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(Last Updated: 9 March 2018)


I bought my first Kinder Surprise on 5 May 1995, from the Victoria Book Centre in the Victoria University of Wellington. This produced a snake in an egg (K93 No. 40). Thereafter, I bought Kinder Surprises once or twice a week. Lost interest for a little while, but then resumed buying them in mid-1996. Around August or September 1997, I really caught the bug and began buying Kinder Surprises on a daily basis. Found lists of Kinder toys on the Internet and used these to create my own Kinder Surprise inventory (in December 1997). In January 1998 I discovered Cadbury Yowies. But while I began to collect those, I have never lost my love of Kinder Surprise toys, and continue to collect both these and Yowies. Made a Web site for Yowies in December 1998, and followed that up with this site, which first "went to air" on 28 March 1999.


Kinder toys in my collection range from the K91 to the latest MPG series, plus a number of limited-edition hand-painted figurines, German toys, Maxi toys and some with no number at all. Some of the "no-number" toys, namely jigsaw puzzles, metal figurines and stick figures, have now been given their own pages.


Please note that this is not a complete list of Kinder Surprise toys. The lists on subsequent pages only contain those toys in my own collection. For a complete list of Kinder Surprise toys (at least, those produced in the 1990s), try Gunter and Susanne Koppon's site or Arkones' Kinder Surprise Collection. If the toy name has an asterisk (*) next to it, it means I still need a paper for the toy.


I revamped this section a while ago to make it a bit easier to navigate. The sub-sections for Hand-Painted Figurines and German toys in particular were becoming unwieldy. I added a new sub-section for K toys and recasts, which is the much the same as it always has been. However, the sub-sections for hand-painted figurines and German toys have been reorganised by year, so it should be much easier to find toys from a particular year you’re interested in. There is now also a sub-section for MPG toys. This page now only links to the main sub-sections. If you want to see, say my K00 toys, click on the K Toys and Recasts link below, then click the “K00 Series” link on that page. I’m sure you’ll soon enjoy the new format, especially if you’re mainly interested in hand-painted figurines or German toys!


A note on acknowledgments: If I link to someone’s Web site or e-mail address, it means they’re still active in Kinder Surprise trading (as far as I know), and I would be willing to deal with them again. Someone whose name is not linked but is in bold is a person who is no longer actively trading (as far as I can tell), but with whom I would be willing to deal again or recommend to others should they decide to resume trading. I also put people in bold who may be active traders but don’t have their own e-mail address or Web site. Finally, someone whose name is neither linked nor in bold is a person, persons or business with whom I may have traded in the past, but for one reason or another would not do so again in the future. Nor would I recommend that person, persons or business to others, notwithstanding my acknowledgment of them as a source for one or more Kinder Surprise toys in this section.



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