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Tuesday, 9 August 2005
Looks Like He Choked
On The Warning Label

Topic: Out of Flyover Land
I once saw a Dilbert Cartoon, that had a guy laying stretched out beside a giant donut, stone cold dead.
Two Cops were standing looking down at him and the caption read.

Looks like he choked on the Warning Label

(If I can find that strip I will put it or a hyperlink here)

That flashed into my mind tonight at work on a smoke break, when a buddy started talking about yet another consumer group on a Crusade.

This one is to ban Sodium Fluoride. Gabe asked me if I had noticed the new warning labels on toothpaste. I responded, "Oh PLEASE, Who reads toothpaste tubes?"

"Well its poisonous", "Yeah that's true, makes good rat bait and is great for killing cockroaches, but in the levels in drinking water?"

Next thing you know they will want to ban Toxic Vitamins!

Then I thought, "Wonder how the Toxic Level for Sodium Fluoride compares the Vitamin A or Vitamin D?"

So I looked up the information for you good people.
I was Shocked, let me tell you SHOCKED to find that the Single Toxic Level for Sodium Fluoride for an Adult Male is.

Over a THOUSAND TIMES greater
than for Vitamin D and maybe 500 times greater than the long term Toxic Level for Vitamin A (I could not find a single dose level for it)

The Public doesn't need protected from Sodium Fluoride! It needs protected from KILLER TOXIC

Read the sordid truth.

Is fluoride, as provided by community water fluoridation, a toxic substance?
Acute fluoride toxicity occurring from the ingestion of optimally fluoridated water is impossible.104 The amount of fluoride necessary to cause death for a human adult (155 pound man) has been estimated to be 5-10 grams of sodium fluoride, ingested at one time.140 This is more than 10,000-20,000 times as much fluoride as is consumed at one time in a single 8-ounce glass of optimally fluoridated water.

Vitamin toxicity
In adults, a daily dose of 1.0 to 2.0 mg of vitamin D is toxic when consumed for a prolonged period. A single dose of about 50 mg or greater is toxic for adults.

Vitamin A toxicity can occur with long-term consumption of 20 mg of retinol or more per day. The symptoms of vitamin A overdosing include accumulation of water in the brain (hydrocephalus), vomiting, tiredness, constipation, bone pain, and severe headaches. The skin may acquire a rough and dry appearance, with hair loss and brittle nails. Vitamin A toxicity is a special issue during pregnancy. Expectant mothers who take 10 mg vitamin A or more on a daily basis may have an infant with birth defects. These birth defects include abnormalities of the face, nervous system, heart, and thymus gland. It is possible to take in toxic levels of vitamin A by eating large quantities of certain foods. For example, about 30 grams of beef liver, 500 grams of eggs, or 2,500 grams of mackerel would supply 10 mg of retinol. The livers of polar bears and other arctic animals may contain especially high levels of vitamin A.

And Folks Vitamins are not even half of what we face without knowing about it. I hesitate, but yes you have a right to KNOW about the hazards of


Frequently Asked Questions About Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO)
What is Dihydrogen Monoxide?
Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) is a colorless and odorless chemical compound, also referred to by some as Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid. Its basis is the unstable radical Hydroxide, the components of which are found in a number of caustic, explosive and poisonous compounds such as Sulfuric Acid, Nitroglycerine and Ethyl Alcohol.
For more detailed information, including precautions, disposal procedures and storage requirements, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Dihydrogen Monoxide.

Yes, you should be concerned about DHMO! Although the U.S. Government and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) do not classify Dihydrogen Monoxide as a toxic or carcinogenic substance (as it does with better known chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and saccharine), DHMO is a constituent of many known toxic substances, diseases and disease-causing agents, environmental hazards and can even be lethal to humans in quantities as small as a thimbleful.

What are some of the dangers associated with DHMO?
Each year, Dihydrogen Monoxide is a known causative component in many thousands of deaths and is a major contributor to millions upon millions of dollars in damage to property and the environment. Some of the known perils of Dihydrogen Monoxide are: Death due to accidental inhalation of DHMO, even in small quantities.
Prolonged exposure to solid DHMO causes severe tissue damage.
Excessive ingestion produces a number of unpleasant though not typically life-threatening side-effects.
DHMO is a major component of acid rain.
Gaseous DHMO can cause severe burns.
Contributes to soil erosion.
Leads to corrosion and oxidation of many metals.
Contamination of electrical systems often causes short-circuits.
Exposure decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes.
Found in biopsies of pre-cancerous tumors and lesions.
Often associated with killer cyclones in the U.S. Midwest and elsewhere.
Thermal variations in DHMO are a suspected contributor to the El Nino weather effect.

Become informed Folks! You have unknown Dangers all around you.

But there IS a sinister plot to prevent these things from seeing the light of Day.

A City Counsel in a Western State, when they found out that DHMO was used in the manufacture of Styrofoam drinking cups, PLANNED to vote to ban the use of such items by City Employees but they NEVER VOTED on the Ban.


As a Courtesy to any of my readers for whom English is not their Native Language I wish to point out two things.

1) Dihydrogen MonOxide is the Chemical Compound commonly known as Water
2) All the facts above are absolutely true


Posted by ky/kentuckydan at 2:13 AM CDT
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