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Happy New Year 2013

I am back in the US after working overseas in the Middle East and Indonesia for several years. Its time to get busy again with the website and putting together some posters and disc to be used for screen savers. I am in the process of scanning lots of 35mm color Kodak slides of fire trucks, aircraft, trains, cars and all kinds of scenic shots from around the world.

I am still offering the fire truck poster at a reduced price of $35 which includes the color photograph and shipping. This is a very nice poster suitable for framing. Lots of work went into this one. This is a beautiful 20"x30" color fire engine poster (a photograph). This print features 40 very colorful fire apparatus from around the USA. Check it out before it is gone. Click on the link and read about it.

>Click here to view sample poster<

Text updated December 30, 2012 from Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA

April 10, 2002

Fire Apparatus
December 1, 2007

August 29, 2002

June 25, 2004

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