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Bibracte, a city of the Gauls (9)


(1)  - General information
(2)   - The walls and buildings
(3)   - The metals (findings)
(4)   - The metals (techniques)
(5)   - Strange trees
(6)   - Writing
(7)   - Religion , Gallic War
(8)   - Other findings

A brass (copper/tin/lead) coin

Bronze and brass (copper/tin/lead) coins

DVBNOREIX (Dumnorix), the leader of the Eduens.

"Dubnoreix", accompanied by a boar (a military symbol), a lure, a sword and... a head in his left hand 

DVBNOCOV (Dubnocou?)

A golden coin, representing Vercingetorix. Note that he hasn't got a moustache!

A disc on a button; decoration of a bowl. Gold on bronze and enamel. Beginning of the 4th century B.C.E.

A gold gallic coin (Bayeux, Calvados)


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