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Simply Bono

Look at me! I don't surf the 'net, I FLY over to Simply Bono!

It's Always A Beautiful Day When The B-Man Is Around :)

Created By Karen Lloyd
Site Born on Aug. 31, 2001
Now where'd I put my pick?

"Who's to say where the wind will take you"
~ Bono (U2's Kite)

So, who exactly is Bono? Born as Paul Hewson in 1960, this Irish rocker has not only influenced people's lives through his singing, but also in his relentless support of such causes as Drop The Debt and Amnesty International. He is part activist, part orator, part amateur actor. He is a father of four. He has been married to a certain Alison Stewart since 1982. But what stands out the most perhaps about this remarkable person is how much of his heart he gives away to his friends, family and millions of fans each year. This page is a tribute to that man.

Hot Off The Press - the latest U2 News! In association with @U2

Bono Story Time! - Original fan fiction stories Updated 3/08/02

The B-Man At Rest - Poor Bono, always so tired!

Wanted: Mr. MacPhisto - Bono's Alter-ego

Bono's Buddies - Edge, Adam, Larry, Ali...this is for you guys!

Getting Elevated at Their Tour '01 - My experience at Hartford, June 3, 2001 Photos I took added 1/19/02

Fun With's Oracle - Wacky questions, and equally odd answers...

Loony Bono Toons & More - Original artwork by Karen Lloyd

Top 10 Signs You've Gone Lemons For Bono - Have you gone lemons too?

Best Of Bono - Some of my favorite pictures of Bono...from the sexy to the silly

My U2 Collection of "Stuff" - All that I can't leave behind

From The Editor's Desk - check out this newest section! 2nd Issue now posted!

Elevated Links - Other great Bono/U2 sites

Hey Edge, do these shades make me look sexy?

If you ever get lost along the way...just follow the lemon home. :)

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