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Camp Osceola (H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation)
Boy Scout Camp Patch and Memorabilia Page

The original Lone Bear Council Ring.

Tribe of Mic-O-Say Patches and other Mic-O-Say items

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50th Backpatch

1987 Tribal Feast

1988 Tribal Feast

1989 Tribal Feast

60th Anniversary Patch

1990 Tribal Feast

1991 Tribal Feast

1992 Tribal Feast

1993 Tribal Feast

1994 Tribal Feast

1995 Tribal Feast

1996 Tribal Feast

1997 Tribal Feast

1998 Tribal Feast

1999 Tribal Feast

2000 Tribal Feast

2001 Tribal Feast

2001 National Jamboree

2002 Tribal Feast

2003 Tribal Feast

2004 Tribal Celebration

2005 Tribal Celebration

2005 Nat Jambo

2006 Tribal Celebration

2007 Tribal Celebration

2008 Tribal Celebration

2009 80th Anniversary

2009 Tribal Celebration

2010 Tribal Celebration

2011 Tribal Celebration

2012 Tribal Celebration

2013 Tribal Celebration

2013 National Jamboree

Walking Stick Crest

Mic-O-Say Keychain

The Chief at Osceola

Mic-O-Say Pin

Mic-O-Say Coaster

Mic-O-Say Sticker

Hardway Sticker

Honorary Sticker

Hardway Buckle

Mic-O-say Buckle

50th Anniversary Buckle

1976 Plaque

Hard Way Claws

Honorary Claws

75th Knife

MOS Water

White Anniv Button

Yellow Anniv Button

Red Anniv Button

Blue Anniv Button

75th Staff Buckle

75th Buckle

Gathering Token

Brave Gathering Token

Orange Gathering Token

Green Gathering Token

Yellow Gathering Token

Blue Gathering Token

First Flame medal

MOS Patch

2008 Keeper Coin

2009 Keeper Coin

2010 Keeper Coin

2011 Keeper Coin

2012 Keeper Coin

2013 Keeper Coin

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