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Except for poster prints (11x14, 12x18, 16x20, and 20x30), all USA orders over $30, not including shipping, are shipped free. Free shipping and handling offer for USA orders only. Foreign orders please email or write for postage quote. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices quoted here are effective as of April 15, 2003.

Regular Size Prints

1  10	4X6	$1.25 EACH	$0.75 S&H
11  19	4X6	$1.25 EACH	$1.25 S&H
20 - 27	4X6	$1.25 EACH	$1.50 S&H
Enlargement Prints

1  11	5X7	$5.00 EACH	$0.75 S&H
1  4	8X10	$10.00 EACH	$1.25 S&H
1  4	8X12	$13.00 EACH	$1.25 S&H
1	11X14	$18.00 EACH	$4.50 S&H
1	12X18	$21.00 EACH	$4.50 S&H
1	16X20	$25.00 EACH	$4.50 S&H
1	20X30	$35.00 EACH	$4.50 S&H

*All poster prints have a shipping and handling charge Send check or money order in US funds at time of your order. Make checks or money order payable to J. Sires. Orders will be shipped in two weeks, poster prints require an additional week for printing. Please allow additional time during holidays. Ordered photos are not on approval, but quality of lab workmanship is guaranteed. Prices effective 4-15-2003

Mail Orders and Payment To:

PO BOX 9094

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