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Monday, 15 August 2005
An Ace High Straight Flush, Beats A Queen High Hand
Topic: Iraq War
Quite some time ago, I got into a "disagreement" on a Netscape Discussion Board. It's too bad that since Compuserve took over the message boards there, that forum among others with several years of debates dropped into the world wide void.

In any case my opposite number was making a large production of an outfit called,VETERANS FOR PEACE, he loudly proclaimed that they were the largest Anti-War Vet org and proof that the Veteran Community opposed the War.

SO, I checked out their website. At the time they were proudly proclaiming that their membership had rocketed to a whole 2500 members.

Say WHAT? I posted back that, there being some 25 MILLION Vets in the US, I could not see where 1/10 of 1/10 of One Percent had any moral claim to speak for the whole and while I was not going to make the claim that the entire Vet Community supported the War without consulting them, neither could this group, they could only speak for themselves and NOT the Veterans Community.

The exchange rapidly devolved into sputtering invective and ad hominem attacks. I, to paraphrase Alice's Restaurant, was obviously someone who likes to Eat Dead Burnt Bodies and KILL, KILL, KILL!

We have all been there on the internet at one time or another, hold up and mirror and show them how foolish they look uttering some ludicrous claim and all the ills of the world become YOUR fault

The point I wish to make is that the Anti-War Movement is holding a Queen high hand, now if we meander over to Chrenkoff, you can see what a Ace high Straight Flush looks like.
"Maureen Dowd: "The moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute."

Don't argue and fuss, AGREE. Say of COURSE this is true and we should LISTEN to:

Lynn Kelly
"I don't agree" with Sheehan's views, said Lynn Kelly of Pitman, whose son, Marine Cpl. Sean P. Kelly, was killed in a helicopter crash in Iraq in January.

Linda Ryan:
"Marine Cpl. Marc T. Ryan, of Gloucester City, was killed in an explosion in Ramadi, Iraq in November.
"George Bush didn't kill her son,
it's the evildoers who have no value of life who killed her son. "George Bush was my son's commander-in-chief. My son, Marc, totally believed in what he was doing," she said."

Thomas Zapp:Among those attending the pro-Bush rally was Thomas Zapp, of Richmond, Texas, whose 20-year-old son, Marine Lance Cpl. T.J. Zapp, was killed by a bomb in Iraq on Nov. 8, 2004
Zapp said that it was unfair for Sheehan to demand a

second meeting

with the president when many parents of slain GIs, like himself, have not even had a single meeting.

"I have not met with President Bush," he told the Tribune-Herald.

"Why should she get to meet with President Bush again?"

Robert Hoffman:Motorcycles roared their engines Saturday to herald the funeral procession of Marine Sgt. Justin Hoffman, one of 14 Marines killed last week in the deadliest roadside bombing since U.S. troops invaded Iraq...

"'Freedom is not free' is a phrase we hear every day, but few of us understand what it means," Robert Hoffman said Saturday at his son's funeral in Powell, another Columbus suburb. "Justin and the Lima Company understood. They gave up their lives for it

Jim Boskovitch:
Jim Boskovitch is the father of Corporal Jeff Boskovitch, one of five Marine snipers killed on Monday [8 August]. He says his family came to the vigil to support the troops still in Iraq.

I have only gone down part of the page, but why post anymore names here? You have drawn to an Ace High Straight Flush, are you going to discard and draw another card?

Just like 1/10 of 1/10 of One percent of Veterans could not speak for all 25 Million Vets, one parent cannot speak for all.

My personal thoughts are that we should not directly confront Mrs. Sheehan on any contradictions in her statements. It allows the other side to put on the Moral Armor of Righteous Indignation and accuse us of attacking the mother of a slain soldier. Remember in DailyKos it was suggested that Casey Sheehan's name never be mentioned, they wish to bury his memory and forget he was a Volunteer, who reenlisted

Instead let us go forth under this banner

The moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute."

But let the other parents carry that banner as our vanguard. Let their own rally call be used against them.

Maureen Dowd may be a broken clock, but even a broken clock tells the correct time twice a day.

UPDATE OH My GOD! Mrs Sheehan's handlers have NO Idea what is heading towards them or how it is going to hit them
Just read this at Michelle Malkin
Meanwhile, Move America Forward has a new spot from the head of Marine Moms of America. They are also organizing a caravan of military families that will head to Crawford, Tx., to counter the anti-war circus.

No corporate jets for these grass-roots activists.

Can you think of anything more intimidating than a caravan of PO?d Marine Moms?
I mean for one thing they make no attempt to pass themselves off at Pacifists. and DailyKos was crowing about getting a herd of Moms after Bush? THEY are about to have a MMEF (Marine Mom Expeditionary Forces) land on their heads and kick the other end. ROTFLMAO


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 6:03 PM CDT
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