ROUND ROBIN #2 (Untitled)

This is by: Aimee,*Star*,Amanda,Kimberly,Kori,Erica,and Chelsea

Part 1 (Aimee)
"We've got a gig this Saturday for a Valentine's Day
party." Mike announced after hanging up the

"But I got a date that night." Davy whinned.

"Cancel it." Mike ordered. "We need the money to
pay the rent before Babbit kicks us out."

"Where's the gig at?" Micky asked.
Part 2 (*Star*)
"The only thing about this gig is that it's about an
hours drive from here." Mike said, scratching his
head in deep thought."

"An hours drive!" Davy exclaimed, "This gig better be
worth it, man." He shook his head, "I'm going to be
stuck in the car with you guys for a whole hour!"

Peter grinned, "It will be fun, Davy. We can sing a
hundred bottles of beer on the wall, one hundred
bottles of -"

Micky held out his hand for him to stop, "Please,
don't. You'll kill my ears."

Mike threw up his arms, "I don't like it as much you
guys do, but what choice have we got? The pay is
really good and it Babbit will get off our backs for a

Davy shook his head, "I still say this is a bad idea."
Part 3 (Amanda)
"Come on guys, hurry up, we gotta hit the road soon,"
Mike stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked at
his watch. About two seconds later, Micky emerged
from the upstairs bedroom and slid down the banister,
running into Mike at the bottom and almost knocking
him out.

"Don't do that," Mike said as he picked himself up off
the floor.

"Sorry, ‘bout that," Micky replied as he grinned
sheepishly and went to go load instruments into the

Mike shook his head and turned toward the bedroom on
the first floor. "Davy and Peter! If you aren't out
here in 5 seconds, we're gonna leave without ya."

Peter walked out of the bedroom, followed by Davy who
was combing his hair. "We're ready, Mike." Peter
announced, breathing a sigh of relief that he had pick
the right shirt this time.

"Ok, then, troops," Micky said when he returned from
the car,"Let's move it out.!"
Part 4 (Kimberly)

"Sixty-eight bottles of beer on the wall,sixty-eight
bottles of beer,take one down and..." Peter bounced
along merrily to his tune in the backseat. Up front,
in the driver's seat, Mike sighed. They'd only been
driving for twenty minutes,and already his friends
were driving him insane.

"Hey Mike what was that noise?" Micky asked suddenly.

Aggrivated,Mike snapped "What noise,Mick?!"

"Ohhh umm it was kind of like a rattling noise," Micky
replied meekly,taken aback by Mike's harsh words.

"I'm sorry for snapping at ya,Micky. But this isn't
the greatest car. Of course it's making funny noises."
And,then,as on cue,the car just stopped. Completly

" 'Ey,why ah' we stopped?" Davy called from the

"I dont know,Davy," Mike replied through gritted
Part 5 (Kori)

"Let me take a look under the hood." Micky got out of
the car. "I'm sure it's nothing I can't fix." Davy
took out a nail file and started filing away.

"Do I keep singing the song while we're stopped or do
I continue where I left off when we start going
again?" Peter asked.

"Oh, for cryin' out loud! Could you just forget the
song!" Mike snapped at Peter.

"Mike, what is your problem?" Davy asked. "You've
been acting strangely the whole trip. This gig 'was'
your idea, you know."

"I know. I know." Mike got out of the car to stretch
his legs. The others followed. "I'm sorry, Peter. I
guess that I was just realizin' that it's Valentine's
Day and here I am with no one to share it with except
you three."

"Well, don't take it out on us." Davy eplained. "There
are plenty of girls..."

"I'm not like you , Davy." Mike shook his head. "I
can't just do that twinkle thing with my eyes and have
girls falling in love with me."

"I don't have anyone either and you don't see me down
in the dumps." Peter tried to cheer his friend up.

"Peter, no offense, but you could get run over by a
truck and still not be down in the dumps." Mike patted
Peter on the shoulder.

"Thanks, Mike." Peter smiled, then realized that that
may not have been a compliment.

"I think I've got it!" Micky called from under the
hood. "Give it a try." Mike turned the key and the
car started up. They all jumped back in and started

"Valentine's Day isn't over yet, Mike." Davy put his
nail file away in it's case. "There's still time to
find someone to spend it with."

Mike thought about what Davy said the rest of the way
to the gig, which helped drown out Peter singing about
the rest of the bottles of beer on the wall.
Part 6 (Erica)

They arrived at the gig at long last. As soon as they
walked in the door Davy was covered in girls. The
others rolled their eyes and walked to the bandstand.

Mike kept looking over at Davy and sighed wishing that
he can have that kind of charm. But what kind of girl
wants a Texan with a wool hat? That's when Mike took
off his wool hat looked at it and throw it behind him
hitting Micky in the head.

"Hey" Micky yelped after being hit and picked up the
hat. "hey Mike I think your hat fell off." He tossed
it back to him.

"I didn't want it back."he looked down at the hat
"It's babyish." Mike walked into the back room and put
it in the trash can and sniffed back a tear. Mike
walked back out to the bandstandand cont. to set up
the stage.

Davy finally got away from the girls collecting all
the phone numbers he could. Mike talked into the
microphone. "Hi everybody we're the Monkees and
the first song we would like to play tonight is "You
Just May Be the One."

In the middle of the song Mike was spotted by a young
girl with curly red hair she kept staring at him and
smiling. An upon seeing her Mike smiled back and
Part 7 (Chelsea)

As soon as the set was over, and they went to take a
break, Mike walked over to the girl he had been
staring at for the last two hours.

"Hi, I'm Mike," he said shyly. She looked at him with
those big green eyes of hers and nodded. After a
couple of moments of silence, Mike replied,
"Well, aren't you going to tell me your name?"

"Oh, I'm sorry," the girl blushed. "My name is
Rachael. My dad is hosting this party. It's for me and
my boyfriend and all our friends. It's to announce our
engagement." Mike gaped at her, slackjawed.

"B-b-boyfriend? Engagement?"

"What? Daddy didn't tell you? Oh, I'm sorry. I love
your band. I had to practically beg daddy to get him
to hire you guys. I go and see you at the Vincent Van
Go Go all the time."

"Now, I remember you. You are always there with that
big guy."

"Yeah, he's over there." Rachael pointed to a tall,
about 6'5", muscular man standing in the corner with a
bunch of his friends, drinking and laughing.

"His name is Trevor. We're to be married this summer,"
Rachael said softly, almost sadly, with her head
Part 8 (Aimee)
"Are you alright?" Mike asked putting a comforting
hand on her shoulder.

"I guess I'm just nervous and scared." She sniffled a
little. "I'm only 20, I don't know if I'm ready to
get married."

"Have you told Trevor that?"

"No, he'll think I'm just being a baby."

"He sounds like a jerk." Mike said under his breath
just as Trevor walked over to them swinging his arm
around Rachel's shoulders.

Part 9 (*Star*)

"What do you think you're doing?" Treavor asked, his voice slurred a little and Mike could smell the stench of beer on his breath.
Rachel rolled her eyes, "Treavor, we we're just talking." She pointed to Mike, "He's from the band Daddy hired us...The Monkees."
Treavor snorted and shook his head, "Oh right. You were payed to play," he pointed to the bandstand, "now play and stop trying to hit on my girlfriend."
Mike looked over at Rachel. He didn't want to leave her with this jerk, but he knew he had no choice. Rachael gave a soft smile and he nodded slowly.
"I'm sorry for bothering you," Mike said.
All through the night as the boys played on, Mike kept a watchful eye over Rachel. He knew that guy was bad news and he wanted to help Rachel in anyway he could.
"Treavor, stop it!" He could hear Rachel exclaim over the music.
"Come on," Treavor whispered as he kissed her on the lips. "You know you like it."
Rachel pushed him away, "Not here."
"Why? Is it because of that Monkee?" Rachael rolled her eyes. Treavor stared at her, "It is, isn't it? Well it's about time I teach you a lesson."
Before Rachal could get away from his grip, he pulled her back and and slapped her hard across the face. Rachel cried out in pain as he pushed her to the ground.
Seeing this, the anger began to boil in Mike's eyes...he put down the guitar as charged down the steps.
"Mike, what are you going to do?" Micky asked. "Whatever it is, I don't think it's such a good idea."
Mike clenched his fist and said, "I'm going to take care of him once and for all..."
More to come very soon.
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