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PP Dadaji Maharaj
Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur

The 19th century in India was an age of Renaissance and the dawn of a new era. It was a reawakening and a search of the vital spirit of India, which is the very life of Indian Culture. Though India welcomed, accepted and assimilated the ideas and principles of Europe, it is wrong to hold that the cultural awakening was the outcome of the impact of the West. It was basically and essentially Indian and retained its own individuality. It was, as a matter of fact, an outburst of an inner and deep-rooted spiritual urge for higher values. This urge found its full expression in such socio-religious movements as Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society, Ramakrishna Mission and Radhasoami Faith. Such leaders as Soamiji Maharaj, Hazur Maharaj, Swami Dayananda Saraswati and Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa were not influenced at all by the West - neither by Christianity nor by English Education. They took a very firm stand on the bedrock of mystic realisation.

All these movements aimed at reforming society by eradicating the evils and giving a death blow to age old futile traditions that stood in the way of social progress and solidarity. They also aimed at reforming religion by stripping it of the superstitions, rituals, dogmas and corrupt practices, and making it easy, simple, dynamic and practicable.

Among these socio-religious movements, the Radhasoami Faith was the first and foremost. Founded in 1861 by great saints Soamiji Maharaj - Hazur Maharaj who were the leaders of Renaissance, this Faith laid greatest stress upon the basic principles of Love, Humility and Devotion, as well as, service to the Gurus, and prescribed and practised Surat Shabd Yoga for the ultimate good of the mankind. This Faith, which rests upon the thought and philosophy of Soamiji Maharaj and Hazur Maharaj, was unique and soon caught attention of the elite and the laity, who were gradually drawn to it in large numbers. The Gurus of this Faith had direct intuitive experiences of Truth, and taught its basic principles in simple, lucid and intelligible language. The religion they proclaimed and practised is labeled Sant Mat. This Faith gives spiritual solace to millions of people.

The Guru tradition continuing, Soamiji Maharaj - Hazur Maharaj were succeeded by Lalaji Maharaj and Lalaji Maharaj by Kunwarji Maharaj and Kunwarji Maharaj by Dadaji Maharaj (Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur), who is at present the Guru and the Head of Radhasoami Satsang.

I would now venture to pose who Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur is? To know about, much less, to assess the personality of Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur, is, by no means easy, for, his personality is so complex and so multi-dimensional, that he is an enigma, and the comprehension of his total personality eludes grasp. When it comes to judging him, it is found that some people take him for granted, some are his critics, some eulogize him, some flatter him, and millions worship him as a Deity.

It appears to an onlooker that he is a worldly man. He is a born aristocrat with an elegant style of life. He is highly educated, cultured and well-mannered. His decisions and judgements are independent of all influences and he never compromises with truth. He befriends people and values friendships, and, has wide contacts with leaders of men and matters. He is himself a leader and a path finder. He is abreast of the latest knowledge and well-versed with the problems relating to education, society, politics, history, fine arts, culture, philosophy, religion, science and so on. He is a poet too, and, has composed poetry of high literary merit in Hindi and Urdu. He is a fine conversationalist and, an extempore orator and speaks on a variety of subjects with ease. He bewitches and captivates his audience who listens to him in rapt attention. He has distinguished himself not only as a scholar and Professor of History but also as its interpreter. He has made a mark as the most successful administrator in the capacity of the Vice-Chancellor of Agra University. He has excelled in all that he has done. If, therefore, he is called a versatile genius, it is no misnomer. He has rare qualities of head and heart. He is simple and unostentatious, generous and sympathetic, helping and cooperative. He cherishes and practises human values. He is dynamic and energetic. He has all that one can aspire for, and has achieved what he desired and deserved. This Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur is the most successful man of the world - a man of action. But is this account sufficient to give a complete picture of what he is? I do not think it does.

There is, yet, another aspect of Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur's personality. He is a devoutly religious person and has firm faith in the Supreme Reality. He is the Head of Radhasoami Satsang, and, as such, is engaged all the time in professing, practising and preaching the basic tenets of his Faith. He explains them in a lucid and simple language. He has widened the scope of Faith and has given a new dimension to it. Retaining the fundamental principles of the Gurus, he has introduced changes in it as and when needed. He has infused more life and vigour and emphasised on the love and service of the Gurus, and, the mankind. There is a magnetic force in what he sermonises. It is, therefore, quite natural that he has attracted millions of people from India and abroad, from different walks of life, who have become his devotees. As Head of Radhasoami Satsang, he is unparalleled. Does this aspect also cover the entire gamut of Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur's personality? People may find it difficult to accept that a person who is a man of action of this world, can be religious, without renouncing the mundane life. They assume that the religious and the worldly life are not only different but separate from each other and they cannot be reconciled. It is this assumption which creates confusion in understanding Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur properly. If his personality is to be assessed, this assumption has got to be demonstrated as false. In my opinion, the falsity of this assumption is in arbitrarily created dichotomy between the two realms. They are, in fact, not separable though different, and are reconcilable. To understand how this reconciliation is possible, it is essential to probe into the depths of Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur's psyche, for, herein may lie the key to his total personality.

Right from his early childhood, Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur has been very sensitive and receptive and, more introvert than extrovert. He observed, keenly and closely, the spiritual activities and practices of his grandfather - a Saint par-excellence. He listened to his words of wisdom emanating from his intuitive experiences, and emulated them. At the tender age of ten, he was initiated into the Radhasoami Faith, and, studied Prem Patra and other scriptures of the Faith. The fabric of his life is woven and coloured by spiritual hues. At the age of twenty-nine, he took up the responsibilities of organising, strengthening and widening the scope of Radhasoami Satsang.

From now onwards, his sole mission has been to enlighten people on the basic principles of the Faith, to kindle the spirit of love and sacrifice, service and devotion to the Guru and absolute surrender at his feet, for the ultimate good of the mankind. In Satsang, which I have attended and where I have listened to his discourses times out of number. I have found that he is a transformed person and it is not he but a Supreme power that speaks through him.

If Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur has been able to reconcile the religious and the mundane, it is due to the Spirit in him, which is the Ultimate Reality and which has sought freedom and self-expression in him throughout his life. This Spirit runs through all existence and life, and does not admit of any division or fragmentation whatsoever. This explains how Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur is both active and contemplative. The lives of mystics all over the world in all ages and climes, bear ample testimony to the fact that while reaching spiritual heights they can be active in the world. In modern India, Vivekananda, Ramatirtha, Aurobindo, others and above all Hazur Maharaj, the founder of Radhasoami Faith, led the life of both contemplation and action. Dr. Agam Prasad Mathur is in the line of this tradition and the spiritual or the mystic element has governed his entire life. It is this element that gives meaning and significance to his life, which he lives like a lotus, and offers, in my view, a complete picture of his personality.

The Felicitation Volume is being published in his honour at his sixty-fifth birthday on July 27, 1995, with the purpose of focussing light on his life, teachings, aspirations and ideals for the mankind, both at present and in the future.

It is divided into four volumes. Volume I contains the views expressed by friends, academicians, scholars, political leaders, journalists, and his followers about Dr. Mathur. Their impressions are based on their close associations with Dr. Mathur in various spheres of his life and his multi-dimensional personality. It is also a record of devotees and followers of the Radhasoami Faith who have expressed their experiences. The quotes in italics given at the end of some of the articles have been culled from the writings of Professor A.P. Mathur. It is hoped that they shall be found valuable by the readers.

The Volume II is devoted to the exposition of spiritual discourses, thoughts, speeches and writings by Dr. Mathur which brings to light his spiritual personality. In his discourses and learned articles he has dwelt upon at length the fundamental principles of Radhasoami Faith. This volume also includes Dr. Mathur's reasoned view on a variety of subjects, such as, Religion, Morality, Society, Politics, Nationalism, Internationalism, Education, History, Literature, etc.

Volume III contains research articles on varied topics of History, Religion and Philosophy, Economics, Politics and Social Sciences contributed by a large number of eminent scholars from more than forty Universities in India. Seven research articles have been contributed by scholars from U.S.A.

The development of various facets of Dr. Mathur's personality are depicted through photographs in Volume IV. This volume has been divided into nine sections showing different aspects of Dr. Mathur's personality and work.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to learned and eminent contributors who have been kind enough to send their valuable articles for the felicitation volume. I am beholden of Dr. B.B. Jain, Former Head of English Department, Agra College, Agra; Dr. R.P. Tewari, Former Principal, R.B.S. College, Agra; Dr. R.C. Sharma, Head of History Department, St. John's College, Agra; Sri. P.C. Jaiswal, Journalist; Dr. Jai Singh 'Neerad', Reader K.M. Hindi Institute, Agra, Shri Brajendra Singh, Dr. B.D. Gupta and Shri Rajiv Upadhaya for their kind help in editing the felicitation volumes. I cannot also forget the very able guidance that Er. Soami Prasad and Dr. Saran Prasad have given in editing these volumes and hence they deserve my thanks and gratitude. I place on record my deep appreciation of all those who have worked hard in the preparation of these volumes. Words fail to express my extreme gratitude to Shri Sarvesh Agarwal and Shri P.C. Rastogi for their untiring zeal and ceaseless efforts in getting these volumes prepared. The untiring efforts put up by Ms. Namita, Shri Ashish Mathur and their associates cannot be forgotten who took pains to get the entire material computerised at Hazuri Bhawan itself. The support and cooperation of the coming up generation cannot be forgotten. All our hopes rest on them. This is what our editorial board feels about the contribution of the four jewels of Hazuri Bhawan - Dr. Achint Kumar, Dr. Atul Kumar, Er. Vivek Mathur and Er. Alok Mathur - whose contribution has been of immense value. My sincere thanks are due to Shri Rahul for his personal attention and seeing the volume through press.

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