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*Last Update: 04-19-2011.*
Updated '78 T/A photos!
2010 Progress on '67 Mustang.

 Larry's Youtube Channel



Larry's Youtube Channel

'67 Mustang

'78 TranAm 6.6L

'67 Mustang, Street Mean

'79 Camaro, Black Bettie

'90 Formula 350

2002 Trans-Am WS-6

ATV Off-Road

'08 KLR 650

'52 M38A1 Jeep

2001 Honda Civic coupe

2000 Honda Civic coupe


'67 Mustang
'08 KLR 650
'78 TransAm 6.6LStart

WS-6 Trans-Am

'90 Formula 350
Black Bettie
- Totaled February 2009 -

Larry R's Sport/Utility Quad Page
(ATV's, Four wheelers, Off Road)

This is the page where it all started. Online since 1999.
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Welcome to our "garage".
Here you will find out about my hobbies as well as some friends hobbies.

* I  need to build a shop.*
- 40x40 shop is tentatively planned for Spring 2010 2011-
Note: The shop keeps getting pushed back, maybe someday I will have one.