Where to Find Kinder Surprises in NZ

(Last Updated: 4 October 2002)

At present, Kinder Surprises are widely available in New Zealand. You can find them at most dairies, supermarkets, newsagents and so forth. Major retail chains like The Warehouse also stock them. Prices of Kinder Surprises can vary quite widely. $1.75 seems to be the average price for Kinder Surprise eggs. This is what they will cost you at The Warehouse for instance (at least last time I looked). However, at New World they're just $1.65, and are $1.69 at Woolworth's. One New World supermarket actually sells them for $1.40! At dairies, the price ranges from $1.75 all the way up to $2.20.

My advice to you is: if you collect Kinder Surprises on a regular basis, shop around. If your local corner dairy charges you $2 or more for them, you're getting ripped off. Go somewhere else where they're cheaper. Supermarkets seem to be the best bet in this regard.

Another important piece of advice: check the use-by date. This is not to determine whether the chocolate is fresh (heck, I've eaten Kinder eggs that are three months past their use-by date and lived to tell the tale!), but to give you some idea of what may be inside.

If you know somewhere in NZ that sells Kinder Surprises really cheaply (say, $1.40 a pop or less), e-mail me so I can tell the rest of New Zealand (and the world, for that matter!) about it. Equally, if there's a shop that's charging an outrageously high price for them (I consider anything over $2 to be outrageously high), then please LMK so others can be warned to avoid that place. Don't be ripped off!

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