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About this poster

This is the first poster of several I have in mind to produce. Forty images were used to produce this 20"x30" poster with an inch and a half of white border that allows room for matting and framing, all images are layered to make one very eye catching photographic poster of various colored fire apparatus. Equipment selection includes; pumpers, ladders, rescues, telesqurts, and a couple of tankers. Apparatus was chosen primarily based on the fire department's colors and anything other than solid red or white over red was selected. Two images appear to be white over red but one is actually white over international orange and the other is gray over red. Check out the tan fire truck.

Seagrave, E-One, Ferrara, Mack, Pierce, Hahn, HME, Smeal, Spartan, Saulsbury, KME, Great Eastern, Simon, Grumman, Hackney, FireVac, and American LaFrance are all included on this photo poster. Equipment from the states of Louisiana, Deleware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Idaho, Wyoming, Mississippi, and Oklahoma are also represented. Each apparatus image is identified as to the make, model and year apparatus was built; as well as the name of the fire company, city and state equipment is located in. The lite blue pumper from Mississippi is from Pass Christian and was the only survivor of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Cost of this 20"x30" photo poster is $40 ($35 poster+$5 S&H). Payment is accepted in the form of postal money orders. Do not send cash. Allow two weeks for delivery.