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Camp Osceola (H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation)
Boy Scout Camp Patch and Memorabilia Page

A 1930's Postcard
from Camp Osceola.

Early Felt Camp Osceola Patches

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1930 Patch

1931 Patch

1932 Patch

1933 Patch

1934 Patch

1935 Patch

1936 Patch

1937 Patch

1938 Patch

1939 Patch

1940 Patch

1941 Patch

1942 Patch

1943 Patch

Victory Patch

Skytroop 1 Patch

1936 Camp Patch ??

1940 Honor Ldr

Felt KC Library Set

1935 Rotary Patch

Powderhorn Patch

1942 Roundup Patch

1932 Satisfactory Camper Patch

Satisfactory Camper "SC" Patch

Satisfactory Camper "S" Patch

1931 Honor Camper Patch

Honor Camper White Patch

Honor Camper Red Patch

Honor Patrol Patch

Advancement at Camp Patch

Inspection Award Patch

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