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Dadaji Maharaj's Gallery


His Birth
His Childhood, Education and Family
As a Teacher & Historian
As Vice-Chancellor
Achievements as Vice-Chancellor
As an Administrator
As Head of Radhasoami Faith
Other Achievements

July 27, 1930 Birth of PP Dadaji Maharaj at 04:30 hours
Since 1959 Dadaji Maharaj as Sant Sat Guru
1975 Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society (London)
1975 Named in the World's "Who's Who in Indo-American Education"
1977 Fellow of the Indian Historical Society
1977-78 Named in India's "Who's Who - Year Book"
1980 Named in "Learned India Biographies"
1981 Named in "Learned Asia Who's Who"
1985 Named in "Who's Who in India"
1986 Named in "Reference Asia Volume II (Asia's Who's Who)"
1982 - 1985 and 1988 - 1991 Vice Chancellor of Agra University
1993 Named in "Biography International"
1994 Named in "Indo-American Who's Who"
1997 Adjudged "1997 Man of the Year" by American Biographical Institute, USA

Named in "Five Hundred Leaders of Influence" (A supreme honour among the world's roster of Who's Who) by ABI, USA

Awarded "1997 Platinum Record for Exceptional Performance" by ABI, USA
Named in "International Who's Who of Intellectuals" by IBC, Cambridge, England
Named in "International Directory of Distinguished Leadership" by ABI, USA
Fellow, Institute of Historical Studies, Calcutta. (An International Organization of Eminent Historians)
Nominated as Deputy Governor in the Board of Governors for American Biographical Institute Research Association (ABIRA)
Nominated for inclusion in Millennium Hall of Fame, Life Fellow of ABIRA, member of ABI's Research Board of Advisors, Decree of International Letters for Cultural Achievement, 5000 personalities of the World and Most Admired Man of the Decade by ABI, USA.
Nominated for Fellowship of International Biographical Association, England and inclusion in The First Five Hundred Published by IBC, Cambridge.
1998 Secular India Harmony Award
1999 Special Felicitation by Institute of Historical Studies, India in its 35th Annual Conference
1999 "Michael Madhusudan Award" by M.M.Academy, Kolkata, India
Publication of Periodical "Sugam Sandesh"
1960 Publication of "Premavali" (Collection of Hymns)
Publication of "AmritBani" - Two Volumes
1963 Volume I - (Prem Ragini)
1985 Volume II - (Prem Tarangini)
1994 Volume II - (Prem Tarangini) - Revised & Enlarged Edition
Publication of "AmritBachan" - Two Volumes
1980 Volume I
July 27, 1990 Volume II
1966 Publication of Biography of PPPD Lalaji Maharaj
1974 Publication of "Radhasoami Faith - A Historical Study"
Sep 25, 1985 Publication of "Jeevan Jhanki" of PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj
1993 Publication of "Smarika" in remembrance of PPPD Soamiji Maharaj on His 175th Birth Anniversary
1998 Publication of "Hazuri Daya Ki Jhalkiyan"
Article by ABI

An article written on Dadaji Maharaj by ABI, USA


Dadaji: The Path Finder
From the editorial board of Felicitation Volume

Evolution of Faith

Research Article published in Journal of Indian History Society, Calcutta, India in March 1970

Ethical Norms

Ethical Norms For Moral Conduct
On the basis of discourses of PPPD Hazur Maharaj dictated in Prem Patra

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