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Tuesday, 7 March 2006
Stalking Minuteman Kids at Their Schools The Reply
On the 3rd of March I sent this email to the Montgomery County Council of Maryland

Casa de Maryland spokeman, Executive Director Gustavo Torres says, УЕ we are
going to picket their houses, and the schools of their kidsФ (Minuteman
VolunteersТ kids).

УNo taxpayer funds should be used to pay for salaries/benefits of executives
of groups that threaten the homes, children of those law-abiding citizens who
oppose illegal immigration.

A group is using taxpayer funding to stalk the children of those lawfully
observing and reporting criminal activity??. The whole issue of Sanctuary City
status and the actions of this group (Casa de Maryland) in particular is a
subversion of our laws and needs to be ended. Now.

Daniel William Kauffman Jr
Here is their reply

"March 7, 2006

Response from Council President

Dear Mr. Kauffman,

Thank you for your email expressing concern with remarks by CASA of Maryland executive director Gustavo Torres.

I agree with you that Mr. Torres’ statements about picketing the homes of County residents involved in the Minuteman Project – and even the schools of their children – were totally uncalled for and wholly inappropriate. County residents – of whatever political stripe – have the right to express their opinions on issues of public policy, such as immigration, and the right to legally assemble and protest without fear of harassment.

Mr. Torres himself has apologized for his ill-chosen words.

I do not believe, however, that Mr. Torres’ statements mean that the County should terminate its support for the valuable programs in employment, housing, adult education, and community development administered by CASA of Maryland.

Our County’s diversity has been our strength – and remains a strength. Montgomery County has become a magnet for “New Americans” because we do boast a world-class school system and a thriving and diverse economy. I believe that our immigrants – regardless of their legal status – contribute mightily to our success.
(emphasis added by me)
That’s one reason why the Council has supported the establishment of day labor centers for County residents. These centers benefit both those seeking to sell their labor and the surrounding neighborhoods by regulating an already existing condition. These centers are not magnets for undocumented workers; rather, they respond to situations that already exist.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us on this issue.


George Leventhal
Montgomery County Council

It appears that Mr. Torres himself has said he is sorry and in most probability any such actions will be undertaken by individuals acting solely on their own,

Sound familiar? Of course Terrorist groups never have associated political fronts who publicly disavow their activities do they?

I limited my reply to

""I believe that our immigrants – regardless of their legal status – contribute mightily to our success"

I have no animus towards those who legally enter our country, abide by our Laws and contribute to our Society, America was built with such'

I do read with dismay that you have no interest in upholding the Rule of Law.

Just exactly what other Laws do you deem not necessary to be obeyed?

Daniel William Kauffman Jr"

WorldNetDaily points out that it is not only the local government giving this organization support.
Illegals-advocate group

Casa's operation has not only been blessed by government funding but it has the support of the local business community."

I would say letters to the local Chamber of Commerce would be in order. Inform them they cannot support such activities hidden.

You may find the email addresses of the Chamber of Commerce Officers HERE

I would suggest starting with

Richard Parsons President & CEO

Pass it on.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 9:48 AM CST
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Updated: Tuesday, 7 March 2006 10:46 AM CST

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