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Camp Osceola (H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation)
Boy Scout Camp Patch and Memorabilia Page

Don Baldwin, H. Roe Bartle and Joe Macy
on the porch of the Skipper's Cabin in 1936.

Other Items

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Aluminum Slide

Leather Slide

Copper Slide

Plastic Arrowhead Slide

Kirkland Outpost Slide

Bartle Reservation Slide

Kansas City Council Staff Slide

Brass Osceola Belt Buckle

Osceola Wood Souveneir

Camp Osceola Plaque

Hiker Neal Slide

Money Clip



Bartle Sticker

Bartle Beltloop

Small Buckle

Bartle Buckle

Silver Buckle

HRB Staff Neck Slide

Camp Osceola Pennant

Bartle Reservation Ashtray

Scott's General Store

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