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(Last Updated: 21 February 2005)


In this section of the NZ Kinder Surprise Collectors' Site, I include some Kinder news from other countries for all my international visitors. If you have some Kinder news from your country that you would like to share, please e-mail me and I'll post it here! And now for the news …





Our trans-Tasman neighbours get pretty much the same thing we do, so right now they have the Argentine K03 series, including those K02 toys that were not included in the initial Argentine K02 series.




Has the “C” series now (see under France and Germany for more details about that). They seem to be getting a mixture of German and European papers. The same applied to the “Mission Maulwurf” (Mole Mission), which I think might be finished now. Presumably, Austria got the Polar Express and should now be getting The Incredibles. Indeed, an Incredibles three-pack has been put out there.




Is now, like most of Europe, getting The Incredibles set, which is called Les Indestructibes or The Incredibles, depending on where it’s released. There is a single paper for each of the 11 figurines in the set. This applies, I believe, to all the other countries getting it as well.




A Lord of the Rings series was issued in Brazil for the first time last year. It’s called “Senhor dos Anéis: O Retorno do Rei” (Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), which had earlier been issued in Germany and Switzerland. In addition to figurines, there were also stickers to collect., which are available in special packs. Now it appears that Brazil may be getting the K04 series, if pictures I have seen of their latest single and two-packs are anything to go by. If that is indeed the case, hopefully Canada and us poor souls Down Under might follow suit. Without doubt, Brazil continues to be one of the happening places in the Kinder Surprise world!




Right now, Bulgaria is getting an Asterix set in its Kinder Joy eggs. The paper is shared with Romania and Serbia and Montenegro. I’m not really sure what else is happening in Bulgaria, but expect they would be getting the “C” series with East European papers.




The Cybertops are currently available in Canada. They have bilingual papers in French and English. The “Collection 2005” has also just come out there, and contains the Argentine K03 series, plus some additional K02 toys with Argentine papers, including K02 Nos. 3-6, K02 No. 33, K02 Nos. 50-52 and K02 Nos. 71-74. Thanks to Shirley Lenz for this most interesting info. New Zealand now has this same series, of course.




Now getting the Incredibles set. The papers for the set are bilingual. The Croatian name for it is “Izbavitelji”. The Slovenian name is “Neverjetni”. According to the new Croatian section of the Magic Kinder Web site, the mole set, known as “Tunel Force”, is still available. The Slovenian section confirms the same information.


Czech Republic/Slovakia


These two countries now have the Incredibles set. They share a paper, with the set being called “Uzasnakovi” (Czech Republic) and “Rodinka Uzasnych” (Slovakia). The new Czech section of the Magic Kinder Web site says that the mole set, called “Super Agenti”, is still available there. The same applies to Slovakia.




The mole set has made an appearance in Estonia, but whether it is still available or has been replaced by The Incredibles, I’m not sure. Estonians had to share their mole papers with Latvia. The Estonian name for the set is “Muti Missioon”.




The Magic Kinder Web site now has a Finnish section, and this reveals that Finland has, or will soon have, the Incredibles set, which is known in that country as “Ihmeperhe”. It also has the Merry Knights, known as “Ritarien”, plus the other “C” series toys (not sure whether the Finns got the Polar Express set though).




One of the most vibrant Kinder Surprise nations in the world is La Belle France. Next to Germany, France seems to be right on top of Ferrero’s A list of countries to give good stuff to. France has had a raft of new things lately. At Christmas time, they got the Polar Express (called “Le Pôle Express”). They also got a Pendolotti set, simply called “Christmas”, but this was based on one from a year before. More recently, the first eight or so toys in the “C” series—”Monster Hotel”—came out a month or so ago. This set is promoted in the French section of the Magic Kinder Web site, along with “Les Petits Mousquetaires”, which is simply C-74 to C-83 and not made a big deal of anywhere else. The Looney Tunes set—with 8 figurines and a single paper, I think, has been out for a little while as well. Now France is getting The Incredibles, called Les Indestructibles. Soon they will also be getting a set called “Le Manège Enchanté”, based on the old TV series, The Magic Roundabout. (You may be surprised to learn that Le Manège Enchanté predated The Magic Roundabout by a year or so, and that the latter is based on the former.) A special metal case featuring the Magic Roundabout characters is already out.


Of course, the “C” series, which started in August, is continuing to go strong. As you will know by now, the “C” series replaced the K05 series entirely. The K series as we know it is no more. Presumably we will see these new-style toys and papers Down Under some day, but I guess the K03 and K04 toys will firstly be reissued with South American papers. Indeed, this is already the case for the K03 series (see under Canada for more details).




As most collectors should be well aware by now, there is no longer a separate German line. The 2004/05 toys have been out there for about six months now, and the toys and papers are the same as the ones the rest of Europe is getting, with “C” numbers and all! The papers still have German series names on them, but the fact is that Germany has been brought into line with the rest of Europe. The old K series/German toy division is gone forever. In its place is the MPG line that is, bar national paper variations, identical for all countries. The 2004/05 season is thus a significant moment indeed in Kinder Surprise history. For those of us who have enjoyed collecting the German toys, it is also rather sad in a way. On the plus side however, the MPG toys seem to be of very good quality, so maybe the new line will be better overall for most countries. Anyway, after getting “Der Polarexpress” over Christmas, Germany now has The Incredibles set, called “Die Unglaublichen”.  The Polar Express toys were numbered C-201 to C-211 (as indeed they are everywhere), while the Incredibles figures are numbered C-301 to C-311.


Actually, Germany does retain a little uniqueness in its papers at least. The “C” numbers are given on German papers with a hyphen, e.g. “C-15”. The same applies to the toys (but the toys have a hyphen regardless of where they are issued). And as stated above, German papers have series names on them, which is not the case for most other countries to my knowledge. German papers are also slightly larger in size than other papers.


Moreover, at least one German series – “Heiße Mäuse-Aktion” – is different from the European version. Click here to see a picture that clearly shows not only different papers, but different toys as well! I have also learned of a variation in the "Design Cars" set. In the European version of "Samson OX" (C-120), the inside part of the rear wheel arch is red. But in the German version, this is unpainted.




According to the Greek section of the Magic Kinder Web site, The Incredibles set is now out in Greece. No idea what their Greek name is, however. The “C” series, including the Merry Knights, is also going strong in Greece right now.


Hong Kong/China


I’m not sure whether it’s still available, but not too long ago this part of the world had the most GORGEOUS diecast Smart car with the Kinder logo! This had a pullback motor. It was a very limited edition. Go to Dr Dudelei’s site and click on “Sammler-News Ausland” to see pics! A set of four Smart cars is also part of the new “C” series – definitely a major highlight!




The Incredibles are out in Hungary now. The Hungarian name for this set is “Hihetetlen család”. According to the new Hungarian section of the Magic Kinder Web site, the mole set, the Hungarian name of which is “Vakond Küldetés”, is still available.




The Fantasmini 2 series has been released in Israel with a Hebrew-language paper. To the best of my knowledge, Israel also has the K04 series at present. Special two and three-packs were released for Hannukah in December. More recently, a cool six-pack featuring the Fantasmini 2 set has also been issued.




A new hand-painted set of seven cute kittys called Doraemon was released a few months back. I think that may be finished now. Currently available in Italy are "Gli Incredibili", aka the Incredibles. Italy also has the Asterix Kinder Joy/Merendero set.




Japan has most recently had the Cybertops, and earlier a set based on The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.




Has had the moles (and may still have them). Latvia shared its mole papers with Estonia, but the mole set does have a unique Latvian name, namely, “Misija Kurmis”.




Has had the moles (and may still have them). Lithuania shared its mole papers with Poland, but the mole set does have a Lithuanian name, namely, “Misija Kurmis”. (Yes, it’s the same as the Latvian name, but the Lithuanian names for the individual toys are different.)




Had their own papers for the Cybertops. Not sure what they’re currently getting, however. There is a very good chance they’ll be getting the MPG line, though.




From examination of Ferrero’s Mexican site, I believe that Mexico may now have the Cybertops. The Mexican “Coleción 2005”, meanwhile, comprises the Argentine K03 series with a handful of Argentine K02 toys (see under Canada for more details) plus the K03 Looney Tunes.




Had their own papers for the Cybertops. Not sure what they’re currently getting, however. There is a very good chance they’ll be getting the MPG line, though.




These days, Poland gets the same toys as Western Europe in the same year. Other Eastern European countries have followed suit. However, the papers for MPG toys issued in Poland have no Magicode promotion on them. The same applies to other Eastern European countries. Anyway, Poland now has the Incredibles set, which goes by the name of “Iniemamocni”.




Portugal is got the Doraemon set with Spain. But according to the Portuguese section of the Magic Kinder Web site, it is also getting the Incredibles set, known there as “The Incredibles—Os Super-Heroes”, and the “Royaume de la Rigolade” toys, called “Cavalegres” in Portuguese. Finally, Portugal is getting the Kinder Joy Asterix set, and shares a paper with Spain.




Romania is getting, or will soon get, the Kinder Joy Asterix set, sharing a paper with Bulgaria and Serbia and Montenegro.




The moles are in Russia, which shares its paper with the Ukraine. The Russian name for the set (transliterated) is: "Missiya Krot". It can reasonably be assumed that Russia, like Poland and other Eastern European countries, is also getting the "C" series with papers that have no Magicode promotion.


Scandinavia (except Finland)


Denmark and Norway are getting the Incredibles set. It goes by its English name, but the two countries are sharing bilingual papers. The Danish and Norwegian official name for the set is actually “De Utrolige”. The Swedish name for the set isSuperhjältarna”. Not sure whether Sweden will have its own paper or share with Finland. It will probably do the latter. Sweden also has the “C” toys, including the Merry Knights, known as “Glada Riddarna”. The same applies to Denmark and Norway. In Norway, the Merry Knights are called “Glade Ridderne”, while in Denmark they’re known as “Cavallegri”.


Serbia and Montenegro


Now getting the Asterix set in its Kinder Joy Eggs. The country shares a paper with Romania and Bulgaria.


South America (Except Brazil)


The Spanish-speaking South American countries are getting the Argentine K03 series. By contrast with Brazil however, they have the K03 Looney Tunes rather than K04 Tom and Jerry.




Spain had the Doraemon set of cats also released in Italy. It also has the Incredibles set under the nameLos Increíbles” and the “Merry Knights” toys under the name “Cabalegres”. Last but least, Spain is getting the Kinder Joy Asterix set, and shares a paper with Portugal.




Switzerland was one of the very first countries in Europe to get the innovative “C” series. It’s now well-established there, as indeed it is elsewhere. In addition to the MPG “C” series, the “Incredibles” set has also been released now with bilingual French and German papers.




This country has had the mole set and shared a paper with Russia. The Ukrainian name for the set (transliterated from the Cyrillic alphabet) is "Misiya Krit". Rather bizarrely, Ukraine is got the series twice over! Firstly, it got the moles in Kinder Joy eggs, with nine figurines (no Rick Radar) and a single paper for the whole set, which appears to be in Ukrainian only. This is identical to what happened in Romania. Then the full set of ten was available in regular Kinder eggs, with individual Russian/Ukrainian papers for each figurine! Did this happen in Romania too, I wonder? Anyway, Ukraine is now getting the Kinder Joy Asterix set, one of only about seven countries in all to do so.


United Kingdom and Ireland


Not too long ago, the UK got the Doraemon set that was also released in Italy, Spain and Portugal. From the looks of the papers, they are generic and may well be used in other countries if this series is released elsewhere. Meanwhile, the main hand-painted set out now is “The Looney Tunes in Ancient Greece”. The Incredibles is coming to the UK as well, and may already be there, but as yet the Looney Tunes set is the predominant one. The “Royaume de la Rigolade” set is known as “Merry Knights” in its UK incarnation, while the remaining “C” toys are grouped under “The Fabulous Village”.


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