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Hot Issues From Linn County Iowa
Tuesday, 28 July 2015
About That First Amendment


There has been a lot of confusion about some events at the July Linn County Central Committee Meeting

There was a motion concerning the LCRCC Webmaster

Claims have ranged from

They are trying to limit Mr Knox First Amendment  Rights and his Freedom of speech

To a claim made by the Co Chair on the First District  GOP Facebook Page that

We were trying to remove him from the organization.

There is not one bit of Truth in any of these charges.

Now those who were not at the meeting and got their information second hand do have an excuse if they were misled

Those however who WERE at the meeting and were able to hear the Motion made by Steve West have NO excuse

If they continue to claim that Mr West said anything but what he actually said they will be in fact Lying

I am going to upload the audio File of the meeting here and give the Time Mark were Mr West made his motion and now NO ONE will have any excuses if they distort what he actually said


      July 2015 LCRCC Meeting 


If you go to 1:32:40 you can hear Mr West's Motion for yourself

You can hear there is NO portion of it which calls for his removal from the Linn County Central Committee

You can hear that Mr West was making his motion because he  felt that it was wrong for someone with Editorial Control over the LCRCC Website and Social Media and was an Official Representative of a Candidate to be making any negative remarks about another Candidate.

You will also hear Mr West say quite clearly that Mr Knox had every right to post whatever he wanted to on his own websites, just not on the LCRCC Websites and Not as a Webmaster or Social Admin,.

That ought to take care of any lingering misreprsentations that anyone was trying to "silence" Mr Knox

The Motion did NOT in any way call for James Knox to be silenced; it called for him to be relieved of the ability to speak on behalf of the  LCRCC via official digital communication. 


There was some other misunderstanding. One of our members later thanked Mr Knox for his post and claimed we needed the Truth about the candidates 


Jim, thanks for your response. I welcome your

inputs, even if they are unflattering or negative in

regard to a candidate or issue I support


We need to be aware of the "WHOLE" truth, and not

just the parts we like. We need to go and  


"Do our homework"

to rebut the charges, statemetns, or 

 positions we believe are unwarranted or just

plain wrong. We should not be lazy in our defense

or pursuit of the truth and you are a catalyst in 

this cause

What the gentleman over looks is that the major offense was the Conflict of Interests,

In fact as Mr West stated if the motion had passed Mr Knox could have posted what he wanted to his hearts content 


As it stands he CANNOT post as he did the other day

He is ON NOTICE which you may find at Time Mark 1:41

The Chair is ON RECORD as stating that

Mr Knox was Ordered to Remove the Offending Post

Mr Knox was REBUKED for Posting the Offending Post

Mr Knox was ORDERED to NOT REPEAT any such post.

Note the people who made and supported the Motion Tuesday Night

Are NOT responsible for that outcome

The CHAIR is

And if Mr Knox offends again?

I for one am interested in seeing what the consequences might be 


So it would appear that all the claims that the motion was meant to silence Mr Knox was false

The claim that the motion was meant to remove Mr Knox from the organization was false 

However there WAS an incident where someone DID use their power to silence someone

Mr Knox made Mocking references to one of our Committee Members on the Official LCRCC Facebook Page

AND when he tried to respond he found Mr Knox had him BLOCKED

The gentleman tried to join the page multiple times so he could defend himself but every attempt was rejected

Interesting the James Knox can falsely claim others tried to silence him when they did not

While at the same time silencing someone else

In the words of Ted Cruz

  “It Is Very Interesting To See Those Who Profess To Believe In Free Speech Are The Ones Afraid Of Speech”










Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 3:18 AM CDT
Updated: Tuesday, 28 July 2015 10:12 AM CDT
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