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Bibracte, a city of the Gauls (5)

Strange trees, trees with "tails"

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Roughly, there are 3 different types of strange trees in Bibracte:

  1. The wattled hedges

  2. The lopped or pruned trees

  3. The "bend" trees

1.The wattled hedges

In an environment were live stock like boars might want to damage the crops, a small adjusted natural fence might make the difference between a field filled with crops and an empty puddle.

Julius Caesar mentioned these hedges in his books about the Gallic Wars.

2. The lopped or pruned trees

Why climbing high to gather the fruit when one can reduce the maximum height of the fruit trees?


3. The "bend" trees

Well, I can think of one explanation for these strange trees: first of all one can look at their location; they grow parallel to the main road. So one can see them as some kind of benches to sit on during a parade. Secondly, trees like these can "guide" the cattle. This way the cattle is easier to manage.

Oh, and there's a 4th kind of tree; the "normal" tree... 


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