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I happen to like Smurfs a lot, so thought I would devote a section to all the Smurfs that have featured in Kinder Surprises over the years. I have all the Smurfs from the K97, K02 and NV series, as well as most of the new UN ones, but would dearly love to acquire some of the older ones, so if you can smurf me out, please e-mail me!


There are three different kinds of Kinder Surprise Smurfs: hand-painted figurines, snap-together figurines (like in the K97 and K02 series) and larger figurines and plush toys from Kinder Maxi eggs. Plus a few jigsaw puzzles.


Below is a complete list of all the Smurfs that have appeared in Kinder Surprises over the years, beginning with hand-painted figurines. With each list, I include the year they were produced.




Super-Mini-Smurf Parade - 1983-84


Smurf with yellow phone (Chatter Smurf)

Night watchman (Guard)

Smurf with flute (Musician)

Smurf dreaming (Dreamer)

Smurf with candle (Sleepy Head)

Smurf with camera (Tourist)

Papa Smurf

Smurf giggling (Giggle Smurf)

Smurf drinking lemonade (Lemonade Smurf)

Smurf eating ice cream (Greedy)

Smurf with flower (Shy)

Smurf with mirror (Vanity)


Smurf Olympiad - 1984


Smurf with spoon (Egg-Racing Smurf)

Smurfette jumping

Smurf with red binoculars or telescope (Searching)

Smurf in brown bag (Potato Sack Racer)

Smurf eating cake or cream puffs

Papa Smurf as referee

Smurf on stilts

Smurf on pogo ball


Soccer Smurfs - 1988


Goalkeeper Smurf

Defense Smurf 1

Defense Smurf 2

Penalty Smurf

Senior Player Smurf

Midfielder Smurf

Striker or Goalscorer Smurf

Smurf kicking ball and falling backwards

Forward Smurf

Team Captain Smurf

Left-Winger Smurf



50th Anniversary Smurfs - 2008


NV 129:      Papa Smurf (with lab bottle)

NV 130:      Smurfette (with watering can and books)

NV 131:      Brainy Smurf (with a pot plant)

NV 132:      Fisherman Smurf (with rod and pond)

NV 133:      Lazy Smurf (with fish pond)

NV 134:      Artist Smurf (with palette and cake)

NV 135:      Baker Smurf (with overflowing pot)

NV 136:      Handy Smurf (with spanner and parcel)

NV 137:      Jokey Smurf (with sink that has an upside-down tap, or faucet, if you prefer)


General Smurfs—2010


UN 126: Papa Smurf with lab equipment

UN 127: Baby Smurf with teddy bear

UN 128: Smurfette with flower

UN 129: Brainy Smurf with book

UN 130: Lazy Smurf with pillow

UN 132: Scared Smurf

UN 133: Hefty Smurf lifting weights

UN 134: Gargamel


General Smurfs—2013


This set is the same as the 50th anniversary set released in Europe in 2008 (see above for details). However, it has simpler papers and “2013” imprinted on all the figurine bases.





Six General Smurfs - 1990



Papa Smurf

Surprise Smurf (with jack-in-the-box)


Chocolate Smurf (with candy box)

Vanity Smurf

Winter Smurf


Soccer Smurfs - 1990


Papa Smurf as referee, with whistle

Linesman Smurf, with flag

Goalkeeper Smurf, with ball

Football player kneeling with ball

Football player with open arms and football, No. 10 on back of shirt

Football player kicking ball, No. 4 or 11 on back of shirt


Musical Smurfs - 1997


K97 No. 59: Dancing Smurfette

K97 No. 60: Papa Smurf conducting

K97 No. 61: Accordion Smurf

K97 No. 62: Violin Smurf

K97 No. 63: Trumpet Smurf


Gardening Smurfs - 1997


K97 No. 64: Watering Can Smurf

K97 No. 65: Lazy Smurf (leading on shovel)

K97 No. 66: Wheelbarrow Smurf

K97 No. 67: Basket Smurf

K97 No. 68: Rake Smurf


Smurfs at Play - 2001 (K02 series)


K02 No. 57: Climbing Smurf

K02 No. 58: Gymnastic Smurf (on horse bar)

K02 No. 59: Papa Smurf with megaphone

K02 No. 60: Smurf with lifebuoy

K02 No. 61: Skateboard Smurfette

K02 No. 62: Trophy Smurf

K02 No. 63: Tennis Smurf

K02 No. 64: Golfer Smurf

K02 No. 65: Archer Smurf

K02 No. 66: Fisherman Smurf






1991 Set


Smurf with small house

Smurf with large house

Smurf with ball

Plush Normal Smurf

Plush Papa Smurf

Plush Vanity Smurf

Smurf with windmill

Smurf with car

Smurf with aeroplane


1995 Set


Smurf with house

Smurf with tractor

Smurf with windmill

Smurf sleeping between two trees

Smurf in two-story house

Plush Papa Smurf

Plush Sassette

Plush boy Smurf

Plush Normal Smurf

Plush Baby Smurf





Set of puzzles (not sure how many) showing the hand-painted Soccer Smurfs from the same year. If anyone can provide more specific information about these puzzles, please e-mail me! That would be smurfy!


1997 - Set 1


K97 No. 107: One Smurf in tree, another pushing wheelbarrow

K97 No. 108: Squirrel angry with Smurf gathering acorns

K97 No. 109: Two Smurfs catching acorns in net

K97 No. 110: Smurf presenting Smurfette with acorns, while another pushes some heavy bit of fruit.


1997 - Set 2


K97 No. 111: Nat and another Smurf

K97 No. 112: Drummer Smurf

K97 No. 113: Saxophone Smurf and Sassette

K97 No. 114: Great-Grandfather Smurf, Baby Smurf and Smurfette


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