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If you're suddenly hit with the need to make a nonfighting character (NPC) for the GMCA, this is the profile that you use. Currently, there's no known limit to the number of NPCs that the management will accept, so it's not out of the question for one author to make multiple nonfighters. (Just don't go totally nuts on us...please?) As a side note, NPCs are not required to be Author Avatars. The things written in this wierd font are, again, explanitory notes, meant to be removed.

Name: Mr. Ferret

Self-explanitory. If you want, you can also give the character's nicknames or alternate names.

Signature Quote: "Squeak!"

A sentence or so, something that the character would typically say.

Personal Email address: youruserid@your.isp

The email address that you'd like to be contacted at by people who have questions about your character. It's also reccomended to join our fine mailing list, though not neccessarily required.

  • Height: about 6ft long plus tail, but only a 1'6" or so high when on all fours.

  • Weight: About 100lbs.

  • Build: Mr Ferret also appears to be a paper cutout of a drawing, inked, lightly colored with pencils, and brought to life. Otherwise, as a normal ferret, basically a Stretch Limo rat with raccoon markings.

    These should be pretty obvious, I would think.

  • Appearance: A carefully cut out, larger-than-life-size picture of a ferret. Oddly, no matter which angle you look at him from, Mr. Ferret always seems to be flat-on to the viewpoint.

    Predictably enough, this is what your character looks like most of the time. Richly detailed descriptions are better, both so that the other writers will have a good idea of what you look like and because there are a number of fair-to-kickass artists among us.

  • Bio: Mr. Ferret was normal ferret, living happily in the forest. One day, he met a fun little blue friend who wore black and liked going on fun adventures. Mr Ferret likes adventures, so he went too, and sometimes gets to bite bad people that his friend shows him. Of course, sometimes they're only a little bad and okay to hang around with afterwards, but that's even better! Lately everything's looked smaller except his blue friend, but that just means there's more things to play with, so it's okay too.

    Your character's life before they became involved in the tournament.

  • Intro: Mr. Ferret appeared in the sky at the same time as NinjaSmurf, but his only reaction was a lot of "Whee!" plus a fair amount of "Gosh, the ground looks nifty from way up here!" and a bit of "Poing!" when he landed.

    In general, your character's specific reason for joining the tournament. Actual intro scenes will be written for the initial GMCA ep when called for.

  • Theme Song:

    • Main Theme: Poing! Poing! Hey, nifty! (Blue Nothing)

    • Fighting Theme: Friend of the Ferret (the Thankful Undead)

    The song that plays when your character enters the arena, or just a song that describes their personality if they aren't the type to ever show up there.

  • Abilities:

    • Mr. Ferret has the amazing abilities to poing six times his own length, land from any fall without harm, and be amused by just about anything. He also has a nasty bite, but all his actual attack-type moves are listed on NinjaSmurf's movelist.

      Any abilities that the character has and which you think that we might need to know about. :)

  • Motivations:

    These can be put in either a list format or a paragraph. Explain why the NPC decided to come to the tournament, as well as secondary goals that they have and anything else that influences their actions.

    • Hang out with his blue friend.

    • Find some new friends.

    • Find some shiny things.

    • Have fun!

  • How Mr. Ferret talks:

    Just a general description of the way your character talks. It's used to facilitate effective dialogue writing.

    He's a ferret. He doesn't talk.

  • How Mr. Ferret acts:

    A general description of the way that your Avatar acts around other people and any personality quirks or attitudes that they may have.

    Ever seen Sluggy freelance's Kiki? No? What's WRONG with you?? GO THERE NOW!!! Until then figure that Mr. Ferret acts like a puppy on crack and speed at the same time.

    The character "Mr. Ferret" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to ... On second thought, I don't want to be assosciated with this. If you want him, you can have him.

  • MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!