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MeMes Originals

MeMes Originals

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My speciality is deep pile shag rugs, and also very large rugs in all shapes and sizes. Contact me and I will custom make one for you too.

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Yup,it is really me, just a new look!

I hope you will enjoy your visit.

Remember, I can custom make any shape, size, color
whether it be shag, loop or just standard crochet.

All custom orders are carefully discussed with
my customers to insure that they get exactly what they want.
There are no returns or refunds on custom orders.
All custom orders require a non-refundable deposit of 50% down,
and the remainder at completion of order plus shipping before shipment. You can also read my terms at:


The following pictures are of my original design bath set,
and are in both the standard crochet and in part shag and part regular crochet.



The standard set is made up of three pieces...the cammode rug, tank cover and lid cover.
You can also order several other matching pieces such as the bath tub or shower rug,
wastebasket cover, wall hanging, toilet tissue cover or even a pretty basket to put your soaps, towels etc into.

Price for the 3 piece set $75.00 plus shipping
Price for the standard size rug in any shape $49.50 plus shipping
Price for the wastebasket cover $18.95 plus shipping
and the pricing for the baskets is as follows:
Small: $12.95 plus shipping
Medium: $$18.95 plus shipping
Large: $26.95 plus shipping

These prices are for the standard crocheted sets, and the shag ones would be a different pricing,
so if you are interested in the shag look, just email me and I will quote the pricing on those for you.


This is an extradinadornally beautiful rug done in the square shape,
It can be made anywhere from 2 to 20 foot square and can be done in your color choices.
Just let me know, and we will get one made for you too.

Price: $95.00 (for the 3 foot size) plus shipping
Price: $105.00 (for the 4 foot size plus shipping
Price: $125.00 (for the 5 foot size Plus shipping

For all sizes above the above listed, just email me for a quote.



This set was made for my special buddy,
Dee for all of the wonderful things
that she and her husband
have done for me "just because".
Thank you both for being there for me always!!!
I made it to match the rosebud heart rug for you.


If you would like your set,
please email me with your color choices;
and I will make you one too.
Pricing below.

Small: 19.95 plus shipping

Medium: 29.95 plus shipping

Large: 39.95 plus shipping


The following order was for a very special lady
that has been a very loyal customer for almost 20 years
that I have been doing rag crochet.
Thank goodness for all of those grandbabies. "smile"

I just recently designed this cutie
it is approximately 15" long and
about 6" high without the handle.
I call it my oval bunny basket.

If you are interested in the pattern,
you can order it for $4.00 plus $1.50 shipping.


This bunny can be made in 3 different sizes, and would make a wonderful gift for a child,
nursing home patient, or any friend or family member.
To order, just specify small, medium or large size.
Price for large: $30.00 plus shipping
Price for medium: $25.00 plus shipping
Price for small: $20.00 plus shipping


This picture is to show you how the shag rugs look
on the back side and front.

All of my shag rugs are crocheted front and back with fabric.
There is not backing with just the strips added..
this is the proper way of doing crocheted shag rugs,
so you know that they will not come apart.

KeKe is my little helper. He is such a good baby.


This KeKe rug was made for my little friend KeKe, my helper.

If you would like me to make one for you,
just email me with your color choices, and I will do yours too.

It measures approximately 2' wide and 3' long.

Price: $45.00 plus shipping.


You see how KeKe watches out for my fabric?


This rug is done in sage, mauve and a co-ordinating print.

It is approximately 2' x 3' in size.

It is a very thick and deep shag, so it feels wonderful on your tootsies.

I can make this rug in the color choices that you need for your decor.

Price: $60.00 plus shipping.


This shows the beauty of the shag rug above in a closeup picture.


This little cow is so adorable.
It sticks to your rear or side window in your car
or you can put it on the inside of your front or back door to greet your company.

It is approximately 12" tall and she even has the utters!!

If you would like to order yours, please email me and I will make you one too.

Price: $20.00 plus $8.00 Shipping


This rug was made for my wonderful friend in California who wanted
it for her bath room.

It is 4' x 8' in size and is made from a lemon yellow.

Enjoy Pam!!!! Thanks and I am sending my love!!

This is a close of of Pam's shag rug.

If you would like to order a shag in any color, or a mixture of colors, just email me at: and I will make one for you too.

Price: $272.00 plus $28.00 shipping within the United States for the 4'x8' size.


I wanted to share with everyone my newest ©design
even though it is not completed.
I thought it would be nice for you
to see it in the different stages of workmanship.
I will be adding the side drop shortly
and also will be doing the pillowshams to match.
If you would like one for your home,
you can custom order it by emailing me.

I will be posting more pictures of it as I go.

Also, here is another picture of a 4' all shag sunflower rug
that you might enjoy.
This one is shown without the loops cut.
Then below you will see another picture
that shows how it looks with the loops cut to make the shag look.

If you would like to order yours
you may email me or call to discuss what size you would like.

Price for the 4'is: $136.00 plus shipping


This is another is approximately 3 foot round and I call it my sunshine rug.
The picture is not showing the true color of the yellow, but you can get the idea.

Price: $65.00 plus shipping


Here is another idea for a rug if you have a hard time deciding what colors to use.
This rug can be made in any shape or size and really goes with any decor.

Please contact me to custom make one for you. Thanks


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