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From The Editor's Desk

"Ramblings, Etc."

WHAT IT IS: This newest addition to Simply Bono will be my various thoughts related to Bono...from questions, personal viewpoints, cool tidbits of information, etc. Basically, whatever I want it to be.:) Have feedback or suggestions for future topics? You can email me (Karen) at

Previous Installments: June 5, 2002

From the Editor's Desk: Issue II July 07, 2002

On to the second edition! As most of you probably know by now, last month Edge and his longtime partner Morleigh Steinberg finally tied the knot at a beautiful private ceremony held in Eze-sur-Mer in southern France. Check out People Magazine's July 8th issue for a great article and full page picture on their wedding. Congrats to you both, Edge and Morleigh!

U2 and Bono related news has definitely slowed down a bit, but I don't know about you, but the rumors about a Best Of 1990-2001 album are very exciting. I am really curious to see whether they will have a full second disc of B-sides like they did with the first. Although in general I would say the B-sides on the Best Of 1980-1990 were lackluster in comparison to the more finished songs, "Spanish Eyes" has become one of my favorite U2 tunes. I highly recommend playing it in your car stereo on a beautiful day with the windows rolled down. Just be careful not to get so elevated as to the point that you speed excessively... lol

Anyone have a reliable mailing address to contact Bono with? I wish to give him some copies of my artwork but do not know what the best way to go about this is. Send any information to:

Well, that's all for this issue. Have a beautiful day!

~ Yours Truly, Karen