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Wednesday, 24 August 2005
American Legion Condemns War Protests
Topic: Iraq War
Lots of articles have been written about Vets, opposing the War in Iraq, supporting the War in Iraq.

So it should not be surprising that the largest Vet organization the American Legion which at 2.7 million represents over 10% of the Veterans in the country should stand up and be counted.

By an UNANIMOUS vote of the 4000 delegates to its
national convention in fact. Wonder how the Left will spin this? Or will the Exempt Media just ignore it and concentrate on the handful who protest?

American Legion Condemns War Protests as 'Visions of Jane Fonda'
By Randy Hall Staff Writer/Editor
August 24, 2005

( - Delegates to the American Legion's national convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, vowed Tuesday to use whatever means necessary to "ensure the united backing of the American people to support our troops and the global war on terrorism."

"The American Legion will stand against anyone and any group that would demoralize our troops, or worse, endanger their lives by encouraging terrorists to continue their cowardly attacks against freedom-loving peoples,"
said Thomas Cadmus, national commander of the 2.7-million-member organization.

While never mentioning Cindy Sheehan by name even though the "anti-war mom" has said she will soon return to Crawford, Texas, to continue her protest against President Bush and the war in Iraq, the group did point to another woman who gained fame by protesting U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War.

"For many of us, the visions of Jane Fonda glibly spouting anti-American messages with the North Vietnamese and protestors denouncing our own forces four decades ago is forever etched in our memories," he stated. "We must never let that happen again."

Quoting Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Cadmus noted: "The soldier, above all other people, prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.

"We had hoped that the lessons learned from the Vietnam War would be clear to our fellow citizens,"
Cadmus stated. "Public protests against the war here at home while our young men and women are in harm's way on the other side of the globe only provide aid and comfort to our enemies.

"Understand that the terrorists they are engaging there would slit the throats of every American, adult and child, if they could," he added.

Resolution 3, which was passed unanimously by 4,000 delegates to the annual event, states: "The American Legion fully supports the president of the Untied States, the United States Congress and the men, women and leadership of our armed forces as they are engaged in the global war on terrorism and the troops who are engaged in protecting our values and way of life.

The measure recognizes that the global war on terrorism is as deadly as any war in which the United States has been previously engaged and that the president and Congress did authorize military actions in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

"No one respects the right to protest more than one who has fought for it, but we hope that Americans will present their views in correspondence to their elected officials rather than by public media events guaranteed to be picked up and used as tools of encouragement by our enemies," Cadmus said.

"It would be tragic if the freedoms our veterans fought so valiantly to protect would be used against their successors today as they battle terrorists bent on our destruction," he added. "Let's not repeat the mistakes of our past.

"I urge all Americans to rally around our armed forces and remember our fellow Americans who were viciously murdered on Sept. 11, 2001," Cadmus said. "We must commit ourselves to stand united together to defeat terrorism once and forever.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:09 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:56 AM CDT
My Computer is a Neo-Con
Topic: Out of Flyover Land
This would be funny enough, if I were making it up.

But I am not.

Before the last election there was a page on
the Kerry Campaign Website with his plan
for mandatory service of all High School graduates
as a condition for receiving a High School Diploma.

When I saw that, I realized it was too explosive
an issue to stay there. So, before it disappeared
into the world wide void, I took a screen shot.
Save as a complete webpage. I still have it.

From time to time I run diagnostics on my pc.
You know scan files for damages etc.

Quite frequently when the program hits that file it
freezes up. Not only IT but the whole computer locks up. I have to Hard Reboot, turn off the computer and turn it back on.

For some reason my computer DOES NOT LIKE that file. I can open it up just fine, it never freezes when I do that. But Scan it? Not every time, but enough times it's getting to be a real pain.

I think my Compute MUST be a Neo-Con.

Note: Might be a BAD idea for me to save webpages at The Democratic Underground or DailyKos.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:53 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:56 AM CDT
Border Wars Data Page
Topic: Immigration
Border Wars Data Page

I am not going to jump on the US Government is in the Drug Business bandwagon that some of these articles present, but this IS the most extensive set of links I have found so far

Despite Who is behind this almost ignored War on our Southern border this statement does have some validity

"While the threat of terrorists attacking the US is regularly one of the top news headlines on a daily basis, real terror that has already claimed the lives of 600 people this year is being routinely ignored or downplayed by the mainstream media.

Mexican drug commando organization los Zetas has been carrying out kidnappings of American citizens and politically motivated assassinations which have stretched from the border town of Nuevo Laredo through to Dallas, Houston and San Antonio all the way to Nashville, Tenn., and Atlanta, Ga.

If Al-Qaeda had infiltrated the US and carried out hundreds of assassinations and kidnappings including those of FBI and DEA agents as well as police chiefs, do you think the media would be interested? Of course they would and yet this very scenario is being played out with scant coverage in local newspapers and the occasional wire blurb."

Mexican drug cartels' wars move closer to U.S. border

Arizona governor decares state of emergency along Mexican border

Border emergency declared in New Mexico

The Secret Border Wars

Former DEA Agent: Mexican Commandos Killing In South West US To Protect Bush Drug Cartel

US shuts Mexican border consulate

Border Police Chief Only Latest Casualty In Mexico Drug War

US renews Mexico travel warning as killings mount

U.S. consulate reopens in violent Mexican border city

U.S. agent accused of aiding illegals

Men who shot Border Patrol agents wore black military-style garb

Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Full Swing

Mexican commandos seek control of border

Mexican Drug Commandos

Federal agent killed in Brownsville gun battle

U.S. officials say Zetas (Mexican Commandos) have killed in Texas

Mexican special forces take control in border town

US-trained Mexican commandos pose threat to authorities

US reopens Mexico border mission


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 8:31 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:55 AM CDT
The Vigilante
Topic: Immigration
We need more men like this in Society, we also need to keep the ones we now have alive.

The Vigilante

By Eric Umansky

At a glance, the office of Tijuana’s weekly newspaper, Zeta, gives just a hint of the kind of publication that is produced inside. It sits on a residential street in a middle-class neighborhood, and only a small plaque seems to distinguish it from the rest of the block’s modest family homes.

Look closer and a theme emerges: the building is set back from the street, with much of it obscured by a concrete wall; no first-floor windows are visible; and the front door has heavy grating.

Watching the paper’s editor and publisher, J. Jesus Blancornelas, arrive for work dispels any doubts. A caravan of three vehicles pulls up, two Suburbans and a blacked-out Chevrolet Caprice. Out pile fourteen serious-looking men — soldiers in the Mexican Army — bristling with M-16 assault rifles, shotguns, copious clips of ammunition, and body armor. That level of protection would be surprising for a journalist in Baghdad, let alone for one in a quiet neighborhood thirty minutes from downtown San Diego.

The precautions are for good reason, though. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, a significant majority of illegal drugs destined for the U.S. — marijuana, cocaine, and heroin — transit through Mexico. Tijuana, host to one of the world’s most heavily traveled border crossings, is a strategic chokepoint. In the first four months of this year, there were 163 homicides in Tijuana, many drug-related.

Local journalists know how dangerous it is to shine a spotlight on the trade and the corruption it fuels among Mexican officials. Nine reporters have been killed in northern Mexico in the past decade, with the perpetrators enjoying what the Committee to Protect Journalists calls a “nearly perfect record of impunity.” In such an environment, Zeta stands out, both for the work it has produced and the costs it has incurred.

Since Blancornelas started Zeta twenty-five years ago, it has been challenging the nexus between drug lords, local officials, and business leaders. As a result, Blancornelas has been wounded in an assassination attempt, and two top Zeta editors have been killed, the most recent one in June of last year.

The deaths have had a curious effect on Blancornelas. He evinces a determination to continue, but a regret for ever having started. It’s a mix of emotions that can’t be made any simpler by the fact that many journalists in Tijuana see Blancornelas not as a hero, but as obsessed and vainglorious. Meanwhile, the man Blancornelas believes is behind at least the first murder at Zeta is not only still free, he’s Tijuana’s new mayor.
There is a LOT more to read about the War on our Southern Borders.

And most of us thought the problem was just masses of illegal alien migrant workers crossing over.

We should be so lucky.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:37 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:55 AM CDT
For Those Who Do Not Understand The Meaning of Censorship
Topic: Immigration
We have all heard it.


They are trying to muzzle the Press!

Well most of the time you hear this cry directed at the sinister Rightwing Neo-Con Conspiracy, it is uttered by those who do not even understand what censorship really IS.

Now if they want to LEARN?

Here is a good way to do so.

Journalists Stop Investigating Organized Crime

Submitted by editor on August 22, 2005 - 1:58pm.

By Susana Hayward
Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico - A drug war is ripping apart northern Mexico, but you won't find many details about who's behind it in the local newspapers. Journalists - after their colleagues have been killed, kidnapped, and threatened with death - have stopped investigating organized crime.

"It's the new trend of drug gangs: Journalists are warned, paid off or killed," said Daniel Rosas, the managing editor of the daily El Ma?ana, the oldest newspaper in this border city south of Laredo, Texas. "Drug battles have become bloodier, and gangs have no code of ethics. They don't respect human life; why should they respect reporters?"

El Ma?ana, founded in 1932 after the Mexican revolution with a motto to promote freedom of expression, has been self-censoring itself since its editor, Roberto Javier Mora Garcia, was stabbed to death on March 19, 2004.

Earlier this year, a former El Ma?ana reporter, Dolores Guadalupe Garcia Escamilla, died after being shot outside her home. She'd gone to work for a radio station and had named some officials as involved in the drug trade before she was killed.

El Ma?ana, whose walls are covered with images of past front pages, now reports only official news, its editors said. Other major newspapers along the northern frontier followed suit after their reporters were killed, kidnapped or threatened. They said corruption, impunity, and lack of police support made it almost impossible for journalists to research rampant violence accurately.

That means they don't follow up on the 173 people who've disappeared since last fall throughout the state of Tamaulipas, deemed by journalism organizations the most dangerous place for reporters to work in Mexico. Twenty-three others missing are Americans from Texas.

There have been at least 108 murders since January.

"We still inform the community of what's happening but are more careful of what we say. It's a painful decision. We are hostages to self-censorship, and it's worse than censorship," said El Ma?ana's publisher, Ramon Cantu Deandar.

Cantu, 39, has grown cynical about covering organized crime in this city of nearly half a million people.

"What's the point of investigating? We can't win. Drug mafias have billions and billions of dollars. They own this city: They buy police, government officials, investigators, you name it," he said. "It's better to write a crime novel."

The only newspaper that's still digging into the drug underworld is the Tijuana weekly Zeta, whose owner, Jesus Blancornelas, is something of a legend in Mexico and travels with bodyguards and bulletproof cars. Zeta's editor, Francisco Javier Ortiz Franco, was killed June 22, 2004, after the paper published the names and photos of people it said were members of the Tijuana drug-trafficking cartel.

Blancornelas said he understood the reticence of his fellow journalists.

"They are unprotected, without security," he said. "You can't blame them."

According to Mexico's nongovernmental National Center for Social Communication, the country ranks first in Latin America in reports of attacks on journalists, surpassing Colombia. Journalism organizations are calling for an independent prosecutor to investigate crimes against reporters here.

In the last 18 months, six journalists have been killed along the border: four in 2004 and two in 2005. Two other journalists have been killed elsewhere in Mexico.

Their editors regarded the six as hard-core investigators of the prolific violence that has erupted since 2003, when the leader of the Gulf Cartel, Osiel Cardenas, was jailed, sparking a battle for control of Nuevo Laredo, the largest land port to the United States and the crucial crossing point to Interstate 35, which runs north across the United States to Canada.

"We're completely alone in this business. We don't trust any state or federal authorities, and crime keeps on growing. It's more visible, and there's seldom any punishment," said Jorge Morales, the editor of El Imparcial, in the Sonora state capital of Hermosillo, south of Arizona. The company also owns two papers in Baja California.

Morales dismantled El Imparcial's investigative team after one of its crime reporters, Jose Alfredo Jimenez Mota, disappeared April 2 after telling colleagues he had to meet a source he was afraid of.

In the newsroom of El Ma?ana, a memorial to Mora was taken down long ago. Cantu said it was simply too sad for the staff to be reminded every day of what had happened.

Police now guard the entrances to the paper's two-story headquarters, though there are few other signs of stepped-up security. It wasn't till early this month that a new editor took Mora's place.

"I have to live up to Mora's reputation as a moral, ethical and probing journalist," said Omar Eli Robles, who'd been a reporter at Monterrey's El Norte newspaper. "Of course, I'm a little afraid, but danger is part of the job."

Asked, however, if he'd tell his reporters to go back to investigating drugs and corruption, he demurred.

"When and if this war ends," he said.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:32 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:55 AM CDT
Tuesday, 23 August 2005
Film at Eleven
Topic: Immigration
That used to be the teaser for Television News.

Back in the Day we might actually have GOTTEN to
see News.

Today? I am not so certain. During my meal breaks
I can usually catch a news channel in the plant

For the last few months a large portion of the
News(?) I have viewed could be summed up with a few
simple statements.

Nothing new to report from Aruba today, so we will
show some old footage of a pond being drained.

What would I LIKE to see covered in more depth in the News? Well maybe not covered in depth, but at least SOME coverage, maybe a LITTLE mention?

Well how about THIS?

Mexican mercenaries expand base into U.S.

By Jerry Seper
August 1, 2005

A renegade band of Mexican military deserters, offering $50,000 bounties for the assassination of U.S. law-enforcement officers, has expanded its base of operations into the United States

Call me an alamist if you will, but I think the American People might WANT to know that there are paramilitary forces running around the US South West targeting the Border Patrol.

I mean we all heard two States declared a State of Emergency about border issues, but the picture I got was they were more concerned with Illegal Aliens just walking accross the border. And of course there are those when this issue is brought up accuse those presenting it of racism, anti-immigrationism, etc etc.

Now for me? I have nothing against Immigrants. Well Ok I AM part American Indian/Cherokee so I have a FEW ill feelings about immigrants, but most of y'al have been behaving yourself fairly well lately so as long as we are talking about LEGAL immigration I have no real complaints. ILLEGAL that is quite a different matter. Drivers Liscences for ILLEGAL Aliens are you crazy? The same argument for giving them Drivers Liscences can be used to justify giving BACK Drivers Liscences to those who have had them REVOKED. That they would buy Car Insurance and thus make our Roads safer?

What makes you think someone who breaks the Law by ENTERING this country is going to Keep the Law if you give them things?

And NONE of this comes anywhere CLOSE to the issue of having cadres of Armed Mercenaries hunting down law enforement officers on our Territory!

NO COMPARISON. So why the silence. Turns out the Minutemen are closer to the original than we thought doesn't it?

Turns out we might NEED some vigilantee action if the Government is not going to perform some of its primary Constitutional Functions.

"insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence"

Write some letters, ask why no one ever hears much about this stuff, why all we hear about are things like,

"due to the water table level in Aruba, draining the pond has been a problem."


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 11:24 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:54 AM CDT
Article. I. Section. 9.
Clause 2 Of the Constitution of the United States

Topic: Immigration
States: The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

Folks along with Afghanistan, Iraq and unknown locations around the world on our Southern Border we face not merely Illegal Aliens Crossing at will but a completely unknown to the General Public, Undeclared War being fought.

Mexican mercenaries expand base into U.S.

By Jerry Seper
August 1, 2005

A renegade band of Mexican military deserters, offering $50,000 bounties for the assassination of U.S. law-enforcement officers, has expanded its base of operations into the United States
to protect loads of cocaine and marijuana being brought into America by Mexican smugglers, authorities said.
The deserters, known as the "Zetas," trained in the United States as an elite force of anti-drug commandos, but have since signed on as mercenaries for Mexican narcotics traffickers and have recruited an army of followers, many of whom are believed to be operating in Texas, Arizona, California and Florida.
Working mainly for the Gulf Cartel, one of Mexico's most dangerous drug-trafficking organizations, as many as 200 Zeta members are thought to be involved, including former Mexican federal, state and local police. They are suspected in more than 90 deaths of rival gang members and others, including police officers, in the past two years in a violent drug war to control U.S. smuggling routes.
The organization's hub, law-enforcement authorities said, is Nuevo Laredo, a border city of 300,000 across from Laredo, Texas. It is the most active port-of-entry along the U.S.-Mexico border, with more than 6,000 trucks crossing daily into Texas, carrying about 40 percent of Mexico's total exports.
Authorities said the Zetas control the city despite efforts by Mexican President Vicente Fox to restore order. He sent hundreds of Mexican troops and federal agents to the city in March to set up highway checkpoints and conduct raids on suspected Zeta locations.
Despite the presence of law enforcement, more than 100 killings have occurred in the city since Jan. 1, including that of former Police Chief Alejandro Dominguez, 52, gunned down June 8, just seven hours after he was sworn in. The city's new chief, Omar Pimentel, 37, escaped death during a drive-by shooting on his first day, although one of his bodyguards was killed.
Authorities said the Zetas operate over a wide area of the U.S.-Mexico border and are suspected in at least three drug-related slayings in the Dallas area. They said as many as 10 Zeta members are operating inside Texas as Gulf Cartel assassins, seeking to protect nearly $10 million in daily drug transactions.
In March, the Justice Department said the Zetas were involved "in multiple assaults and are believed to have hired criminal gangs" in the Dallas area for contract killings. The department said the organization was spreading from Texas to California and Florida and was establishing drug-trafficking routes it was willing to protect "at any cost."
Just last month, the department issued a new warning to law-enforcement authorities in Arizona and California, urging them to be on the lookout for Zeta members. An intelligence bulletin said a search for new drug-smuggling routes in the two states by the organization could bring new violence to the areas.
The number of assaults on U.S. Border Patrol agents along the 260 miles of U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona known as the Tucson sector has increased dramatically this year, including a May 30 shooting near Nogales, Ariz., in which two agents were seriously wounded during an ambush a mile north of the border.
Their assailants were dressed in black commando-type clothing, used high-powered weapons and hand-held radios to point out the agents' location, and withdrew from the area using military-style cover and concealment tactics to escape back into Mexico.
Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada in Nogales said his investigators found commando clothing, food, water and other "sophisticated equipment" at the ambush site.
Since Oct. 1, the start of the fiscal year, there have been 196 assaults on Border Patrol agents in the Tucson sector, including 24 shootings. During the same period last year, 92 assaults were reported, with five shootings. The sector is the busiest alien- and drug-trafficking corridor in the country.
U.S. intelligence officials have described the Zetas as an expanding gang of mercenaries with intimate knowledge of Mexican drug-trafficking methods and routes. Strategic Forecasting Inc., a security consulting firm that often works with the State and Defense departments, said in a recent report the Zetas had maintained "connections to the Mexican law-enforcement establishment" to gain unfettered access throughout the southern border.
Many of the Zeta leaders belonged to an elite anti-drug paratroop and intelligence battalion known as the Special Air Mobile Force Group, who deserted in 1991 and aligned themselves with drug traffickers.

I SAY we should NOT treat this as criminal matter, but that Congress should invoke the provisions of

Article. I. Section. 9. Clause 2 Of the Constitution of the United States

Formally Declare that the United States in in a State of Invasion by and treat these groups as Non-uniformed Unlawful Combatants.

Treat them according to the Articles of War.

Which would be, pursue them as combatants, if taken try them by Military Tribunal and Execute them.

Leniency at the Discretion of the Convening Authority for cooperation and intelligence.

Those taken in Arms in an Act of War upon the United States should suffer the penalties for Unlawful Combat.

For those who would equivocate because the Zeta Cadres and the Drug Cartels are not Governments?

May I point out that the First Land Military Action by the United States after the Revolutionary War was against the Barbarry Pirates.

The Congress of the day, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton discussed the situation and decided that as our Shipping and Sovereignty had been attacked we were in a State of War with the Non Government Organization known as the Barbarry Pirates and therefore a Formal Declaration of War was not required.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 5:55 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:54 AM CDT
Monday, 22 August 2005
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

Topic: Iraq War
Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

That mantra will be familiar to anyone who has taken small children on a road trip.

Notice the resemblance to the other side of the political fence?

So Poppas?

What DID you reply to them?

Something like:


We will get there when we get there.

When we get there I will TELL you.


We learned the hard way, that if we DID set a time table and a specific time of arrival, there was a good chance we would see a dreaded "Detour, Roadwork Ahead Sign".

THEN we would have to listen to unending whining of

"AWWWWWWWWW, you said we would BE there now!"

Am I unique or is the far Left sounding more and more like whiny kids in the back seat of a car on a long road trip.

In a way,I guess it makes sense,one side of the Political Divide values the Rights, Liberty and the Responsibility of the Individual, the other?

Wants Big Brother, or is it Gros Pere? To make all the decisions do all the thinking.

So we will just have to do what we did on long road trips grit our teeth, hunch our shoulders and repeat.


When we get there I will tell you,

to the unending chorus of:

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

You know, it's not the first time a leader has had that problem in that part of the world.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 4:51 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:52 AM CDT
Bomb Threat in Crawford
Topic: Iraq War
This in from Powerline

August 21, 2005

Our correspondent Gene Allen reports that just a few minutes ago, an unidentified man telephoned the Yellow Rose Gift Shop in Crawford, Texas and said, "Your shop is going up in smoke, you better get out now." Law enforcement is on the scene.

Gene describes the Yellow Rose as "a pro-Bush gift shop with a Ten Commandments monument out front. It is located across the street from the Coffee Station, down the street from the Crawford Peace House."

I don't suppose any of those peace-loving folks would have anything to do with a bomb threat.

UPDATE: Gene has more:

Last night there was a tiff between the anti-war protesters and Bush supporters in Crawford. The owner of the Yellow Rose stepped in to break it up. Law enforcement arrested one anti-war protester and he reportedly remains in jail. Police are investigating whether today's threat is connected to last night's incident. My source will be sending digital photos and I hope my 1gb mailbox is sufficient. She also took video and will burn a DVD to send me.
We'll pass on any new developments tomorrow.
You know over the years I have met pacifists, Quakers, Amish and the like. Now THEY are real nice folks, Peaceful, Serene, not a bad word to say about or to anyone.

Some of these Anti-War Protesters? The PEACE(?) Activists? Come on they are not promoting Peace.
They are promoting the OTHER SIDE.

It is simple. If someone is really promoting Peace you can see it in the way they live their lives and treat other people.

They don't call in bomb threats.

They don't boo and call an Invalided Vet a Baby Killer.

Veteran gets rude welcome on Bainbridge

They don't call for a Memorial Service for the 1000th GI to die in Iraq and then harass his mother when she shows up.

Drake's mother was "harassed and yelled at, booed and hissed, told her son died for nothing."

Drake's mother reportedly left the event in tears.

The family attended the vigil because they thought it was meant to honor U.S. casualties. The event was organized by the Dallas Peace Center, which opposes the war.

You can know a tree by its fruits. I want you to just listen to the fruits of the Anti-War movement.

I read on one blog, the statement that they were the embodiment of American Patriotism.

Odd that used to be "I regret that I have but one life to give for me country."

Now for the Radical Left Anti-War Peace movement it has been changed into

"This country is not worth dying for.”

Just think if we had had more Patriots like that during the last 50 years, we TOO could have had GULAGS.

Patriots? Excuse me while I try to wash a foul taste out of my mouth.

Yeah they are not Patriots, they are just supporting the other side, or they are dumb enough to be used by those who are.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:32 AM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:50 AM CDT
Sunday, 21 August 2005
Resistance Is Futile. You Will Be Assimilated!
Topic: Islamic Jihad
"This is the Borg Collective,"Prepare to be assimilated. We will add your biological and technological distinctives to our own. You will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Does that sound familiar? If you are not
a Star Trek Fan, how about a strange
resemblence in tone and intent with

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?

According to themselves, the Borg only seek to "improve the quality of life in the universe" and add to their own perfection. To this end, they travel the galaxy, improving their numbers and advancing by "assimilating" other species and technologies, and forcing captured individuals under the control of the Hive mind by injecting them with nanoprobes. They harbor no ill will to anyone; they merely fulfil their biological or programmatic imperative to assimilate. As they say, "Resistance is futile – you will be assimilated." They make good on that threat by their ability to quickly adapt to any attack to render it harmless. Thus, any successful defense depends on the ingenuity of the opponent to find a method to stop the Borg completely before they can neutralize it.

According to themselves, the Jihadists only seek to "improve the quality of life in the world" and add to the perfection of the Ummah. To this end, they travel the world, improving their numbers and advancing by "assimilating" other peoples and technologies, and forcing captured individuals under the control of the Hive mind. They harbor no ill will to anyone; they merely fulfil their religous or spiritual imperative to assimilate. As they say, "Resistance is futile – you will be assimilated."

To paraphrase

"I am Osama of Borg. Resistance is futile. Your life as it has been is over. From this time forward you will service us."

Oh to understand the "you will service us" allusion
do some research on Dhimmitude:The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule.

Maybe this will help anyone who still clings to the illusion that what we face is a legal manner best handled as a criminal investigation, arrest and trial.


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 10:41 PM CDT
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Updated: Sunday, 3 June 2007 6:51 AM CDT

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