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Last time this Site was changed was:

7-9-02: Rebcca!! bought a little known movie with Micky in it and revied it in Movie Reviews.

4-4-02: Erica!! and Rebeca!! saw the Shoe Suede Blues in March and have written their reports! You can check them out at the Concert Reports.

8-29-01: There are a few more stories in the Storybook found sitting in the inbox and a few more to come shortly. Coming Soon: Wolftrap July 22nd, 2001 Monkees 2001 Concert Review!
6-1-01: Rebecca!! added a new story to her solo works. Check it out. It's a good one!
5-5-01: New story in the Storybook.
Just a reminder, if you submitted a story and we never put it up, resend it with all the info asked in the Storybook and we'll try and put it up ASAP. Thankies :)
3-23-01: We're now in the advertising business! Check out the ad toward the bottom of our Welcome Center.
2-19-01: After months of procrastination, Rebecca!! finally updated her page so read Rebecca!!'s newly put up story at Rebecca!!'s Solo Works.
1-6-01: Happy New Millenium! Welcome Heather!!'s little slice of the page called Heather!!'s Haven. We're all waiting for new stuff to come our way :)

10-25-00: Erica put more pics on her site...:
10-14-00: A New story in the Storybook, the Pictures have been fixed, there's another Movie Review, and there are better quality sounds of "Daydream Believer" up. Have fun and more to come!
8-15-00: There's yet another Movie Review for Daydream Believers: The Monkees Story. Check it out! And feel free to submit your own too. We'd love to post your thoughts.
8-3-00: Teen Idols Concert Report is up! Read! It's a good one! You'll Hate Us Good! But That's OK:) It was just to much fun.
7-30-00: There is a new review up at Movie Reviews for Daydream Believer and Rebecca made some sounds for the movie which are at the bottom of the rewiew section which you should really check out. And also coming soon, CONCERT REPORT FROM JULY 29th TEEN IDOLS CONCERT THAT WE WENT TOO!!!
7-21-00: We put up The Movie Reviews and also got some more stories up in the Storybook. Sorry there is no new sign next to the story. But there are new stories there. So check those out.
7-11-00: We got yet another Award. And Our Movie Reviews section is coming soon!
6-16-00: nothing big at all Erica just added more pictures to her site inculding pictures from 1998 teen idols tour. Soon to come Monkees. Thats all.
6-14-00: Erica's Solo Page I added some pictures to my part of my site. And also a quiz which is I think I found Odd was added to Something Odd But True(Cool). (Rebecca updated a little on 6-14)
5-20-00: Something Odd But true has been completely changed with all new odd but true stuff. Plus, Our Concert Reports are finally up again on their own page.
5-19-00: New Comic in the Comics page; SWINGERS.
5-18-00: Erica put a new story up on her solo page. Enjoy one in all. And it's about dang time.
5-13-00: Like you can’t guess. We’ve had a total make over and we’re still working. Say hello to Heather!!, our new recruit. And for those of you who have pending stories to be put into the Storybook (Hey Laura! Hey Miranda!), we’re sorry we fell behind and we will try to get your stories in by the summer.
3-5-00: Check out the newest addition to the Storybook.
2-4-00:Round Robin#2Was updated with a new part. And also The Monkee Game Show Game was FIXED. I hope now you can play without problems:)
1-31-99: Rebecca!!'s back up for now. More to come.
On 1-29-00: Erica only did some minor work on her solo page. Only Minor, sorry.
1-28-00: We have another new thing this is Every Song The Monkees Made It's all about every song the guys as a group recored through the years each song is in order by the day it was recored. Enjoy. Erica worked hard on it.
1-25-00: a new thing was added Something Odd, But CoolIt's small right now but soon and hopefully it will grow with all your guys help.
1-24-00: Erica's Solo Works Was updated.. well a little.
1-22-00: New Concert Report.
1-20-00: A NEW ROUND ROBIN HAS BEEN ADDED. 8 parts up alreay. AND 3 NEW games added. Have fun with them. And the links have been moved around just to make it look a little bit nicer.
BELIVE IT OR NOT COLLABORATIONS IS UPDATED!!! With a new story on how we think the Monkees met.

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