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Index Dutch Bronze Age
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Bibracte, a city of the Gauls (8)

Other findings

(1)  - General information
(2)   - The walls and buildings
(3)   - The metals (findings)
(4)   - The metals (techniques)
(5)   - Strange trees
(6)   - Writing
(7)   - Religion , Gallic War
(9)   - Coins

Glass from Bibracte
Glass with a yellow opaque decoration

A blue / violet glass bracelet 

A glass pearl with eye-decoration (common in Persia!)

A reconstructed weaving-loom

A ceramist at work

A high vase with incised scene of seahorses and imaginary birds. 4th century B.C.E.

The head of Venus, found in the Saint-Pierre Fountain (one of the 16 wells)

A vase



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