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Links to Blogs I read...
From Mississippi to Texas

Cliff's Crib
The unexamined life is not a life worth living for a human being. Long Live the Lower Ninth Ward

Faint Glow (M.A. Harper)
A NOLA lady blogs hilariously about her life

Dangermond (Rachel Dangermond)
Single mother blogging from Bayou St. John

Beerfooddude (Craig Giesecke)
The chef of J'anita's blogging about life in New Orleans

Kiss My Gumbo (Greta)
The Princess of Positive's Pontifications from North of Lake Pontchartrain

Hurricane Radio

This Ain't Julia, Child (Mo McConnell)
Cooking "outside the pot" from my New Orleans kitchen.

Adrastos (Peter)
Politics, Life & Culture (or what passes for it) in Post-Katrina New Orleans.

Editor B (Bart)
A young New Orleans couple and their daughter taking it one day at a time living in NOLA.

The American Zombie (Dambala)
Commentary on life in Post K New Orleans

NOLA Defender
Blood Alcohol Content

Bayou Creole's weblog
She's a NOLA woman/wife/mother doing her best for her family

group blog comprised of women who live, love and work in New Orleans (I blog there too!)

The Truth and Other Lies (Lord David)
This blog is dedicated to whatever I happen to feel like saying at the time

Hungry Termite
“art love and everything nice"

Nation of Morons (Styb)
Doling out the harshness since 1965

Annunciation (Christy)
Thoughts and observations from the Sliver by the River

Tales from Below Sea Level
Stories from below the water line in post-katrina New Orleans

Pistolette (Andrea)
a 30-something living in the urban fairy bog of New Orleans.

The NOLA Post (James)
An illustrated journal of the New Orleans area

NOLAdishu (Clay)
Post-apocalyptic New Orleans...

Fix The Pumps (Matt McBride)

"After Hurricane Katrina, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers agreed to assume full responsibility for repair of New Orleans' drainage pumps. Over a year later, much work remains undone. I am here to push them to do that work."

Things Kevin Hates (Kevin)
i'm vehemently pedantic

New Orleans Bloggers
Alphabetical list on New Orleans' Blogging Community

We Could be Famous (Eli)
YO! I got sources like a journalist. You know they can't handle-it. I have NOLA resi-dency but I seek the Presi-dency. The Mayor tries to scold me but y'all know he'll never hold me

Bigezbear (Glenn)
A New Orleans blog that's nicely done....great photography too

Prytania Waterline (Chris)
Observations of New Orleans, LA.

New Orleans Slate (Becca)
A Post-Katrina Chronicle "If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning."

NOLA Rising(Michael "ReX" Dingler)
Pictures from Around New Orleans and the Rest of Everywhere

New Orleans News Ladder (Bruce)
A screaming comes across the sky. It has happened before but there is nothing to compare it to>

Michael Homan
Katrina and the rebuilding of New Orleans

The Road to NOLA (Wendy)
chronicling the events leading up to and including the move to NOLA

Forgotston dot com
Louisiana attorney, political observer and blogger, C.B. Forgotston

The I10 Witness Project
interviews with New Orleans residents about their storm related experiences.

The New Orleans Levee
"We don't hold anything back"

Posts, Pictures, and Pointless Ephemera

First Draft (Scout, Tena, Holden, Athenae)
writing is only real on the first draft

Katrinafilm dot com (Charles London)
New Orleans-A Bowl of Distinction

Toulouse Street (Mark Folse)
Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

the Mosquito Coast (swampwoman)
Life on the edge

New Orleans Daily Photo (Steve Buser)

A daily glimpse at live and images of New Orleans

2millionth weblog (Michael)
Politics Poetry & Popcorn--Reality Based

After the Deluge (AD) (Josh Neufield)
escaping and surviving Hurricane Katrina–and what happens next in the lives of a cross-section of Crescent City residents. Told in webcomic form

The Chicory (Varg)
Lost in Leveeland

Animamundi (Marco)
Food, Wine, Music of the African Diaspora, Books, New Orleans, Travel, Our French Bulldog Aldo et al

N.O. It's Just Me (EJ)
When I have something to say, trust me, I will. If I don't, I won't.

New Orleans, Louisiana. REBUILD THE RIGHT WAY.

Library Chronicles (Jeffrey)
Paradise plastic. Cheap and fantastic.

Moldy City (bayoustjohndavid)
Moisie cité, cité pleine de rêves,/Où le spectre en plein jour raccroche le passant

Harry Shearer

New Orleans news, sports and other stuff

Dr. Heberts Medical Gumbo
Blog of a former Chalmette Doc now living in McComb, Ms.

Your Right Hand Thief (Oyster)
Laughing off hard truths in New Orleans

mdfilter (Mark D)
da po boy, unmasked

The Dead Pelican (Chad)
The area's own Drudge Report

Suspect Device (Greg)
The Blog about "The Rectal Foreign Body in the X-Ray of Louisiana Politics"

The Garden of Irks and Delights (Lisa)
A blog of a New Orleans girl trying to navigate the pits and snares of post-hurricane life here, where nothing is easy and everything has changed.

Tin Can Trailer Trash (Mominem)
Musings on living in a FEMA trailer and other Katrina related toughts

Hurricane Archive dot org
Many pictures from post Hurricane Katrina

Ashley Morris' blog
Click here for a New Orleans' blog that is down to earth

Humid City (Loki)
Information, Culture and Opinion from Post-K New Orleans . . . . . Get Wired, Rebuild!

Humid Haney Rant
Angry, but in a good way

Mostly Cajun, All American and Opinionated
Viewing the world from southwest Louisiana

Charley Varley,
A British photographer who created
Disaster and Recovery: A Year in the Life of New Orleans: A photographic journal of New Orleans from the day Hurricane Katrina devastated the city to 365 days after. Thanks, Charley!

Not a blog, but a website detailing Buras, Louisiana's painful recovery efforts

Hurricane Katrina News (Joshua Clark)
Author of Heart Like Water's supersite for the latest Katrina news, vital resources and "stuff"

Surviving Katrina in Pascagoula, Mississippi (Anita)

Great reading here, detailing what it's like to put your life back together after your house takes on 8 feet of water

Ernie the Attorney

Becky Houtman
Just another New Orleans weblog

Geologist, NOLA expat living in Texas


New Orleans Site containing a group of bloggers detailing daily life in a Post K world.

Hurricane Katrina Disaster & Recovery (Margaret Saizan)
A blog created the night before Katrina hit, this site is chock full of important links and intelligent writing on life after a catastrophe. Excellent link.

Militant Moderate Musings (Noah)
Musings of a NOLA native living in Miami

Moldy City (David)

World Class New Orleans (Mssrs Clio & Melpomene)
...dedicated to the resurrection of New Orleans, Louisiana...


Inactive Katrina Blogs (some good reading, though)

Minor Wisdom (Raymond)
“You can observe a lot just by watching.”

Operation Eden (Clayton Cubitt)
Excellent writing & photography from Pearlingon, Ms.

Bayou Liberty Relief dot org
A blog written by members of a relief group camped out in Slidell who are here to help rebuild the area
Thanks, y'all

Vicky Moos

Wetbank Guide (Mark Folse)
Remembering Katrina, envisioning New Orleans

Now and Then

A current look at the recent past

Flood and Loathing, (Dale)

a New Orleans blog detailing Post K life in the Big Easy

Building Big Easy (Kinch)
Building a better Big Easy one blog at a time.

da po blog
Po', like a po-boy.

Gulf Sails (Troy)

Proud member of the New Orleans PTSD since landfall

The Language of Loss (Ellis Anderson)
This is the story of my town - Bay St. Louis, Mississippi - "ground zero" for Katrina.
While it's my personal memoir, it's the account of the entire community's odyssey as well.

Big Fat New Orleans Katrina weblog
Rodger Kamenetz' blog

My Katrina Journey
Blog of a 52 year old disabled woman living in Pearlington, MS dealing with life in the Post-K world

People of New Orleans
Video interviews with New Orleanians

Healthcare for Peace
Website detailing the experiences of beautiful people from around the country who came to this area in 2005-06 to help us recover from Katrina. Thank You All

New Orleans before and after (Dan Frazier)

I lived in New Orleans before Katrina....I'll live in New Orleans after Katrina too.

Blog-Katrina Aftermath (Evacuee)

Post Katrina Populist Funk
grass roots activism, stories of neo-American survival & free media from down south.

A blog regarding New Orleans East

Monkey With a Butcher Knife (Jack Ware)
Because the poo isn't going to throw itself

Spoke the Cat (spoke)
i'm a pain in the ass. too passionate for my own damn good. over sensitive and under drugged. br>

NolaNik (Nikki)
a place to present a range of pictures, normal-ish to bizarre, of New Orleans, post-Katrina. Comments and pictures from the long lasting aftershocks of the storm will crop up from time to time.

Good Children (Kelly)
Raising two first-generation natives in New Orleans

After Katrina (adrienne lamb)
Posts in the aftermath

Howieluvzus (Howie)
self-described "recovering Baptist"

Dispatches from Tanganyika
Poppy Z. Brite's blog


Other Pieces of this Website

Katrina's Orphaned Boats
as of July '06, many boats are still orphans due to katrina. Click here for the documentary.

Katrina's Aftermath she hurt us all in the Gulf Coast area

Recovering from Katrina
My perspective on recovery from the wrath of Katrina

Chef Highway coming back
I drive Chef Highway to and from work daily. Decided to put together this webpage to show her rebirth

Thanks, Katrina
a blog I use to document post Katrina thoughts and feelings

A Woman's Retreat

A place I've set up to celebrate women

My favorite quotes
Quotes from all over about all aspects of life

Venetian Isles & Lake Catherine
Following their recovery post Katrina

Pictures of My Bayou
The peaceful beauty of Bayou Liberty

A tribute to children
They grow so fast!! I've created this page to remember how sweet and pure children really are.

The Opening page
The "index" page of this website

Patriotic thoughts
Something I started right after 9-11-01 and want to continue to add to...

Need some inspiration? Go here
Writings that have inspired me and help me when I'm feeling blue

My Quit Smoking Links
Links to places I've found that have helped me "keep the quit" for over 12 years now.....

Herb/vitamin page
Information on the nutritional and medicinal uses for a variety of herbs. Links, too

My page dedicated to pets
Readings to help you deal with the grief of losing a pet and other thought provoking pet stuff


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