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"The Happy Hooker Crochet Lady"


You are about to visit my third page of my site.

Here you will find pictures
of my heart shape rugs.



Watch daily for new things to come.
I will be adding a lot of new rugs and things very shortly.

This is how I recommend caring for your rugs.
I put this on the back of all of my business cards to insure proper care of every item that I make.


I just finished this rug and a matching basket.
It is the standard size heart and is done in a pink and white check
fabric with a big beautiful bow to compliment it.

This is the set of the pink and white check heart rug and basket set.


This is a standard size heart rug, and is done with a yellow print with a sage trim to compliment it.
If you want me to add a bow to any of the rugs that are shown, just let me know; and I will be happy to do it for you.


This is another standard size heart rug, and it matches an oval one that I made.
So, you might want to check the oval on my oval rug page too.
It is done in a burgundy trim and a pretty
little print with a cream and burgundy flower in it.

This picture shows a closeup of the heart rug above so you can see the print a little better.


This is a real is approximately 4 foot square
and has four hearts in the center.

This rug can be made in your choice of colors.


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Heart Rugs For Sale -- Page Two
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Shag Wearables
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