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NZ Yowie Collectors' Site


This is the granddaddy of all my Web sites, and the most sophisticated, with pictures, a comprehensive variation list and many other features besides. It is now nearly nine years old (and that’s pretty old for a Web site), having first "gone to air" on 12 December 1998. My Yowie site has many of the same features this one has, but an additional attraction is the Yowie Zoo, which divides the Yowie animals into the six main groups: Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Invertebrates, Mammals and Reptiles. There is scientific information about the real animals, statistics of how many animals of each type appear in each series, and, most importantly for the collector, variation lists. These are divided between mould, paint and paper variations. The Zoo hasn’t been updated for a while however. I am hoping to close that section of the site and put up a comprehensive Yowie Variation Encyclopaedia in its place, but that is still a work in progress (well actually, not much progress is being made on it at present!) Other sections of the site are kept updated though. Another very useful feature on this site is a section providing basic lists of each series and offering some points of note. For instance, you can find out which is the only series never to have had special characters released with it, which series has the most variations, and so forth.


It's hard to evaluate one's own site, but I'd say the main strength of the NZ Yowie Collectors' Site is the extensive information it provides. The main weakness is that it doesn’t get updated very often due to the fact that no more Yowies are being produced. Anyway, if you're into Yowies or would like to learn more about them, them click on the above link, and Yowie power to you!



Mondo Museum


This site was launched on 27 October 2000. Its original name was the NZ Mondo Collectors’ Site, but on 5 August 2004, it was renamed the Mondo Museum. Like all my Web sites, it has plenty of information, including a Reference List of all existing Mondo figurines and cards. Plus it has many of the other characteristic features of an NZ Collectors' Site, including a contact list for NZ Mondo collectors, introduction, my personal collection (in the Mondo Exhibit Rooms) and what I have for sale or trade (in the Museum Shop). And of course, I offer an opinion on what I like and don't like about Mondos. Very much a site for tutto il mondo! Like the Yowie site however, it is seldom updated nowadays due to the total lack of any new Mondos.



Five Have Adventures Abroad


My newest Web site was launched very recently indeed—on 15 August 2007, to be precise. It’s all about Enid Blyton books that Enid Blyton herself never actually wrote, and some she did write originally, but which have been extensively rewritten and regrouped into different series. It covers continuation novels, spinoff series and “manufactured” series like the Fabulous Four and the Young Adventurers (which comprise updated versions of older one-off novels). While there is plenty of information available about Enid Blyton’s own writings, there is nothing about the continuation novels, spinoff series and so forth, so my new site aims to fill that void and make some sense of what can sometimes be a confusing picture. Another major element of this new site deals with literary translation, and in particular, my attempts to translate one of Claude Voilier’s Famous Five continuation novels (which has not previously been translated into English). This is less of a collecting site and more of a reference site, although I do plan to put up some information that will be of interest to collectors (such as cover formats). It also has a global focus rather than a New Zealand one.


I also once had a site called the NZ Whitman's Looney Tunes Collector's Site. But because Whitman's Looney Tunes failed dismally as a collectable, with the result that no one was visiting the site, and because I had pretty much lost interest in Whitman's Looney Tunes, I decided to close the site down and concentrate on my other three sites. That's All Folks!


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