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Thursday, 18 August 2005
This Isn't Supposed To Be Happening
Topic: Eurabia
French flag burnt outside Tehran embassy in nuclear protest


TEHRAN - A group of some 30 Islamist protesters Tuesday burnt the French flag outside France's embassy in Tehran in protest at its stand on Iran's controversial nuclear programme.

"England, France, two Satans, two Lucifers," chanted the demonstrators, as security agents tried in vain to stop the flag burning.

"Death to France, death to England, death to Germany,"
they cried.

The three European countries have been negotiating with Iran on behalf of the EU to keep its uranium-enrichment activities suspended in return for a package of incentives.

At their initiative, the International Atomic Energy Agency last week urged Iran to suspend all such activities. The Islamic republic could now be referred to the UN Security Council for possible sanctions.

The British embassy was pelted with stones and tomatoes on Sunday by some 300 Islamist students.

In a statement addressed to French President Jacques Chirac, the protesters condemned what they called the West's "double standards" when it came to dealing with the Muslim world.

"Any action which would harm the legitimate rights of Iran will be met with a decisive response," it warned.

Iran is at loggerheads with the international community over its nuclear programme after resuming the uranium conversion activities, ending a nine-month freeze agreed on during talks with the Europeans.

Anyone besides me have the strangest feeling something is MISSING in this article? ;-)

Maybe someone should tell them that, Germany has already surrendered so the,
"Death to Germany is rather redundant. This from

After President George W. Bush commented this past week that he would not rule out military force as a last option in confronting Iran over its nuclear program, Schroeder quickly seized the opportunity by declaring that he was for "taking military options from the table,"

While I know it might grate on France to follow Germany's lead, can anyone doubt that Chirac will be that far behind Schroeder?

I will have to admit that it feels odd to be reading about a FRENCH flag being burned by demonstrators.

However the TRUTH is, these were rather LAME protests, now weren't they? I mean. 30 outside the French Embassy and 300 outside the British Embassy??
PLEASE, the Mullahs KILL and WOUND numbers like that in protests against the Government all the time.

Iran sends in troops to crush border unrest
The Guardian

Michael Howard

The Iranian government has deployed large numbers of troops in cities in the northwestern region which borders Iraq in an effort to quell three weeks of civil unrest that has left up to 20 people dead and more than 300 wounded, according to reports from dissident groups.

They said as many as 100,000 state security forces, backed up by helicopter gunships, had moved into the region to crack down on pro-Kurdish demonstrations.
The protests in the Kurdish areas came after the killing of a Kurdish activist by Iranian security forces in the city of Mahabad on July 9. Since then, anti-regime demonstrations have erupted in the mainly Kurdish towns of Sanandaj, Mahabad, Sardasht, Piranshahr, Oshnavieh, Divandareh, Baneh, Sinne, Bokan and Saqiz.

In the worst violence so far, Iranian security forces are reported to have killed at least 12 Kurdish demonstrators and injured more than 70 in a clash in the city of Saqiz on Wednesday.

Witnesses said the unrest began just before noon as hundreds of protesters attacked a paramilitary outpost with sticks and stones. Government buildings, including the governor's office, were also attacked and some were ransacked.

Protesters then gathered in the main square, chanting "Down with Khamenei", the country's supreme leader.

Witnesses said that security forces responded with live bullets, and some protesters were fired at by helicopters.

Kurdsat, an Iraqi-Kurdish satellite channel based in Sulaimaniyah, reported yesterday that police had detained as many as 1,200 people after the incident.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:55 PM CDT
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