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Bibracte, a city of the Gauls (6)

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2nd / 1st century B.C.E.: bilangual stone ("schiste"), Vercelli, Italy

The text is Latin / Gallic in Etruscan alphabet. The stone was  found on a sacret place, together with 3 others:

finis campo.qvem

On this place
where Acicius Argantomateretus
has given
to fulfil his promise to the gods
and to mankind
within the limits
where the 4 stones have been erected

Original translation in French:
Limite du terrain
qu' Acicius Argantomateretus
a donné
pour etre en commun aux dieux
et aux hommes
dans les limites
où les quatre pierres ont été érigées

A tin ingot contained a stamp: ΤΩΝΠΕΡΙ ΗΡΑΚΛΕΙΔΗ ΥΠΟ ΚΕΑ[ΤΩΝ]
"Made by the Kelts near Herakleides" (South-Spain?) 1st century B.C.E.

Rhone-delta (Glanum). A statue dedicated to Taranus. The red color is ochre. 

The text on the bottom of this statue:
"Ouebrumaros has dedicated (a statue) to Taranus, an offer."

The famous "Coligny 5-years calendar", probably 2nd century C.E.


Gallo-Greek inscription on the base of a jar: ...DOIIA.
The jar belonged to the grave of a child (0-6 years), and the grave included a Roman half "republican as" from 170-91 B.C.E.

Pottery with the inscription ODUXNIA



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