1. In "Monkees in Texas"; Red, otherwise known as Len Lesser or the bad guy with the bubble gum, played Jerry Seinfeld’s Uncle Leo in the show "Seinfeld". He was also seen as George in "Monkees in Ghost Town".
  2. Alice Cooper has been golfing with Micky as well as other celebrities.
  3. Rob Zombie is a fan of the Monkees and mentions him in many interviews. Check thisout!
  4. Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey mentioned The Monkees in the movie "Dumb and Dumber" as being an influence to The Beatles.
  5. Mtv people: Love Line’s Diane Farr, also in the show "VIPs", was on the Movie Lounge with Micky (and seemed to like his jokes). Carson Daily mentions The Monkees after seeing a sign reading "Do You Know Who Mike Nesmith Is?" on an episode of TRL.
  6. In the movie "Galaxy Quest", Tim Allen’s character is named Jason Nesmith.
  7. Weird Al toured with the 3kees in the 1980s for a brief time.
  8. "Whose Line Is It Anyway": In the British version, when given the scene "A cart load of monkeys" in the game Scenes From A Hat, Tony Slattery comes forward and sings "Daydream Believer". In the US Version, to hint that Collin Mochrie was standing in front of a pack of monkeys in the game News Flash, Ryan Stiles said, "I understand Mike Nesmith is going to be there," to which Collin replied, "Yes, all the Monkees are going to be here."
  9. Rebecca!! knows a guy named Philip Jackson (refer to "The Picture Frame"). "And no," Rebecca!! says, "he does not look like Mike though he sang a group lead in the song ‘Last Train to Clarksville’ at my school."
  10. Rap group Run D.M.C. did a retake of "Mary, Mary".
  11. The lead singer of REM sites the Monkees as a influence.
  12. Madonna says when she was growing up she had a crush on Micky Dolenz. "Also in Behind The Music," says Erica!!, "there is an article that says something about them and I think they were comparing them to her."
  13. In another Behind The Music Of Jan and Dean, Davy is shown and heard singing one of Deans songs for a single while he was recovering. But the song was never issued.
  14. Sex Pistols did and cover to "(I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone".
  15. Axle Rose (Guns-n-Roses) took Davy’s dance moves.
  16. Austin Powers 2, baby. The song "I’m a Believer" plays and Davy’s first album and "More of the Monkees" is shown in the background and someone picking it up and looking at it.
  17. The opening sequence for "Friends" is the same studio the Monkees were always at doing romps. Also in Friends there is Ross singing to his ex-wifes tummy and sings a version of his own of "Hey Hey We’re the Monkees". Also one of the girls sees a guy walking and he has a wool hat on and they say "just like Mike’s from the Monkees."
  18. Erica!!’s nephew looks like Micky with that goofy smile and almond shape eyes. "I call him my Mikey Micky," she says. And his middle name is Christian like Mike's son.
  19. In "Rocko’s Modern Life", as Rocko, Heifer, and Filbert are preparing to go fishing with a pirate, the pirate tells a story about a blast "that could be heard all the way down in Davy Jones’ Locker. Micky Dolenz’s Locker too and Peter Tork’s Locker and all the Monkees had Lockers..."
  20. In "Pinkie and the Brain" an overly proud man threatens the two mice in search for the Titanic by saying, "See you in Davy Jones’ Locker," to which Pinkie quips, "Wasn’t he the lead singer for the Monkees?"
  21. My mom went to this thing were people got to know each other. And so they added out this little quiz thing where you go around and ask people if they know this stuff and they sign it. Well my mom didn't do the quiz and brought it home for me to see. And there's something VERY VERY wrong on that quiz. You find out what it is. The Quiz


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