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Here's an assortment of scenic pictures taken around the country during my travels with work. Due to space limitations, some of the larger images have be removed, but the thumbnails remain. Photo enlargements are available for any of these images. Return to the homepage and click on the "Photo Pricelist" for details.

Bessie, #77, is just one of the cute faces that greets me on my way into work each morning. The gas plant I am currently working at in Canute, OK is to Bessie's right.

Kodachrome skies are quite common around here as well as the lack of rain. I guess you can say this is a patriotic image with the red soil, white American car, and blue skies. Not too many trees are found in this part of the state since there are a lot of farms. That makes it great for storm watching since you can scan the horizon in just about any direction. The bright red soil is typical for the state and after a rain it is even brighter. This is a typical side road off the main road.

Smile for the camera. This gator was shot with a normal lens and is ready to slide into the boat that I was riding in.

Now you can have a plain old water tower in your community or you can have an eye catching one like this one. I have spotted water tower painted like baseballs, peaches, lighthouses and now a hot air balloon.
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A short hike off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina you can see the upper falls that dump into another set of falls I call the lower falls. Its like a mini-Yellowstone upper and lower falls set.

My 1999 Mustang up in the mountains and posed next to an apple tree in an apple orchard just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

The Lewes lighthouse off the coast of Lewes, Delaware. It is huge as compared to the fishing boats at its base. The large ship in the background is the Cape May ferry that sails between Lewes, DE and Cape May, NJ.
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I looked at this flag scene many times and I have to note that this backlit American flag shot is inspiring to me. Of all the flags in the world the American flag is truely beautiful. I did not have to travel far to capture this scene, this flag has always flown at my home in the New Orleans area. I made the full size image larger and can be used for wallpaper on your computer if you like.
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One of the beautiful trees changing colors in Wilmington, Delaware.

One of several outstanding wall murals found in the downtown Columbia, South Carolina area. Thanks to biker "Stump" for driving into the tunnel for me. I will try to get this one in Easyrider magazine.
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Sunrise filters through an early morning fog in an Arkansas pine forest in Crossett, Arkansas.
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I call this "Yellow Weeds" but a lot of you may say yellow wildflowers. This is in a Pecan grove in north Louisiana. Pecans are one of the top cash crops of north Louisiana. These are some very old pecan trees.

A field of Bluebonnets are in full bloom at a roadside rest stop in West Texas on the way to Big Bend National Park.

Flowers were in bloom this Fall day in Dover, Delaware. That's the state capitol building, known as Legislative Hall, in the background. The old, original capitol building is located a block away behind the new one.
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The morning lilies are in full bloom in this early August 2000 photo taken near Bird In Hand, Pennsyvania. The peaceful Amish farm forms the backdrop for this beautiful scene. Lancaster County, in the middle of Amish country, offers many beautiful farm scenes with lots of friendly people. Step back in time and visit the area.

I do not know the history about this "barn" but I know it is called the Star Barn because of the star design up in the peak. The barn is located along highway 283 near Harrisburg, PA and at first I though it was a church because of the steple. I would assume it may have been Amish at one time because of the star. A lot of Amish barns have stars painted on them as a symbol of good luck.
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This is one of several falls that can be found making an easy hike in Twin Falls State Park in Twin Falls, West Virginia. This is a very quiet and off the beaten path location near Charleston, West Virginia.

This is truly a beautiful place, the American Falls at Niagra Falls, New York. This place is not just for honeymooners either. If you go you have to take the ride on the Maid of the Mist boats for a birds eye view of the falls. That is one of their boats to the right of the falls.
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Niagra Falls is comprised of two sets of falls, the American Falls and the Canadian Falls. The Canadian Falls are a lot more spectacular, but because of the bowl shape and the mist, it is hard to really see the falls except from above. Millions of gallons of water flow over the falls and I was told that the water flow is decreased by the upstream power station at night to discourage adventure seekers from going over the falls. The power station is the light colored building on the horizon.
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A board road is build by an oil drilling company. The drilling company's vehicles use the board road to reach remote drilling sites located in the dryer portions of the marsh. Once oil or natural gas is discovered and the wells are placed in service, the board road is removed and relocated to another location. The boards used are usually made of cypress and are attached in a crisscross fashion adding strength to the road.

After a hard climb to the top of this unnamed mountain in Big Bend National Park in Texas, the weather changed dramatically. The temperature dropped from the high 90's to the high 60's and the winds, from the approaching storm, were steadily blowing at around 50 mph through the pass. No rain fell, but it was surely one of the most exciting times on our trip.

One of the many beautiful plantations homes that can be found in Natchez, Mississippi. This is a beautiful springtime shot with the Azeleas shaded by the Live Oak trees and a very beautiful Dogwood in bloom next to the plantation. Natchez is located along the Mississippi River in West Mississippi, north of New Orleans. Natchez is noted for many it's beautiful homes and rich southern heritage. It is definately worth a side trip if you visit the area.

My son Thomas wanted me to post one of his shots. This is from a trip to the Royal Gorge near Canon City, Colorado. The cable suspension bridge is billed as the tallest cable suspension bridge in the world. To be honest with you, I believe it was built as a tourist attraction since it crosses over the revine to a deadend. The DRGW railroad tracks and the Arkansas River are 1053 feet down below. It is a must see if you are ever in the Colorado Springs area.
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This is a birds eye view of the stearn wheeler, steamboat Natchez. This shot was taken mid stream in the Mississippi River. I was on the ferry boat that I thought was going to collide with the Natchez. The next frame I took was so close you would only see a small portion of the Natchez. So much for right of way.

New Orleans has not seen rain for almost two months and the day I go to the D-Day celebration and parade the skies turned black. Believe it or not, just a little rain fell this June 6, 2000 day. This picture was taken from Algiers near the ferry landing.
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The old mill along the quiet stream is in the town of Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee, located near Gatlinburg and the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.

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