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Top Ten Reasons To Know You've Gone Lemons For Bono

  1. Whenever it is sunny outside, you scream enthusiastically "It's a beautiful day!"
  2. You're at a store and the cashier says "good day" and you crack up saying "You too"
  3. You have a U2 website (with Bono on it of course!)
  4. The sight of a fly reminds you of The Fly
  5. Lucky Charms make you think of Bono
  6. The sign to an Irish pub or restaurant (or anything Irish for that matter!) makes you think of Bono
  7. You know he has the prettiest baby blues
  8. You know more about Bono's childhood than you can remember about your own
  9. You stay up all night to watch the VMA's just to catch a glimpse of the B-Man (and then proceed to drool when they actually come on stage and perform!)
  10. You visit a website like this one and can't stop laughing because you know that you can't deny that you too (!) have gone lemons for Bono!
    Congratulations on your addiction! ;)