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Fun With's Oracle

Well, basically one day I decided to have a little fun with's Oracle. Here are some of the funny results.

Q: Who is Bono?
Oracle: He is close to God who makes his friends laugh [Bono quoting Koran]
(2nd response)O: The healing hands of love (Are you saying Bono is God, Oracle? lol)

Q: What do my U2-related dreams mean?
O: You miss too much these days if you stop to think.

Q: But Bono dreams can be scary. lol So what's up with them?
O: Rock and roll
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Q: Why are there Bono dreams?
O: There's no business like dog business.
(2nd response)O: The discovery of beauty is what every artist is looking for. [Bono]

Q: Surely, rock stars must have dreams too. What does Bono dream of?
O: Lip synch to the talk shows.

If you want to ask The Oracle some questions too, check out U2's official site,