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Large Image PPPD Lalaji Maharaj got constructed the Holy Samadh of PPPD Hazur Maharaj in 1899 at the place where he left for Radhasoami Dham in Hazuri Bhawan, Agra, India. PPPD Hazur Maharaj had spent his last six months here. His son and successor PPPD Lalaji Maharaj got constructed it from his personal income. Ramdas, the mason, did the construction work. White marble stone was brought from Makrana. The artisans from Rajasthan did the work of sculpture. The entire floor of the hall around the Holy Samadh was done in marble in 1920. Large Image The marble canopy around the Samadh was ready during the lifetime of PPPD Lalaji Maharaj but was installed in 1929 by His successor PPPD Kunwarji Maharaj. The canopy has a high quality Pietradura inlay work along with beautiful Gold-leaf work. The courtyard in front of the Holy Samadh has been done now in marble and provides a grand view. Well-known historians and architects have praised Pietradura inlay work and other artistic works at the Holy Samadh.

Large Image The Holy Samadh is situated at the centre of an octagonal canopy. It is surrounded by eight small marble screens 33.5 cm long which are joined together through eight small pillars. The roof of the canopy is covered with paintings in blue colour with golden. These contain special orange flowers with green leaves. The periphery is done with 24-carat gold and imparts a special light effect on the viewer. The roof of the hall surrounding the canopy is covered with eye-catching paintings. The influence of excellent high quality Mughal style is clearly visible on the paintings.

Large Image The further decoration of the Holy Samadh was carried out during 1998. The entire canopy of the Holy Samadh has been adorned with the figures of ornamental flowers and leaves using pure gold and other colours. The inspiration for paintings is mainly from nature. Now it presents a beautiful blend of Mosaic and Pietradura inlay styles. Purely on artistic considerations the quality of works at Holy Samadh are superior to that of Taj Mahal.

Large Image The basic message of Radhasoami Faith of Love, Universal Brotherhood, Peace and Integrity appears to resonate universally through these vivid pictures and is also clearly reflected in them. Couplets from Sar Bachan are inscribed in pure gold on all the eight arches of the canopy.

PPPD Hazur Maharaj propagated the message of Love and it resonates from the Holy Samadh. Large Image Any grief stricken person finds solace and peace as he enters the portals of Holy Samadh. Satsang (divine discourse) is held regularly here since 1898. It starts with the recitation of Manglacharan and is followed by the recitation of Shabds from Sar Bachan and Prem Baani. Afterwards discourses from Sar Bachan and Prem Patra are read. This is followed by the discourse from the Satguru of the time. In the evening Satsang the recitation of Shabds is followed by discourses from Prem Updesh, PPPD Maharaj Saheb, and PPPD Lalaji Maharaj.

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