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(Last Updated: 21 September 2009)


Kinder Surprise collecting is a global hobby, so it should come as no surprise (pun intended) that there are Kinder Surprise sites based in many different countries. New Zealand Web sites are listed first, followed by all other countries in alphabetical order. If your Web site is not here and you would like it to be, just LMK and we can arrange a link exchange.


To help you find a Kinder Surprise Web site near you, I've divided the sites alphabetically by country, and for each site, I provide a little summary of the site’s main features. Please note that I periodically delete sites whose links no longer work. I also tend to delete sites that haven’t been updated for two years or more, unless they’re particularly worth looking at. Last but certainly not least, sites that have viruses or other malware will be deleted, or at least I will post a warning about them.


Some years ago, I decided to create a Site of the Month feature to highlight a site I consider to be of particular value to Kinder Surprise collectors. After a hiatus of nearly four years, it’s back! Click here to check out the September 2009 SOTM!


New Zealand


Kinder Surprise Trading Site

Based in Hamilton. Emphasis is on trading. Some nice pictures. Includes a Smurf section too. This site won my October 2005 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.




Ferrero Argentina S.A.

Entirely in Spanish, but comprehensive.




Annie's Kinders

Back after a hiatus with a new look and a new Web address. Nice layout. Based in Albany, Western Australia. Now on Nofeehost, which you should be cautious of, according to this Symantec report.


Leeanne's Kinder Surprise Page

Also based in Melbourne. Leeanne is no longer collecting Kinder Surprise toys, but does have some for sale. Not updated for many years.


Never Too Old

Probably the best of the current Australian sites. Certainly the most up to date, at any rate!




Gerald's Überraschungseier Seite

Based in southern Austria. In German only, but if you can understand it, a quite informative and enjoyable read. Extremely current too.


Italoei’s Ü-Eier Sammlerhomepage

Run by a fellow called Dietmar. Has an extremely up-to-date news section – one of the best around, in fact, with excellent pictures too! This site was the winner of my September 2004 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.


Ü-Eier-Homepage von Josy

Another German-only site, with up-to-date news section and pictures. There’s also a news archive going back to 1999. Another interesting page is a price list in the Austrian Schilling currency. According to this page, Austria was aligned with Europe in terms of the Kinder Surprise toys it got until the end of 1997, when it started getting the German toys. The site is run by one Josef Cerny. Appears not to have been updated since 2004.


Ü-Ei Wunderwelt

In German only, but well laid out and really not too difficult to follow. However, I’m not sure whether it has been updated since the turn of the century! Watch out for pop-ups.


Ueberraschungseier – Kinder Surprise

Based in Austria’s capital Vienna. Run by a chap called Peter. In English. Has a useful news section, which includes info about the K series, including the South American line. This site was the winner of my September 2003 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.




Black Cat

Mainly in French, but some English in most sections. Make sure your pop-up blocker is on.


Collectorman's Web Site

All in English. Formerly based in Eindhoven, but now in Belgium. This site is devoted not only to Kinder Surprise toys, but to Yowies, Choco Eggs, Mondos, Tazos (or Flippos) and assorted cards. Some great photos of recent variations. Impressively up to date.


Morgane La Fée

This one's in English, and has mainly pictures. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated since April 2004.


Wolfgang's Kinder-Surprise Homepage

Mainly in German, but some English. The site contains a number of pictures, though more are due to be added.




Kinderfefa Home Page

Colourful, well-organised site. Mostly in Portuguese, but a little bit of English now. Careful of pop-ups.


Kinderlipe Home Page

In Portuguese and (very bad) English. Quite a good site, but not updated since January 2003. Again, watch out for pop-ups.


Kinder Ovo Ferrero Site

Ferrero's Brazilian site. Entirely in Portuguese, but notwithstanding that, highly interactive and a lot of fun.


Patricia's Kinder Surprise Site

In Portuguese and English. Quite informative, with good pictures and an easy-to-follow layout. This site won my March 2005 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award. Easily the best and most up-to-date of the Brazilian sites. No annoying pop-ups either!




Alan Swann's Kinder Surprise Site

Rather out of date now (in fact, it hasn’t been updated since May 1997!), but the “Sources of Kinders” page is quite interesting. Nice pictures in the collection section too.


Arkones's Kinder Surprise Toys

Based in Quebec, this is a really top site, covering the K91 to K04 series, plus recasts, hand-painted figurines, Maxis, puzzles, German toys, and of course, MPG toys right up to the very latest series. Some nice pictures too. There are also interesting snippets of news. An extremely impressive list of links too – if you can’t find a site here, you’ll find it at Arkones’! And if you want to know the time in your part of the world, the site has a world time calculator! Definitely one of the best all-round Kinder Surprise sites around. But best of all, Jean-Pierre Comtois, who runs the site, is a terrific trader! This site was the winner of my March 2003 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.


Baboune’s Kinder Surprise

In English and French. Very nice Smurf page. Fairly recently updated. “News from Canada” link doesn’t work (or at least, didn’t when I visited the site), but it’s otherwise worth checking out. There’s a pop-up on the main page though.


Canadian Kinder Surprise

Run by one Tanya Tompkins. She has pictures of most of her toys. No longer collecting, however. All her toys are for sale.


Frostyfrog’s Kinder Collection

Based in Winnipeg. Nicely laid out and colourful, and includes photos of some pre-K91, K91 and K92 toys. Not updated since November 2007.


Kinder Nut Hal's Collection

We're all Kinder nuts here, Hal! Not updated since August 2002. And watch out for some very loud music when you first open the page too!


Kinder Owl's Kinder Surprise Toy Site

Run by one K.P. Fraser. Some useful sections here, including one on the site author's spare parts needs! She also has some available. A personal favourite of mine is the section showing the latest of what’s on offer in Canada (much of which is currently also available in NZ’s Kinder eggs). Norton Internet Security warns of a virus called JS.WindowBomb on this site. However, I didn’t get it (although it might not be on the main page), and you can probably avoid it with up-to-date protection anyway. Moreover, apart from opening lots of windows simultaneously, it’s basically harmless. Still, proceed with caution.


Kinder Surprise Canada

No longer pretends to be an international Kinder Surprise site, but is now proudly, unabashedly Canadian. Currently features the "Collection 2009" (which looks, as usual, much like what NZ has been getting).


Kinder Toys Are Fun

Can’t argue with that! This site is based in Bowmanville, Ontario. The section on recast toys is interesting, as is the page on hand-painted figurines, which lists the names of the toys in different countries, so quite a handy little reference source. Ditto for the BPZ page. Well worth a visit, and the site’s creator is well worth trading with, too! This site was the winner of my October 2004 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.


Nathan's Kinder Kingdom

There is a Kinder Kingdom, and Nathan is its King! This site doesn't have a lot of information that's of use to collectors, but does have a number of pictures. However, if you're looking for some good old-fashioned fun, this is the site to visit! With each picture, Nathan has a clever caption describing the role the Kinder Surprise toy or toys plays in the Kingdom, and gives some of them interesting names! Hasn't been updated since April 1999, but if you've never been there before, it's well worth a look.


Nova Scotia Kinders

You'll be surprised to learn this site is based in Nova Scotia! Run by Jean Tupper. Not updated since about 2004.


Sandy Mac’s Kinder Page

This site is mainly selling Kinder Surprise toys, but does contain some pictures and K00-K03 checklists.


The Ultimate Web Smurf Club

Strictly speaking, this is not a Kinder Surprise site, but does include a page about Kinder Surprise Smurfs. It's also THE best Smurf site on the Internet! Not updated since January 2007 though.




Kinder Surprise by Analu

Bilingual site in English and Spanish. Boasts over 500 photos. Not updated since July 2002, however.




1st Croatian Kinder Surprise Homepage

Run by one Dube Skurla of Dubrovnik. A rather basic “test version”, but has a few links. Not updated since September 2005.


Czech Republic


Jakubova Stranka

In Czech only, but quite an impressive-looking site. Not updated since September 2002 though.



Nice, colourful site with pictures. Almost solely in Czech. Not updated since June 2008.

Ferrero’s official Kinder Surprise site for the Czech Republic. In Czech only. One nice feature of the site is an archive of previous hand-painted series released in the Czech Republic, which can be viewed in alphabetical or chronological order.


Lucka's Kinder Surprise

There used to be an English version, but now it seems to be Czech only, with only sporadic snippets of English. Lucka has been collecting Kinder Surprise toys for about 10 years. Once again, deals only in hand-painted figurines, though there is a page for K02 toys. Nicely laid-out, with pictures of several papers. Not updated since January 2003.




Flo’s Kinder Site

Nice little site covering K toys, C toys and S toys. Not updated since October 2005, but well laid out and no pop-ups or other nuisances. So do check it out.


Kinder Surprise Collection

This site is run by Fred from Yorkshire. It features his collection in an easy-to-follow Excel format. The site also has a little bit of info about Fred and links to a few traders. Doesn’t appear to have been updated since about 2004. Kinder Surprise Pages

Based in Altrincham, Cheshire. Informative with lots of pictures.




Martina Suominen

Rest assured, it's all in English! Martina originally hails from the Czech republic, but has lived in Finland since 1997. Quite a well-organised site, although it has not been updated since December 2001.


Mika Aarnio’s Virtual Kinder Surprise Collection

Comprehensive resource for Kinder toys of the pre-MPG era. This site won my February 2003 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.




Alix Kinder

In French only. Well laid out and packed with pictures and info. This site first broke the news of the new Kinder Surprise concept to be launched in France with “La Royaume de la Rigolade” et al. Includes info about Nutella, Duplo, Tic Tac and Mon Chéri, as well as Kinder Surprise and Ferrero.


Fabrice Maître

No official name for the site; this is the guy who runs it. Used to be in French only, but now has English and German as well. Very difficult to navigate nowadays, but not impossible, with a little patience.


Figurines Kinder Surprise Monoblocs

Here's a little French lesson: a "figurine monobloc" is a hand-painted figurine. It's called "monobloc" because, as a general rule, you don't assemble hand-painted figurines. This site is only about those, and is only in French. Quite out of date now.


Figurines publicitaires et Kinder Surprise

Run by a Didier Fillebeen. Devoted to promotional figurines (e.g. figurines available in cereals or candies) and Kinder Surprise toys. Quite thorough. In French only.


JPV's Kinder

A well-organised site with pictures of just about every toy in this guy's collection. Very easy to navigate. A most impressive site which has been going since 10 June 2000. Run by one Jean-Pierre Viallard. Mostly in French, but some English now. Nicely up to date. Watch out for the odd pop-up though.


Kinderflo’s Site

Nicely laid-out and well-presented site. Mostly in French, but a small amount of English also.


KINDERGATE—La porte du Kinder

Kinder Surprise with a Stargate twist. Run by “Marie la Kinder-maniaque”. Looks like she’s also somewhat of a sci-fi maniac!



Not to be confused with Kinderlaond below. Reasonably up to date.



A French Kinder Surprise club based in Laon (hence the name), in the north of France. In French and English. Not updated since 2003.


Kinder Metal

As the title suggests, this site concentrates on Kinder metal figurines. Some stick figures are also mentioned. In French only. Not updated since January 2004.



In French only. Lots of great photos. A must for Kinderphiles. Has been converted into a blog.


Kinder Surprises/Schtroumpfs

Site devoted to both Kinder Surprise toys and Smurfs. In French only. Quite informative though, so if you know French and collect one or both of these, then do check it out. Last updated in July 2007.


Le site kinder de JOSVAL

Fairly new site in French only, started in August 2003. Wide variety of pages and pictures, including a special page for Snoopy. Not updated since July 2005, but still worth checking out.


Les vehicules Kinder de Joel

Here’s a site devoted to one of my favourite Kinder Surprise toy types – vehicles! Run by a Mr Clerton Joël. Includes lists of Kinder vehicles from 1976 to 2008. French only. Watch out for pop-ups. Well worth a visit all the same.


Mary-Line Joudon’s Kinder Surprise Collection

This would have to be the best site for K toy and paper variations that I’ve come across. You’ll discover toy and paper variations you never knew you had! (I certainly did!). The site also has a very good forum, where you can be kept up to speed with the very latest Kinder developments in France and around the world. This site won my first-ever Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award. Be sure to check out this site’s excellent forum too!


Oeufs Kinder Surprise

French only. Well laid out with some good pictures. Last updated in October 2008.


Papy Kinder

Has some nice pictures and useful information about French sets. One of the more interesting features is a mini-dictionary ("Lexique") with a French-German-Italian glossary. (But no English as yet). The "Lexique" also contains some explanations (in French only) of some of the key terms in Kinder Surprise collecting. Most of the site is in French, but there is a little multi-lingualism in places (the front page greets you in French, German, English and Italian). Run by one Pierre Boros. The site hasn’t been updated since August 2001, but is still worth a look, especially for the mini-dictionary. Some catchy music too.


Surprise Mania

Has a few pictures. In French only. Does not appear to have been updated since the year 2000.


Sylvie’s Kinder Page

Only in French at the moment, but English, German and Italian pages are under construction” (though this has been the case for many years). A wide range of different pages with photos and good identification of figurines’ countries of origin. As such, it’s quite a good reference source. Nicely up-to-date too.




Chrisi’s Ü-Ei Page

In German only. Has a good news section and online catalogue.


Collecting Kinder Surprise Metal Figurines

Created by one Wolfgang Schloegel. Entirely in English. Includes an English translation of something called the Welz Guide. But the main feature of this site is a comprehensive list of Kinder Surprise metal figurines, complete with pictures.


Das Ü-Ei Portal

Formerly known as “Sammler-Portal”. Very comprehensive, but in German only. If you click on the Union Jack near the top left-hand side, you will get a machine translation in English, but like all machine translations, it’s pretty atrocious! On the plus side, the site is extremely up-to-date.


Der Ü-Ei-Laden am Bodensee

This online Kinder Surprise shop is located on Lake Constance. It too is all in German. Includes a comprehensive price list for many toys. Also caters to collectors of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pokemon cards and coins.



The German name means “Egg Corner” (we would probably call it “Kinder Corner” in English – sounds better). The site is in German only, and has some interesting info on variations. Quite well maintained.

Sites like this make me glad I know German! Very comprehensive and up-to-date site which is well worth a visit. But it's all in German, so you won't get much out of it if you don't sprechen the old Deutsch. If your German is up to snuff, however, I recommend this site very highly. This site was the winner of my November 2003 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award.


Ei-Land Webshop

Formerly Wolfgang’s Eier-Land. Seems to be more devoted to selling than info these days. German only.


Fantasia Verlags GmbH

This is the place to go if you want to order the latest SU catalogue online directly from the publisher. Includes publications on a number of other collectables as well.


Ferrero Deutschland

The main Ferrero site in Germany, featuring all of Ferrero’s products, not just Kinder Surprises.


Helmut’s Sammlerseiten

A great site with comprehensive lists of German series from 1980/81 to 2003/04 and K series from K91 to K04. This site was also one of the first I saw to have a list of the “C” series when it first came out, including numbers for many of the toys and several pictures of the German papers for the then new MPG series. I’m not sure how long it’s been around, but it is another fantastic reference source, right up there with Euro-Kataolog or the ff-Katalog. As with the latter two sites though, it’s all in German. Based in Bremen.


Honza's Surprise Homepage

Run by one Hans-Jürgen who specialises in hand-painted figurines. But he also likes papers, puzzles and cartoon figures. The page has a German news section as well, although this is quite out of date. And make sure you check out the excellent links section - well I think it's pretty good anyway! ;-)


Kinder Metal Toy Catalogue

This extremely impressive online catalogue of Kinder Surprise metal toys features not only figures, but many metal vehicles which have appeared in Kinder Surprise toys over the years. I reckon this site is one of the best yet for info on Kinder Surprise metal toys! In German and English.


Kinder Überraschung

This appears to be the official German Ferrero site. Currently promoting the new “Wickie” (Viking) series.


Laemmis Eierpage

In German only. Plenty of information here, including a section about Wonder Teddys, one of the latest in a long line of Kinder Surprise imitators. Another good page contains eBay tips. A particular highlight of this site is the forum, with plenty of discussion boards that cover every aspect of Kinder Surprise collecting. It’s also a great source for the very latest Kinder news, especially from Germany. The main site appears not to be have been updated since 2006, but is still worth checking out.


Manni und Anne's Ü-Ei Preiskatalog

A useful online price catalogue, but in German only. Contains a puzzle game as well. Not updated since January 2002.


Maxo’s Sammlerseite

Comprehensive site with up-to-date news and plenty of pictures. There’s also an online shop and discussion forum. German-only. You can get machine translations in English and French, but typically of machine translations, the results are substandard. The site is anything but substandard though – it’s very impressive indeed.


Pfarrkirchen Figuren-Club

Quite a new site. In English and German.


Reiner Ü-Ei Figuren Paradies

Extremely up-to-date and well-organised site. Includes a picture of the 2010 SU Verlag catalogue, which you won’t find in too many other places. A Kinder Surprise paradise, indeed!

In German only. To get to the Kinder Surprise section on this site, you will need to click on “Hobbys”, then on the picture of the Kinder Surprise capsules. Rolf mainly seems to collect hand-painted figurines.


Sammler Park [Die Welt des Sammlers]

Formerly called the “Ü-Ei Wunderland” (Surprise Egg Wonderland). Now known as the “Collector’s Park” or “Collector’s World”. Has become an online shop selling Kinder-related accessories, among other things. German only.


Spielsachen aus dem Ü-Ei – der ff-Katalog

I didn’t think I’d find a better site for German toys than the Euro Katalog, but this comes pretty close. It contains very detailed and well-organised lists of both German toys and K toys, and pictures of some series. Like the Euro-Kat though, it’s all in German. I was so impressed by this site I gave it my July 2004 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award. Does not appear to have been updated since 2004, unfortunately, but still a great resource for German toys prior to the MPG changeover.



A most impressive-looking site, and nicely up to date. Lots of pictures, news and a variety of interesting sections. In German only.



This "Kinder Surprise Island" is packed with info, and now has a forum (though it pays to understand German here). The non-German speaker should be aware that they only speak German on this island.



A German-only page that’s quite colourful and reasonably comprehensive.


Ü-Ei Sammelei

German only. The owner of this site appears to be a dealer, so the emphasis is on toys, dioramas etc. that he (or she) wants to sell or buy.



Very cool-looking site in German only. Does not appear to have been updated since about 2005.




PCV 106 Rallye – Kinder Collection

Run by a chap called Vasso, who lives in Athens. The layout is a little bit untidy, but it’s easy enough to navigate and has some cute animations. Rather out of date now.




Ilil Ziv’s Kinder Surprise Trading Site

This site lists Ilil’s collection from the K95 to K04 series. There’s also a comprehensive photo gallery of hand-painted figurines, and a list of Ilil’s trades.


Sofia's Kinder Surprise Home Page

Sofia is multi-lingual, knowing Hebrew, English and Russian. Her page contains lists of toys and promotional items that she needs or has spare. Last updated in April 2009. Now has a new section for McDonald’s toys.


Steve Gordon's Kinder Surprise Homepage

There's not much to this particular site, but if you live in Israel, you might want to take a look anyway, if only for someone to get in contact with.




Collecting Surprises

In Italian only. Features quite a number of surprise egg toys other than Kinders. The Kinder section does not appear to have been updated for a few years. Still worth a visit, however.


Collection Island

Pretty good site in Italian and English. Features quite a number of different collectables, including Kinder toys, of course.


Collection World

Run by a chap called Max. In English and Italian. The English section lists toys and papers Max has for sale. Some of the English is a little wobbly, but comprehensible enough. Now also with a section on Euro coins. Careful of pop-ups.


Italia Kinder Toys

Quite a lot of pictures on this site. In Italian only (except for the title and a couple of links).





Features various collectables, including Kinder Surprise. Almost entirely in Japanese, but just enough English, German or whatever to make it navigable. There are some very nice photos of various hand-painted sets.


Peanuts Dream

Specialises in Peanuts figurines, and has some very nice photos of K94 and K00 Peanuts toys (but oddly, doesn’t show the Japanese Peanuts figures!), plus Maxi Peanuts toys. In Japanese and English.




Ferrero Mexico 2

The domain name is more what you would expect the official Ferrero site to have. It’s right up to date too, with the Kinder Surprise section showcasing the “Coleción 2005”.


Roberto Kinder + R & L Page

Devoted to Kinder Surprises and R & L toys from Kellogg’s cereal boxes. In English and Spanish. Doesn’t look like it’s been updated since about 2003.




1ste Verrassingseieren Vereniging Nederland

Entirely in Dutch (although the welcome message appears in several languages, including English). Appears to be a collectors’ club. Some interesting photos and info.


Jannie’s Kinder Surprise Club

In Dutch only. Quite a lot to it.




Arne Oen – Kinder figurer

Based in Sandnes. One or two pictures, plus lists of Arne’s hand-painted figurines, stick figures, puzzles and toys from the K91 to the K04 series, along with the MPG C series. Does not appear to have been updated since about 2005.



Pretty basic, but easy to follow. Covers the K91 to K00 series.


Sigbjørn Herstad’s Homepage

A well-organised and informative site. Based in Levanger. Not updated since June 2002. Beware of pop-ups.




Aga and Radek: Kinders

In Polish and English. Based in Warsaw. Has lists of Aga and Radek’s wants and needs, and links to other collectors.


Kinder SL

Run by a chap called Sylwester (no, I haven’t misspelt it!). In English. One feature I like on this site is the variation pics. There’s also an excellent news section to help you find out what’s happening on the Polish Kinder scene. Arguably the best of the Polish sites. This site was the winner of my June 2005 Kinder Surprise Site of the Month award. A word of warning however: when I last went to the site in September 2009, Norton Internet Security warned me of a possible phishing attack. Site also has pop-ups.



In Slovak and English. Some quite good pictures. Easy-to-follow layout. Covers as far as the MPG “C” series.

Only in Slovak at the moment, but an English section is under construction. Some quite nice pics. Last updated in early 2008.



Well laid-out site, entirely in English. Links section is a bit poor, and news page is under construction, but still, it’s not too shabby.


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