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Camp Osceola (H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation)
Boy Scout Camp Patch and Memorabilia Page

Louie Chandler - Chieftain Falling Branch - pictured in
She She Be - A place of Contemplation and Strong Medicine.
Chieftain Falling Branch had camped on our beloved reservation since 1939.
He has been a tribesman since 1941.

H. Roe Bartle Reservation Patches

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Yellow Smoke

Mylar Smoke

HRB Mylar

50th Anniv.

Pioneer Trails

Wind Surfer

Program Ranger

60th Anniv.

Dan Beard

Osage Patch

Work Day

Frontier Anniv.

Millenium Mylar

HRB 100th Birthday

Lone Star

Saw Mill

Piercing Arrow



William Tell

Robin Hood

2003 Camp Preview Patch

2003 Powderhorn

Hiking Staff Emblem

Bartle Flame Buckle

Heritage Award

2004 Stalking Patch

2006 Camp Preview Patch

2005 Preview Patch

2002 Reunion Patch

2003 Reunion Patch

2005 Reunion Patch

2007 Silver Buckle

2007 Camp patch

Lone Star Water Polo

White Service Token

Orange Service Token

GreenWhite Service Token

Yellow Service Token

Blue Service Token

Red Service Token

2005 Staff Patch

2006 Staff Patch

2007 Staff

2008 Staff Patch

2009 Staff Patch

2010 Staff Patch

2011 Staff Patch

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