The Shoe Suede Blues YBlueK Concert January 1st, 2000 Club 66

YBlueK Tour Jan. 1st, 2000

So you want to hear of my amazing tale at the SSB concert, do you? Well, it shall be divided up into the five major Peter related experiences that happened to me and me alone with some minor events in between.

Amanda!!, Heather!!, and Holly!!
Amanda!!, Heather!!, and Holly!!

First we arrived at the Club 66 on Saturday night for the first concert. The we consisted of my friend Heather!!, her school friend Holly!! whom we are breaking into the Monkees, and her online friend Amanda!!. After paying for entry and designating our seats which were only used to hold out coats and things, we went to the merchandise table. There were hats, shirts, pins, CDs, videos, and little YBlueK bugs. There, we met Bonnie who set up the concert and I happen to meet someone I'd know from the newsgroup named...well...we'll just call her Bear. Bear wanted to talk to me so much but we couldn't hear each other very well so I went outside with her to talk. I told the others that I'd be right back and I knew this woman I was talking to.

Experience #1: As Bear and I were talking, she happened to mention the band was not yet at the club. They had come for the sound check and left. The owner came out later and told up to watch the area in the parking lot where the band would be parking which was blocked off by cones. As we continued talking, another newsgroup member, Barbara, whom I hadn't met person to person walked out and we all began chatting when a white car and a truckish type car (the name escapes me as to what you call them; not vans) pulled in and was rounding the small median to get the their parking spaces in front of the club. The three of us split to get the cones to move them out of the way for them to pull up. I headed for the cone closest to the building but Bear reached it first so I had to run in front of the still moving, though slowly, white car pulling around. The guy didn't stop for me, how rude. Well, the "guy" turned out to be the Peter Tork in question. Oh, before hand, Bear was joking with me about how she was going to be pushing me in front of Peter's car when he arrived. Well, we were laughing and carrying on as the band began getting out of the car. Peter, seeing us all sorta jumpy, said, "You guys are wired!"

I replied, "Oh, we've been like this the past 10 minutes or so." Whether he heard me or not, I don't know. I did say hello to him and he walked around towards the door with his guitar. He said Hello back in a sorta funny voice :)

Bear and Barbara are actually frequenters or heavy groupies to Peter Tork's gigs whereas I am not so this was a "Like Whoa!" experience but I'm also one to keep my cool too. Everyone else goes crazy on me.

Well, when I finally got back inside and my friends were all, "That was Peter who walked in the front door," I said proudly, "Guess who nearly ran me over with his car?"


The music began and so did the dancing. I, who cannot dance, moved as best I could to fake dancing and Heather!! was proud of me. I'm not quite sure why though.

The Youngest Shoopie

We were entertained by the wonderful though extremely loud music going on and the little 4 year-old girl running and skipping around with her glasses and her ear things to protect her from the loud music.

Play On Peter!

The first set was then over and my friends and I were chatting up a storm. We sat on the floor to save out spots on the dance floor. I introduced everyone to Bear and Bear to everyone and then Barbara to everyone and vis versa. Various members of the band were everywhere mingling (everyone but Peter of course) and so I went up to the Keyboardist telling him how awesome he was and I went up to the guitarist and said how cool he was. Then the twenty minute break was over and we got back to the music.

Tadg on Harmonica with Peter!

The music selection was quite numerous ranging from their stuff to other blues to a few scatter Monkees songs as well. There was one haggler who wanted to hear "Your Auntie Grizelda" to which I replied "Let them play their own stuff!" No one really heard since I was loosing my voice.

Within this set, my ears began to hurt and my feet were not holding up so I was dancing less and rubbing my ears. Bear asked if I wanted some Tylenol. I said I was getting over being sick with some ear/throat thing and I was fine. Yes, I was sick but nothing was gonna keep me away from this concert!

Mike on Bass and Stevie Groovin' on Blues Guitar!

Minor Experience(s): The second and what was to be final set was over and it was announced the SSB was going to come out with one last set so we hung around. I, instead of standing up and dancing, reserved a nice seat on the floor right in front of Peter with just enough room to lean back and see the keyboardist and guitarist when they would sing and/or play. When Peter walked out, he looked at me as if to say "You're sitting there?" ad I looked to him as if to say "Yeah Baby!" Bear, being the crazy groupie she was--just like me--sat on the floor with me at times but then got back up to dance. As the set was playing, I could swear Tadg, the Keyboardist, was singing how he wanted me to give him a "teeny weeny bit" of my lovin' :) (It was just a song and a cool one at that.) Peter then played and was looking at me with his tongue dangling from his mouth! Then they begin to play "I'm Not your Steppin' Stone" and Bear forced me back to my feet though my legs wouldn't hear of it. But, I ended up on my feet in front of Peter, head-banging to "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone". Yes, I am the ultimate head-banging machine but I will only use my powers for good...and to impress my boyfriend's friends :)

Mike and Stevie play while John Rocks on Drums!

Experience #2: The performance was over and Heather!! and Amanda!! were determined to get a hug from "the best hugger in the world", Mr. Peter Tork. I was a little determined to but not as much as they were. Heater!! got hers, Amanda got hers, even Holly!! got hers, then Peter turned around the other way! So I waited a little until he finally turned around to me. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back. It was a good ten seconds! Then I patted him on the back and he let go :) Then, I headed for Laura's card.

So you knows, my friend Laura sent me a Christmas card that she wanted autographed by Peter when I went to see him at the Fan party. I ended up going to the concert the day before as well so I brought the card to that one to get it signed. She has a Web Site, which has the autograph somewhere on it, which leads up to...


Experience #3: After finishing his hug and even a few kiss handouts, Peter went to the merchandise stand to sign autographs. Amanda!! had an old trading card for him, Heather!! had her "Stranger Things Have Happened" CD and I had Laura's card. At the time, I honestly had nothing for them--the band--to sign except for a shirt I had just bought that night which I figured I get the next day. After Heather!! got her CD signed, I brought out the card and said "My friend Laura, who couldn't be here, gave me this card for you to sign. Would you please sign it for her?"

He asked, "You want me to like sign it 'To her' or what?" I basically said yes to what he said and he signed it, "To Laura love Peter Tork".

I said, "Thank you so much. I promise I'll have something for you tomorrow to sign," and we all collected again.

Amanda!!, Heather!!, Holly!!, and Rebecca!!
Amanda!!, Heather!!, Holly!!,and Rebecca!!

Before we left, Heather!! wanted a group picture with him and had asked him if he was allowing pictures. He had said maybe later that night. However, it was already midnight or so and Heather!!'s dad wanted to get everyone home arguing "You'll see him tomorrow." So we left.

***All pictures were taken by Rebecca!! and may not be usd witout asking nicely first :)***

January 2nd, 2000: The Blues Plate Special Fan Party