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If you want to make a Fighter, Pinch Hitter, or Secret Character for the GMCA, this is the profile to use. Your character can be anywhere from dead serious (like Yuusuke) to openly silly (like ClassicDrogn). There's no need to stick to one form of character... As a side note, all characters (with the possible exception of Secret Characters) must be Author Avatars, meaning that they're generally some version of you that lays claim to your writing. Just a note to help detail character action :?) The things written in this wierd font are explanitory notes, meant to be removed.

Name: NinjaSmurf

Self-explanatory. Note, however, that your Avatar doesn't necessarily have to be the most typical representation of you, so this doesn't have to be your normal author name (observe Jonatan and his Avatar, Replica).

Signature Quote: "Hah, I say! Hah, and hah again! I speak with stilted and unconvincing dialogue, for I am two dimensional!"

A sentence or so, something that your Avatar would typically say.

Personal Email address: youruserid@your.isp

The email address that you'd like to be contacted at by people who have questions about your character. It's also reccomended to join our fine mailing list, though not neccessarily required.

  • Height: 1ft. 3in.

  • Weight: About 4lbs.

  • Build: NinjaSmurf is apparently paper cutout of a drawing, inked, lightly colored with pencils, and brought to life.

    These should be pretty obvious, I would think.

  • Appearance: A carefully cut out, larger-than-life-size picture of NinjaSmurf, in his black smurf-pants, hat, and mask, with a smurfy Ninja Katana, a Ninja Crossbow, and a quiver of Ninja Crossbow Bolts strapped to his back. The front of the strap also serves as a Ninja Bandoleer for a few Ninja Throwing Stars and various Ninja Smoke Bombs. When he performs a a ranged attack it seems to fade from beiong a pencil-colored drawing like he is to being real as it travels to the target. Oddly, no matter which angle you look at him from, NinjaSmurf always seems to be flat-on to the viewpoint.

    Predictably enough, this is what your character looks like most of the time. Richly detailed descriptions are better, both so thaat the other writers will have a good idea of what you look like and because there are a number of fair-to-kickass artists among us.

    Alternate Appearance: NinjaSmurf uses his Ninja Disguise Skeelz to cunningly become a bush. He does so by sticking a pair of leafy twigs in a headband over his black smurf-hat, and strapping another to each arm and leg.

    For 2-player games, this is the slightly different version of you that can fight against the normal version. Some people (Wyvern Classic, (V)ajin, Drogn) have made their 2P character an independent character who also hangs out at the tournement.

  • Fighting Style: Nasty Papercut school Smurfy Ninjitsu.

    The general fighting form that you use. Although real-world styles are not out of the question, most of us seem to have a preferance for really whacked-out selfstyles. Feel free to go nuts here.

  • Button Style: Toshinden Subaru

    The general video game button-pushing format that your character was created in, and upon which their moves are loosely based. It's stated as a game or series name (Street Fighter, King of Fighters, etc.).

  • Bio: NinjaSmurf was never quite like the other smurfs, he preffered sneaking around wearing disguises and making things explode to singing and frolicking in the forest. Unsurprisingly, this tended to make the other smurfs think he was ... well, just a little less smurfy than a smurf should really be. Well, Jokey Smurf tended to get along with him pretty well, but is that really a positive thing? Determined to prove he was just as smurfy as any other smurf, NinjaSmurf snuck into the evil wizard Gargamel's castle, planning to steal The Great Book of Spells which was the only real reason Gargamel was a threat most of the time. Unfortunately for him, The Book didn't want to be stolen, and slammed itself shut around him, turning him into his present 2D form, then teleported him away with no specified destination.

    Your character's life before they came to the tournament.

  • Intro: Appearing high in the sky over Sierra, NinjaSmurf fluttered on the breeze until he eventually fell to the surface, coincidentally right in front of the main doors of the Sportsplex. He hopes to find some way to return to his normal form and go home.

    In general, your character's specific reason for joining the tournament. Actual intro scenes will be written for the initial GMCA ep when called for.

  • Theme Songs:

    • Game Theme: You Can't See Me (For I Am Ninja) (Blue Nothing)

    • Home Stage Theme: Lala Land (Musical Smurf and the Smurfs)

    • Alternate Home Stage Theme: Lala Land (Gargamel's remix) (Erewhon Sympony Orchestra with special guests Cold Slither)

    The song that plays when your character enters the ring. Some go even farther and state alternate themes, 2-P themes, and "Vs. X" themes.

  • Stage: The Smurfberry Field, a mostly open clearing in the forest lightly dotted with bushes that sport large red berries. A few two-inch normal smurfs can be seen picking berries in the background.

    An environment that serves as your "home" stage. Often, it's somewhere that your character can be found in his/her off-time (like a home dimension, personal spaceship, etc.)

    Alternate Stage: Gargamel's Basement: Poorly lit by several standing candelabra along the walls, the only real noticable thing here is The Great Book, sitting closed on its podium. It will chuckle unpleasantly whenever a particularly damaging attack is used, and confine anything that would cause collateral damage with its Vast Magical Power. If the fight goes long, Azrael, Gargamel's tatty looking brown cat, is fairly likely to find his way down to see what all the noise is about.

  • Weapons: Ninja Katana, Ninja Crossbow, Ninja Throwing Stars, Ninja Smoke Bombs, and of course normal Nasty Papercut school hand-to-hand.

    If you've got weapons of any sort, this is where you declare 'em.

  • Special Skills:

    • Extreme Ninja Disguise Skeelz

    • Extreme Ninja Sneaking Skeelz

    • Extreme Ninja Fighting Skeelz

    • Extreme Ninja Singing Skeelz

    • Extreme Ninja Hiding Skeelz

    • Extreme Ninja Berry Picking Skeelz

    • Extreme Ninja WIld Animal Riding Skeelz

  • Special Resources:

    • For no readily apparent reason, NinjaSmurf can whistle and summon a ferret to ride. The ferret is also about eight times life-size and looks like a drawing; its name is Mr. Ferret. He also has an inexhaustible supply of throwing stars and crossbow bolts, despite having only three of each visible, and has somehow managed to hide on his person a grappling hook and rope, a second sword, several knives, several smurfberries, and a grilled cheese sandwich.

      Anything else that your character has access to and which you'd like to declare, state them here. Current tradition seems to have everyone stating an alternative to be used in mech fights, so several competitiors actually have their own mecha. Others (like BWA and Yuusuke) are more esoteric.

  • Openings:

    Animations that your character does before the fight begins. Requirements are a [1st Round] (a longer and more involved animation) and [Standard] openers, though many fighters also define alternate openings and "Vs. X" openings.

    • 1st Round: Falls into the ring, gets up, dusts himself off, and settles into his stance.

    • Standard: Rides in on Mr. Ferret, then hops off and gets into his stance.

  • Taunts:

    • Starts singing (or singing along with) Lala Land by Musical Smurf and the Smurfs.

    • "It's really not very smurfy of you to keep me waiting."

    How your Avatar chooses to mock the pitiful opposition! Generally, a standard taunt and one alternate are given, but some people have more or less than that.

  • Finishing Poses:

    Short animations that you perform at the end of the fight (if not KO'd). Requirements are: [Standard], [Time Over] (a draw resulting from the timer running out), and [Draw]. Most also choose to include: [Desperation] (victory from using that move), [Perfect Victory], and an alternate.

    • Standard: Poses with his sword held high and says a victory line.

    • Draw: Whistles for Mr. Ferret, hops on, and rides away saying "I'll get you next time!"

    • Time Over: Takes out a smurfberry and eats it like an apple as he walks off.

  • Victory Quotes:

    • "I'm the SMURF!"

    • "Smurfy!"

    • "Are you going to be okay?"

  • Character Strategy: NinjaSmurf is, obviously, a lightweight hit-n-runner, and will be knocked around by any physical attck that actually connects with his light form. Battle damage will show up as tears and smudges, but will be fully healed as usual between fights.

    This is a paragraph that analyzes the most effective use of your character in combat, detailing his/her strengths and weaknesses. Most often lingo-intensive...

  • Attacks:

      Your character is assumed to have kick and punch attacks that do 2-5% damage, dodge, and a blocking maneuver without having to list them, though listing how they block is usually a good idea. All attacks should be named for ease of reference, though only some of the current characters actually call out their attack names. In NinjaSmurf's case, he uses sword strikes for strong punches, offhand jabs for weak punches, wheel kicks for weak kicks, and jumping double kicks for strong kicks.

    • Launcher:
        Bang Bomb - NinjaSmurf throws one of his Ninja Smoke Bombs at the opponent's feet, which explodes and tosses them into the air.

        One move that serves to propel your opponent into the air for a subsequent air juggle.

    • Command Normals:

        Here is where you put any strange kicks, punch alternates, etc. that do approximately the same damage as a punch/kick but require extra button pushing to execute.

      • Sword Block: NinjaSmurf blocks with his sword(s) by default. This may cause some superficial damage to opponents attacking barehanded, but no more than 2%

      • Second Sword: With the better balance of using two swords, both of NinjaSmurf's punches have the speed of weak punch and the damage of a strong punch. The second sword is put away again as soon as any move but a punch or sword special/super is performed.

    • Throws:

      A loose maximum of three moves, doing damage from 8-10%. This is quite a loose category, actually...generally, throws involve knocking the other guy down at touch range or slightly farther. Anything that fits those criteria is a possible throw.

      • Blast Bomb: Similar to the Bang Bomb, but the explosion is a bit weaker and only knocks the opponent off of their feet. It's mixed with gravel, though, so it does damage to the tune of about 8%

      • Triple Flip Kick: NinjaSmurf jumps in the air and flips once then delivers a solid kick to the chin, moving foreward with the opponent as they stagger back and unloading a second kick, then flipping again before landing on thier forehead as they hit the ground and bouncing back to his starting position with yet another flip. Three hits, 3% each.

    • Specials:

      Up to eight moves with a damage cap of 15%. These are all the eye-candy-intensive flashy moves that everyone likes--fireballs, flying kicks, Bahamut summons, multi-hit combos... Command throws and anticipation counters also belong here. You've got full creative license on these, trooper... go to it.

      • Nasty Papercut Combos: NinjaSmurf can combo his attacks very easily, following the rule that any weak can lead into any other weak or strong normal, the first strong normal can lead into other strongs while the second strong MUST lead to a weak, for up to two strongs and six moves total. (ex: His maximum normal combo is weakpunch-weakkick-strongkick-weakpunch-weakkick-strongpunch) He starts to be surrounded by a cloud of golden sparklies as soon as he reaches the three-hit mark. When using two swords they are counted as Weak attacks, but still go towards the six-hit maximum.

      • Meet Mr. Ferret: NinjaSmurf whistles, and Mr. Ferret comes bouncing out. He bites the opponent for 12% damage and a side order of dripping blood.

      • Ninja Gas Bomb: NinjaSmurf throws one of his Ninja Smoke Bombs, which explodes into a nasty irritant cloud which dissipates quickly, but not before the opponent has gotten a good whiff. No innate damage, but cannot be blocked and causes them to be wide open for a few seconds as they cough and rub their eyes, and it can be dodged by quicker enemies. 1/3 screen range.

      • Ninja Blast Bolt: NinjaSmurf unslings his crossbow and fires at the opponent. On impact the bolt explodes like a Blast Bomb, doing 8% damage and knocking them off their feet. Full screen range. Easy to dodge but can't be blocked because it just sets it off.

      • Deadly Ninja Throwing Stars: Ninja Smurf throws a trio of shuriken at the enemy, each worth 5% of their lifebar. Half screen range.

    • Supers:

        Up to three moves with a damage cap of 35%, generally harder to pull off. Typically, they look even more death-dealing than your specials, including things like orbital laser strikes, reality paradigm rewrites, and elevation of one's character to temporary godhood. :)

      • Super Ninja Lightning Bolt: NinjaSmurf pulls out his crossbow just as in the Ninja Blast Bolt, but instead of a quarrel, it fires a huge blue-white bolt of lightning for 33% damage. The bolt DOES home in, and so is next to impossible to dodge, but for some reason even barehanded fighters can block it if they get in position before he fires.

      • Super Ninja Papercut Storm: NinjaSmurf charges the opponent and then bounces and flips around them while slashing with his sword(s) for a few seconds, then lands in a Cool Ninja I-Just-Kicked-Major-Ass Pose facing the camera while the oppoent clutches at him- or her-self behind him and makes "Oww, oww, owwie!" noises for another second or two, while dripping blood all over. 20% if he's using one sword at the time, 30% with both.

      • Super Ninja Cute Furry Death: NinjaSmurf whistles for Mr. Ferret, then they both bounce around the oppenent biting and slashing for a few seconds, similar to the Super Ninja Papercut Storm but shorter. As the opponent "Owie!"s NinjaSmurf and Mr. Ferret exchange a high five, then Mr. Ferret bounces offscreen again. 35% damage.

    • Desperation:

      One move with a damage cap of 60%, performed when you are at 10% health or lower. In essence, the idea of this move is to either annihilate your opponent in one fell swoop or face certain destruction yourself. Therefore, there is nearly always an element of risk involved in the use of the desperation-- such as the move depending on one hit doing damage or the whole thing being dodgeable.

      • Incredible Ninja Smurfberry Power Potion: NinjaSmurf whips out a stoppered flask of red liquid, pops the cork out and swigs it down. A brilliant white column of energy bursts up around him, and all his meters (super and life) go down to nothing before being completely refilled in flashing blue-and-white. All Normal and Command Normal attacks also do double damage for the duration. However, his lifebar goes down at about 7% per second just standing there, so he has 15 seconds to win or fall over unconscious. No inherent damage, but the energy column acts as a shield while the energy bars drain and refill.

    • Ultimate Attack/Summon:

      One move with a damage cap of 60%, usually only available after your character has stored up an extremely large amount of Super energy. It's the strongest move available, outside of the desperation and (presumably) the flash finisher. Tons of intricate animation are therefore naturally allowable. :)

      • Amazing Ninja Multi-Form Nasty Attack: NinjaSmurf leads into this with his Super Ninja Papercut Storm, but as it strikes the camera freezes to show the slightly painful and rather bloody cut being made in slow-mo, then shows a shot of the opponent already half-covered in cuts being cut somewhere else, and then again, and then cuts to a still of NinjaSmurf kicking them in the chest, then to one elbowing them in the back of the head, then walking unconcernedly along the sidewalk and NinjaSmurf tripping them (while Mr. Ferret looks on in shock at his freind's viciousness) and then returns to normal-speed back in the arena where NinjaSmurf jumps up and down on the tripped opponent a couple of times before finally jumping back to his starting position and getting back in his stance. Full 60% damage.

    • Flash Finisher:

      One move that is performed when your opponent is at 10% health or below, and whose sole purpose is to finish off your near-dead victim in the showiest way imaginable. Like the desperation, it usually has some element of risk involved that makes it especially difficult to execute. However, it should be designed to make heads explode in awe if pulled off successfully. :)

      • Ultimate Papercut Ninja Swirly Annihilation: Again, this begins like the Super Ninja Papercut Storm, but the cuts are much deeper - almost immediately the action is hidden behind a swirl fountaining blood and golden sparkly trails, while the occasional thinly-sliced peice of meat flies out of the mess. Eventually, it dies down, and the opponent is revealed to have been somehow turned into a 2D picture like NinjaSmurf, only drippier.

    • Team Helper:

      At times, your partner can call your character in to perform one move on their opponent, usually a special. State which move you do here.

      • Any Friend of Mr. Ferret Is A Freind Of Mine: NinjaSmurf's teammate whistles, and Mr. Ferret jumps out to do Meet Mr. Ferret. While he does this, a version of one of the Grateful Dead's songs plays - "o/~ ...pace this fight gotta take my time, a freind of the ferret is a freind of mine... o/~"

    • Team Supers:

      There are two forms of team supers, which are moves performed when your partner calls you in to do a super instead of a special. The [Team Edit] is an especially powerful move that you do yourself, like a Super Team Helper. The other type is the [Teamed With X], where you first have to declare who you're performing the move with. Both you and your partner attack together in a customized Super.

      • Team Edit: The Super Ninja Lightning Bolt. As a Secret Character, NinjaSmurf doesn't have an offial partner, since Mr. Ferret doesn't count.

  • Glitches:

    This is where you put any weird junk involving your character's actions during combat. Generally, they're in a "Vs. X" format--examples are a strange reaction to a certain player's move or odd resulting animation if both versions of you do a move simultaneously in 2-P mode.

    • Any opponent who swears will find that they CAN'T say any "bad words", instead saying "smurf".

  • Motivations:

    These can be put in either a list format or a paragraph. Explain why your character wants to win the tournament, along with anything else that makes them act the way they do or any goals that they're pursuing outside of victory.

    • Get returned to three dimensionality.

    • Find a way back home... well, maybe. This is a lot more interesting than hanging around Smurf Villiage...

    • Find some like-minded people. It's hard being the only Deadly Ninja Warrior in a land of Cutesy & Nice. Maybe he could rescue that S.Ching's-Iori plushie B.W.A. so recklessly and unwittingly condemned to a terrible, aweful, cutepink Sailor Suited doom.

  • How NinjaSmurf talks:

    Just a general description of the way your character talks. It's used to facilitate effective dialogue writing.

    Like all smurfs, NinjaSmurf tends to use simple concepts and say "smurf" or "smurfy" a lot in place of non-proper nouns, adverbs, indirect verbs (mainly "get" or "pass") and adjectives indicating positive qualities. Unlike most smurfs, he also uses them in place of swearing, which most smurfs are too cute & nice to do at all.

  • How NinjaSmurf acts:

    A general description of the way that your Avatar acts around other people and any personality quirks or attitudes that they may have.

    Outside of fights, NinjaSmurf is generally a nice guy, if a bit of a goody-twoshoes compared to some of the GMCA fighters. He'll probably hang out at the Gecko with the rest of the crowd, drinking smurfberry juice with a twist of dandelion and clover, and be fascinated by the geckos. He won't go swimming, though, out of fear of getting soggy and blurred.

The character "NinjaSmurf" and all attributes thereof are TM and 2000 to ... On second thought, I don't want to be assosciated with this. If you want NinjaSmurf, you can have him.

MUAHAHAHAHAHA! And now, while you are distracted by the pretty lights, I will steal your cheez!