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Camp Osceola (H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation) Boy Scout Camp Patches and Memorabilia

Camp Osceola (H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation)
Boy Scout Camp Patches and Memorabilia including
The Tribe of Mic-O-Say

Don Baldwin, H. Roe Bartle and Joe Macy
on the porch of the Skipper's Cabin in 1936.

Hear Chief Bartle sing the "Hills of Osceola" by pressing the play button.


In 2010 we published "IN THE WOODS", the history of camping in our council and all predecessor councils. This 210 page coffee table book is a limited edition history of all the camps in our council from 1910 through today. It is loaded with historic pictures and interesting stories about all of our camps.

Only 1,500 copies of this book were printed and they have all been sold! The book will not be reprinted-so if you did not have a chance to purchase one check your local library for a copy. The Heart of America Council donated several copies to public libraries across our council's service area. All proceeds from the sale of "IN THE WOODS" went to the Heart of America Council-- Camp Staff Scholarship Fund to support our camp staff in their post high school endeavors.

I try to keep the website updated so it can be a resource to all collectors. If you know of old pictures, patches, sashes, or other accumulations of Scouting material, please email me at and let me know.

You will help us put on an even more complete display in 2029 -- the 100th Anniversary of the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Thank you!!

Andy Dubill
Keeper of the Wampum Spotted Gray Eagle

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  • This site displays many of the the camp patches and other memorabilia from Camp Osceola (now the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation) in Iconium, Missouri - as well as the patches that have been issued by the Kansas City Tribe of Mic-O-Say. There is also a page for camp patches from earlier camps of the Kansas City Boy Scout Council. If you have items that I do not have represented, please email me and let me know.


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    I get so many requests for the words to our camp song "The Hills of Osceola" that I have added the words below.

    The Hills of Osceola
    written in 1939 by Edmund Wilkes Jr.


    The hills of Osceola are calling me today,
    Come back along the Scouting Trail, their voices seem to say.
    I dream of woodland valleys, and pathways that I know,
    And answer, O-sce-o-la dear, I'm coming back to you.


    The hills of Osceola lift up their branches high,
    The leafy curtain that they spread is green against the sky.
    And when the shades of evening have chased away the light,
    The stars above come shining through, God's watchman of the night.


    The friends of Osceola have walked the trails with me,
    And 'round the campfire we have met in joyous company.
    O' friends of rain and sunshine, so loyal and so true.
    Thank God for hills and trees and stars -- for Country, Home and You!


    Tell me why the starlit sky,
    Tell me why the oak trees high,
    Tell me why the sunset hue,
    Tell me, Osceola why we all love you.


    Because God made the starlit sky,
    Because God made the oak trees high,
    Because God made the sunset hue,
    That's why, Osceola, why we all love you.


    Thank you for being one of the over 60,000 Scouts who have visited this web site since its inception in 1999. The visit counter has been reset and reinstalled twice since its inception. Thank you for your interest in Scouting in the Heart of America Council in Kansas City, the Tribe of Mic-O-Say and Camp Osceola (now the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation).