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Glossary of Hindi Words used in the Site

Glossary A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Adi First, primary, beginning
Adi-shabd Primal Sound - the first emanation of shabd.
Adi-surat Primal Current - the first emanation from Adi-shabd
Adya Primal spiritual-energy that mothered the creation
Agam Inaccessible
Agam Lok Unapproachable sphere, the stage next below Radhasoami Dham
Agyan Ignorance
Ahankar Egotism, sense of self, self-love
Ajar Not subject to old age or decay
Akah Indescribable
Akash Sky, Heaven, Celestial region
Akash Tattwa Ether, the fifth elemental form of matter
Akshar Purush The imperishable deity, Presiding deity of Sunn
Alakh Invisible
Alakh Lok Invisible sphere, the stage next below Agam Lok
Amar Immortal
Amrit Ambrosia
Anadi Having no beginning
Anam Nameless
Anami Having no name
Anami Purush Nameless Being - The Supreme Being in a state of eternal Polarization before creation.
Anand Bliss
Anant Endless
Andaj Creation of life from eggshell (birds, serpents and the like)
Anhad 1) Unbeaten
2) Sound not produced by beating
3) Dhunyatmak Shabd of Brahmand
Antahkaran Internal Constitution consisting of four functions, namely - a) responses at the mental plane, which give rise to thought, b) the spiritual or attention currents, by means of which thoughts are projected to their objectives and are associated with them, c) intelligence, which is the source of comprehension and which is the lustre shed by convergence of the spiritual current and, d) the ego, which differentiates one's comprehension from that of others.
Apar Shoreless (unfathomable - immense)
Arti This ceremony is one of the ways of practicing Dhyan in which the devotee fixes his gaze at the eye or the forehead of the guru, while the selected holy pieces from the scriptures are read or chanted.
Arup Formless
Awagawan Cycle of birth and death
Bachak Gyan Sophistry, bookish knowledge
Bachan Discourses
Bani, Banis Holy writings or sayings
Basant-Panchami Spring festival day in India
Basna desire
Bhajan Spiritual practice of listening to internal sounds, sound practices - Surat-Shabd-Yog.
Bhakt A Devotee
Bhakti Devotion
Bhandara A big religious feast held by the followers of Radhasoami faith generally in honour of their past gurus.
Bhanwar Gupha Rotating cave - the stage next below Satlok
Bharam Going astray, superstitious belief
Bhekh Monk, ascetic
Bhoomika Introduction to a book
Brahm Lord of second grand division of creation - Universal Mind
Brahmand The region of Universal Mind and pure matter, Second grand division of creation
Chaitanya Spirit, life, intelligence, vitality - consciousness, the Supreme Spirit considered as the essence of all being and source of all sensation.
Chaitanya Samadhi Conscious absorption
Chakra Centre - Ganglion
Charnamrit Water with which the feet of a spiritual guide have been washed
Chaurasi Eighty four cycles of birth and rebirth.
Chidakash Chaitanya akash. The celestial region between the second and third divisions of creation.
Chit Chaitanya, attention, innermost seat of the heart.
Darshan Vision of guru, the essential form (visible and invisible both)
Dayal Merciful
Dayal Desh The region of mercy; refers to the purely spiritual regions
Deh-Swarup Physical form - the incarnate form of the Satguru
Dham Region, abode
Dhani The presiding deity of a region
Dhundhkar Haziness - used to describe pre-creational condition
Dhunyatmak Resounding, vibrational
Dhyan Contemplation of the countenance of Santsatguru at the focus of spirituality
Gaddi Holy seat
Grahastha A householder or family life
Guda Chakra The nervous centre or ganglion at the rectum
Guna Attributes - Sat, Raj, Tam
Guru A teacher - spiritual preceptor
Guru-Bhakti Devotion to Guru
Guru Mukh One who implicitly obeys the Guru
Gyan Knowledge; enlightenment
Indriya An organ or instrument of sense - comprising the skin, tongue, nose, eye, ear and hands, feat, generative organs and anus
Isht Wished, Beloved, Desirable
Ishwar Presiding deity of Sahas-Dal-Kanwal
Jarh Matter, Motionless, Ignorant, Immutable
Jagrit Wakeful state
Jatras Typical open theatre shows, popular in Bengal (based on folk lore and religious themes)
Jeraj Creation of life from placenta
Jiva Life, Soul, A creature, Living being
Kal 1) Brahm
2) A personification of destructive principle
3) God of death
4) Satan
5) Time-factor
Kam Passion
Karam 1) Action, work
2) Impression made on the mind's atmosphere by external objects and desire
3) Performance of rites, rituals -
a) Kriyaman karma - Acts performed in present life;
b) Prarabdha karma - Acts performed in the past life and the fruit to be reaped in present life
c) Sanchit karma - Unripe acts done in the past and present lives and the result to be reaped in future lives.
Karan Sharir Casual frames, instrumental form astral body
Karni Spiritual endeavour or positive exertion
Khatchakra Six centres or ganglion
Krodh Anger
Lok World - a division of the Universe
Maha Sunn The vast plain which separates the second grand division of creation or spiritual-material regions from the first, the purely spiritual regions
Mana Mind, the instrument of thinking
Manakash Mind-sky
Manmukh He who obeys the dictates of his mind only
Mauj 1) Supreme or Divine Will
2) Will
Maya 1) Unreality - the illusion by virtue of which one considers the unreal universe as really existent and as distinct from Brahm
2) The personified Will of Brahm in Brahmand and Pind
3) Matter - the veil of ignorance
Mukti Sadeh Mukti - Liberation from physical bondage
Videh Mukti - Total liberation and attainment of spiritual bliss
Mukti, Moksha Liberation, Salvation, Emancipation
Mumokshita Desire of liberation or final emancipation
Nam, Naam Name, word
Nij Own
Nij Ans Of the same essence as Lord
Nij Dham The real abode of Supreme Being Radhasoami
Nij Dhar Emanation or projection of Supreme Spiritual Current - spirit current in communion with Supreme Spirit.
Nij Putra Supreme son of the Supreme Being Radhasoami (Waqt Guru)
Nij Rup The true form of the Supreme Being
Nij Swarup Essential form of the Guru
Niranjan Presiding deity of Sahas-Dal-Kanwal
Nirmal Pure
Nirvritti Satisfaction, Happiness, Final emancipation
Pad A place, position
Pakhand Religious hypocrisy
Panch Tattwa Five elements, like ether, air, fire, water, earth
Papiha Rain-lover bird - ever thirsty, longs incessantly for the first drop from the sky
Param Purush The Supreme Being
Param Highest, best, most excellent
Param Sant A saint who has reached the highest sphere of the purely spiritual regions, the abode of true Supreme Creator or prime origin of spirituality
Par Brahm Pad Region beyond that of Brahm
Parmarth The highest or most sublime truth, true spiritual knowledge
Parmarthi One in pursuit of parmarth
Pind Material-spiritual region, region of individual mind and desire.
Prasad 1) Favour, kindness
2) Food offered to sants, sadhs or mahatmas etc., or remnants of such food
3) A sanctified article
Pravritti Application or addiction of mostly external or objective indulgence
Prem Love
Prema Bhakti The path of love and devotion
Premi Abhyasi An ardent devotee of Surat-Shabd-Yog - with some intuitive attainments
Puran Whole, full, entire
Quwwals Indigenous Indian singers who sing typical Urdu songs
Radhasoami The name of the True Supreme Being, Vibrational connotation of the Supreme Name as such
Radhasoami Dham The Supreme Abode of the Supreme Being Radhasoami
Sadh One who has access to spiritual-material regions
Sadhguru Spiritual guide who has descended from the top of second grand division or one who has reached it by the practice of Surat-Shabd-Yog
Sadh Sang Association with a Sadh
Sahaj Yog Easy method of attaining union with the Supreme Being
Sahas-Dal-Kanwal 1) A thousand petalled lotus
2) The stage below Trikuti
Samadhanta Profound meditation
Samadhi 1) A hallowed shrine where the most reverential physical remains of the guru are preserved 2) State of mystic trance
Sanskar Influence of previous birth or births
Sanskari Eligible for Parmarth as a result of past actions or grace
Sant Embodiment of truth - or special and beloved son of the Supreme Being
Santsatguru True Supreme Guide and preceptor in human form. Incarnation of Supreme Being
Sar Essence
Saran Protection, Refuge
Sat Immutable truth
Sat-Anurag True and sincere love
Satguru True and perfect guide
Satlok True sphere. Heavenly sphere or stage below Alakh Lok
Sat Nam True Name
Sat Pad Sat Desh - The purely spiritual region
Sat Purush The True Being, name of the presiding deity of Satlok
Sat Purush
The true Supreme Being
Satsang 1) True company or association
2) Holy service
3) Attendance on the Santsatguru
Satsangi Associate or follower of Radhasoami faith or disciple of Santsatguru
Sat Shabd 1) Holy and true name
2) Sound proceeding form the original source
Sewa Service
Shabd Prime manifestation. The sound which accompanies the current of energy.
Shabd-Bhakti Intuitive devotion to Shabd
Sthitpragya State of stabilized cognition
Sthula Gross, coarse, rough
Sthula Sharir The physical frame, gross form
Sukshma Subtle, fine
Sukshma Sharir Subtle form known as astral body
Sumiran The method of spiritual or internal repetition of the holy name - Radhasoami - at the focus of the spirit entity
Sunn Spirit Sphere - topmost region of Brahmand
Sunn Samadh Supreme Father's condition of intense rapture within Himself
Surat 1) Self absorbed intelligent energy
2) Spirit
Surat-Shabd-Margi One who practices Surat-Sahbd-Yog
Surat-Shabd-Yog Union of the spirit with the sound current, the spiritual practices
Sushupti The state of deep and sound sleep
Swanti Celestial constellation which influences the drop that enters the sea-shell which becomes a pearl
Swapna Dream state
Swarup 1) Similar, likeness of the self
2) Form
Tanmatra Subtle essences
Tattwa Element
Tattwa Gyan Knowledge of the truth
Teesra Til The third or the subtle eye (in between the eyebrows)
Titiksha Endurance, patience, forbearance
Trigunatmak Containing the three gunas
Trikuti Prism. The stage next below Sunn in the second grand division of creation
Udbhaj Creation of life from earth
Vidya Knowledge
Yoga 1) Joining, uniting
2) Union
3) Deep and abstract meditation
4) Means by which the spirit may be completely united with the Supreme Spirit
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