these four episodes. In every later episode the number on the door is 20. The same thing with Joey and Chandler, there door was 4 and now its 19.

EPISODES: TOW East German Laundry Detergent and TOW Underdog Gets Away

BLOOPER: In Tow East German Laundry Monica tells a funny story about an Underdog balloon that got away. That balloon was actually part of the Thanksgiving parade and played an important role in ruinning Monica'a Thanksgiving dinner. Now the blooper is that TOW Underdog Gets Away was 4 episodes after TOW East German Laundry Detergent. So inless Monica is clairvoyant, there is no wat she could have known. (I confirmed this in the book, Best of Friends by, Jae-Ha Kim.)

EPISODES: TOW George Stephanapolous and TOW Eddie Won't Go

BLOOPER: In TOW George Stephanapolous the girls are telling each other's secrets. Phoebe admits to Monica that she slept with Jason Hurly a couple of hours after they broke up. And Monica is shocked. But then, if you watch TOW Eddie Won't Go, and the girls are having their goddess meeting, Rachel says to Phoebe: "Ya, until they find out you slept with Jason Hurly one hour after he broke up with Monica." And Monica is again shocked! And Phoebe is mad at Rachel for telling her. Wouldn't Monica have already known? And how would Rachel have known if Monica hadn't?

EPISODES: TOW The Stoned Guy

BLOOPER: Chandler refers to the WENUS as the Weekly Estimated Net Usage Systems. However the line was really supposed to be Weekly Estimated Net Usage Statistics. Confirmed: This was confirmed in a book I read.

EPISODES: TOW The Flashback and TOW Monica gets a new Roommate

BLOOPER: Well, In the Pilot episode Ross says that Carol has just moved her stuff out. However in The Flashback episode,which is supposed to take place a year before the 1st season. (Rachel's friends toast her for her marriage in one year...) Ross just finds out that Carol is a lesbianin the Flashback episode. So unless she lived with him for a year, after finding out she was a lesbian...this is a blooper.

EPISODES: TOW The Flashback, TOW Thanksgiving Flashbacks, and TOW Nana Dies Twice

BLOOPER: Well, this is another Flashback error, maybe. In TOW Nana Dies Twice Joey said that he never thought Chandler was gay, but then in the Flashback episode Joey clearly thought Chandler was gay, but never told him. Also Monica said she thought he was gay the first time she met him. Bet according to the Thanksgiving Flashbacks, she met him in the 80's and was in love with.

EPISODES: TOW The Jam and TOW Ross' Sandwich

BLOOPER: In TOW The Jam Phoebe said that she went through a phase in High School where she thought she was a witch. But in TOW Ross's Sandwich, she claimed she never went to High School. BloOPeR!


BLOOPER: In this episode Chandler threw Rachel's mom's pink jacket into the cabinet under the TV to hide it from Rachel's dad. Well, later on, she was putting it on did she know where to get it from?!?(Thank you


BLOOPER: This isn't really a blooper, just something to think about. Remember in this episode where Chandler was listing all the friends faults? And he mentioned Monica's snorting and Joey's knuckle-cracking., And Joey mentioned Phoebe's chewing on her hair. This is an inconsistency on the writer's part. Since I have never seen Monica snort, Joey crack his knuckles or Phoebe chew her hair in any episode besides this one.

BLOOPER: I'm not sure in which episode, but the number of Joey's sisters always change. Once he said he had 6 and another time it was 7.

EPISODES: TOW Dr. Ramoray Dies

BLOOPER: At the end of this episode, Richard and Ross come out. They are both supposed to be wearing the girl's robes. However if you'll remember earlier in the episode, the red one was Monicas...and that is the one that Ross wheres at the end of this episode....

EPISODES: TOW Nana Dies Twice and TOW Two Parts, (I forget which half)

BLOOPER: Well this is an obvious blooper. In TOW Nana Dies twice, Chandler asks if the girls thought he was gay. Rachel said she did, until Phoebe's b-day party when he spent all day looking at her breasts and she thought maybe not. Well thats all good and fine, but think about this. This was the 8th episode of the 1st season. And Rachel just moved in with Monica and met Phoebe in the 1st episode in the fall. Now, In TOW 2 Parts, the part with Phoebe's birthday party! (uh-huh) How can Phoebe have 2 birthday parties in a year? BlOoPer!

EPISODE:TOW Dozen Lasagnes

BLOOPER: In this epsiode, Monica's aunt asked her to make a dozen lasagnes but forgot to tell her to make them vegetarian. Monica made them with meat and her aunt didnt want them. Later in the episode, we see everyone eating the lasagnes including Phoebe!! Who is a vegetarian. BLOOPER! (Thanks Tatiana from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

EPISODES: TOW The Princess Leia Fantasy

BLOOPER: In this episode when Ross and Rachel are arguing about Rachel telling Phoebe about Ross's fantasy, Ross takes a chocolate bar out of the refrigerator to eat. He takes one bit out of it. Then it shows the candy again and he is still eating it, although it has no bites in it. Thank you to Michelle, for pointing out this blooper to me.

EPISODES: TOW The Birth, TOW Chandler Proposes, and TOW Phoebe Hates PBS

BLOOPER: In The One With The Birth, Monica is on the phone and tells her mother that she is 26, which would have to make Ross at least 27 because he is her older brother. And if each character gets one year older with each season, then that would make Monica 31 and Ross atleast 32. And in The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS, Ross says "Or I get divorced for the second time before I'm 30!". Also if Monica is supposed to be 31, Rachel in TOW Chandler Proposes says that Monica is 30. (Thank you Derek for pointing this out to me)

EPISODES: TOW No One's Ready

BLOOPER: In this episode, Chandler left Monica and Rachel's apartment to get dressed for Ross's big event, after Ross convinced Chandler that once he was dressed her could sit back in the chair. When he came back he wanted to sit in the chair Joey was in. Joey got up but took "the essence" of the chair. He came back a few mintues later and asked Chandler for his underware back. Then Ross yelled at Chandler "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Come on, come on, what? You took his underwear?" and Chandler said, "He took my essence!". But that is impossible becuase unless Chandler predicted that Joey was going to take "the essence" when he got back, there was no way Chandler would have known. BloOper!! Thanks Jess ( for pointing out this blooper

EPISODES: Any that had to do with Joey being on Days Of Ours Lives

BLOOPER: According to Jess (, Days Of Our Lives is taped in LA. On Friends they never mentioned Joey flying across the country every day to tape it. BLoOper

EPISODES: TOW Ross Finds Out and TOW The List

BLOOPER: In TOW Ross Finds Out, we found out that Ross and Monica had a pet cat growing up named Fluffy Meowington. Well, how can this be, since in the next episode, TOW The List, Monica says that she is allergic to cat hair? Wouldn't it be hard to have a pet cat, and be allergic to cat hair at the same time? Thank you to Wendy for this blooper.


Blooper: Joey moves the hamper out of the way to show Monica her bathroom tile floors. As soon as he moves it, it shows it again, and it is back magicly! Check it out.

EPISODES: TOW All the Rugby

BLOOPER: Ok, now I know I'm crazy. In this epiode they made some kind of reference about Ross being Red Ross while playing rugby. Ross told Joey that he screamed at people who cut in front of them to see Dances with Wolves. Now, Ross met Joey in 1993. (show started in September of '94, Flashback took us to '93, where they meet.) That movie, (i checked something on the internet,) came out in 1990, so this is a mistake, since Ross and Joey didn't know each other then and the movie has had no rereleases.

EPISODES: TOW George Stephonopolous and TOW 5 Steaks and an Eggplant, and TOW The Cat

BLOOPER: In addition to Phoebe having 2 birthdays a year, (see above bloopers,) Ross does too! In TOW George Stephonopolous (however you spell it,) he says is birthday was 7 months ago. this episode took place in October. That would mean his birthday's in April right? Well in TOW 5 Steaks and an Eggplant, the gang throws him a party and takes him to a concert in OCTOBER to celebrate his b-day. No wait, Ross has 3 birthdays! Thanks to A-L pointing this out. In TOW the Cat Gunther asks Rachel her birthday, Ross says, "Oh mine is December..." and Gunther cuts him off. So Ross has 3 b-days a year. It must get hard to buy gifts for this guy.

EPISODES: The Pilot, and TOW Thanksgiving Flashbacks

BLOOPER: In the Pilot, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey were talking. Then Rachel comes in, in her wedding dress, and Monica introduces her to her new friends. She said she already knew Ross (from highschool). Now that's just fine but in the Thanksgiving Flashbacks, Ross brought Chandler with him and Rachel was there with Monica. That means that they already knew eachother when they met at Central Perk.....

EPISODES: TOA Superbowl pt2, TOW Baby on a Bus, TOW All The Resolutions

BLOOPER: In TOW Resolutions, Joey said he wanted Phoebe to teach him to play the guitar. Later in the episode you find out that she made up names for the strings and the cords. How could she of not known the names of the cords if in TOW Baby on a Bus, She was questioning Stephanie (Chrissie Hynde)if she knew how to play them? Also in the pt2 of TOW Superbowl, At the end of the episode Phoebe said she wanted to write a song about everything that had happened. Then she cracked the joke, "Oh, but I can't my guitar is broken. Hey Chandler, can I borrow yout G-String".

EPISODE: TOW Chandler crosses the Line and TOW Ballroom Dancing.

BLOOPER: In TOW Ballroom dancing, If you remember, Joey almost get Monica and Rachel evicted so he goes up to Treager to fix it. Joey: Please don’t kick Monica and Rachel out, this wasn’t there fault, it was mine. Mr. Treager:: You want me to kick you guys out instead? Joey: No you can’t do that, where would the chick and the duck live? Mr. Treager:: You have pets! Joey: Noo-no-no, no, those are nicknames. I’m the chick and Chandler is the duck. But then in TOW Chandler Crosses the Line, on the Magnadoodle in Joey and Chandler's apartment it said '"I Love You Man"
"Clean Up Duck Feathers In Hallway - Treager" ' But he didn't know!! Blooper!!

Ch a r a c t e r
M i x u p s

EPISODES: TOW The Baby on the Bus

BLOOPER: (not really a blooper) While Phoebe is singing outside Central Perk a guy dropped a condom in her guitar case. This same actor would later be known as Frank Jr., Phoebe's half-brother. His name is Giovanni Ribisi.


BLOOPER: The nurse that helped Carol deliver Ben, is now Estelle, Joey's agent

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