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WANTED: Mister MacPhisto

Oooo...they want me? YOU want me, MacPhisto? Grand, very grand!

Who He Is: A devil who's career as an Elvis-esque cabaret singer is near its end

Last Seen Wearing: Gold suit, ruffly red shirt, gold pants, and the coolest gold spray painted platform shoes!

Description: Black hair, white powdered face, makeup, and red horns (very important detail!)

Unfortunately, Mister MacPhisto seems to have gone where all the other lost satellites have gone, so all we have left are a few photos. However, the legacy of his gold shoes and horns shall live on in television and computer screens forever...! :)

Dress-up time! Hey look, this gorgeous gold couch matches so perfectly with my suit and shoes! The Fly meets MacPhisto!

Ah, lemons, such a wonderful fruit, don't you think? Yes, I am MacPhisto! Look into my eyes...!

I'm going for the sexy look, what do you think? Look at me! Look at me! Hello? My name is Mister MacPhisto. I'd like to order 10,000 pizzas...